Sunday, November 29, 2009

MAUstudio... just in Time for the Holidays :)

I was browsing and just happened to stumble upon these adorable Boston Terrier gift tags!

Made by MAUstudio, these are adorable little gift tags!! I'm in love...

And Boston Terrier's aren't all they've got! They have Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinscher
and not just dogs! And not just gift tags either!

Go check it out here :) And grab some to decorate your presents this year!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Tree Is Up!!

A little preview of our Christmas Tree... and Riddle is in front of it! It's his first Christmas and he is really excited!

I pulled out a stuffed dog from Hallmark I got last year and he was all over it!

Today I have to finish cleaning the huuuuuge mess we made while putting our decorations up and I'm feeling very warm... my throat is hurting... a little bit achy... I pray I'm not getting sick :(

How was everyone's Thanksgiving??

Mine was great :) We had lots of great food and our Christmas Crafts we made came out fabulous! It was hat boxes and big wreathes to decorate. I will show off my wreath I made soon ... and I would show off the hat box Jose made but he gave it to my sisters' mom lol. So Oh Well!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Days Left!!!

Until the Christmas Decorations go up in our household!!!

We are very excited and can't wait to put them up and show them off!! Anyone notice my blog colors have gone a tad Christmasy?

And we even got our Christmas wrapping paper picked out... Here's Riddle checking it out with me:

Yup it's going to be very plain and beautiful wrapping this year. Jose's family gets green [he picked it!] and mine gets red and the red ribbon goes with the green wrapping paper and the green ribbon goes with the red wrapping paper.

Ribbon courtesy of Berwick Lion Ribbon :) Gotta love my mama!

In fact... every year after Thanksgiving Dinner my family does Christmas crafts together and Lion Ribbon plays a big part in the party! But I'll post that after Turkey Day of course!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet Hitchcock!

Now it's time for you guys to meet the love of my life <3>

Here's the first picture I took of him when he came home with me.

I rescued Hitchcock at our local animal shelter. Nothing was wrong with him, he was just brought there by his old owners and he was the cutest. It was March of 2008 and after 5 minutes with Hitch, I was sold. It was the best 75 bucks I ever spent!

Hitchcock is a very playful, friendly cat but he is a cat. Which means he does not care if he gets into mischeif. Like catching him in the act of jumping in open shelves

But he loves his younger brother, Riddle. They love to chase each other around and fight but on a rare occasion you will come across them both straight up chilling.

Hitchcock's absolute favorite hobby is just staring out the windows. He has broken every single one of our blinds in the house so he can look out the window and watch birds. I caught him in the act here!

Hitchcock is a very tiny cat, only weighing in at a steady 10 lbs! He's very light and small. Check him out here next to his buddy, Lottie. Lottie is a big girl... and Hitch is so tiny next to her.

I have had 4 cats in my life and Hitchcock is by far the most photogenic. Check him out here posing with his papa! Impressive huh??

Of course, Hitch is the cutest when he is fast asleep. Since he is so skinny and tiny, he wraps himself up into the smallest little furball. And I love it.

Now you have met my love, Hitchcock. Have you fallen for him yet?? Maybe this picture will lure you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paint the House Red!!

Around here, when Christmas rolls along - our Christmas Design color scheme is red. We got a thing for it - Jose loves it and whatever Jose loves I can't fight because he usually doesn't love much.

And this year Z-Gallerie makes your Christmas Decorating nice and easy by making color categories for you to use and shop. Gold, Blues, Reds and Silvers and Whites. So I clicked on Reds and found a bunch of goodies I had to share!
Like this gorgeous pointsetta napkin rings...

And this entire decorating kit - totally sets you up for your scheme!

And these votives are great for Christmas and Valentines too :) and even any time!

But I also have a thing for deer during Christmas and in the silver/white category, these deer called to me. Buy me...

And I even wandered over to the gold and copper and fell in love with these mercury canisters. Sooo would love those in our living room.

So go head over to Z Gallerie and check them out! You will die!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Candy Cane Wishes!

This picture certainly got me in the mood for Christmas. Red, White and Green does it for me.

Courtesy of MyHomeIdeas of course :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Living Room Transformation: Big Updates!

My Birthday was great! But more on that later...

Hitchcock is sitting on the brand new addition to our living room.
And he looks so handsome on it.

And my Aunt gave me a Target gift card for my birthday :) So with that gift card we took our old living room rug...
And bought a new one for 50 bucks!

We like it because before our living room seemed a bit bland... and now we got a nice pop of color. And it blends very well.

Friday, November 13, 2009

* It's My Birthday!!! :) *

Today's My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday To me!!

Here I am 2 years ago on the Sex and the City tour [that Jose surpised me with as my gift] drinking my cosmopolitan on my birthday :)

And tonight, after work - at dinner, I will be getting my birthday drink on!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's Your Letter!

I saw this site on Young House Love's facebook page and absolutely loved it! Its Daily Drop Cap and every day they post a new initial in a beautiful way. I'm dying to figure out something to do with these... maybe just print them and frame them.

This C is for Me :) I usually introduce myself as Tina because for some weird reason people never remember my actual name - which is Christina. Jose doesn't even call me Christina. I don't think anybody really does. lol

And this J for Jose is so handsome!
Of course I can't leave out my babies :) Here is one for the cat, Hitchcock

And a fancy looking R for Riddle!

You can check them out here and see what your initials look like all decorated, if you haven't all ready from Young House Love!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Birthday Wish List! :)

My Birthday is on Friday - Yes Friday the 13th :) So Obviously in no way am I superstitious since 13 IS my lucky number.

So Far I have all ready gotten 4 Birthday Gifts! Some people were so anxious they just bought stuff for me [and I'll show you them another day]

But Today I'm showing you my wishlist. Nothing too crazy, simple things I really want - and if I don't get them for my birthday well Christmas is right around the corner so here's my Birthday/Christmas List. Just a couple things :)

Like... Gossip Girl, Season 2. Oh yes, I need this juicyness.

The domino book of decorating. I curse the day Domino was banned from our lives :(

These cute candle votives from West Elm - For 8 bucks each! And FREE shipping!

This sweater from the Gap looks insanely comfortable - and in winter, I am ALL about comfort.

As well as these slippers - and I really need new slippers. Last year mine saw its final days and had holes and all with it :( And I hate walking around the apartment barefoot or with just socks on.

And thats a little bit of what I would like :) Anybody got a Christmas list going yet? Or even better, any November babies out there?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Its been a little chilly up here in Jersey and Riddle has been feeling the side effects. Every time we take him out to pee, he stands there shivering and I feel awful. Since the cold sprung up on us we had to run and get him a sweater quick.

And we snagged this goodie at our local pet store for 20 bucks [cos its got fancy faux fur on the inside] but it looks great on him. And now if it's too cold he refuses to go outside with out it!

But the fun for Riddle doesn't stop there! Than we went to Target and made out like bandits! Like this Christmas sweater we got for him for 2.50!!
Or these Christmas Pajama Onesies lol which are ADORABLE on him!

And these are now his regular pajama onesies he's been wearing every night - and he doesn't mind them! Both onesie's for 5.00 at Target!

And another Christmas t-shirt for him. This one is so cute - and says HO! HO! HO! on the back! 2.50!

Christmas is definately buzzing in our house - everywhere we shop, we only seem to be buying little Christmas goodies. Those will come soon :) For now, Christmas is anticipating wearing his Christmas sweaters!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Certain Shade of Green

This time as I went to check out MyHomeIdeas.Com, I couldn't help but notice I was checking out more of the green rooms than anything. It's amazing how many different shades of green there are...
Such as this amazingly huge and gorgeous mint green bathroom.

This bedroom is soo cozy. And the lime-ish green is so inviting - especially those curtains. They are calling to me.

This bedroom looks like something you'd walk into while vacationing in Mexico or somewhere exotic by the ocean. That sea green is heaven.
This living room is beatiful because all the different shades of green work together with the white and that pink accent chair - I'd die!!

I dream of a kitchen this big. And with a hunter green like that - not too bad!

Do you have green claiming any of your house? If not on the walls, in the accents?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Living Room Transformation: In A Pickle

We are in a pickle over the FINAL touch to our living room! [which is why I have not mentioned it in a while]

The Final Touch is our accent chair. Jose and I are going back and forth trying to pick one! Both are from Target [naturally] so I need help!!

Here is the paint color we selected from Benjamin Mooore:

Here is a little teaser on our wall:

Now when I presented this idea of doing over our living room to Jose this is the chair I had in mine. The Dolce Lounge Chair will totally put the final touch on our living room - I am convinced.

But he wasn't too sure. He thought it might be TOO creamy [I try to convince him that this is a chair that naturally blends into the room it's put in - I've seen it in action!] So than we went to our local Target and they had this beauty out on display. The Avington Slipper Chair in Vine. I have to admit it was very nice looking - and totally was down for buying it. So we did!

But than we brought it home, Jose put it together and the one front leg was WAAAY shorter than the rest and it wobbled. And Jose was totally done with this chair. I say Hey, we can get another one and hopefully the same problem doesn't happen OR we can go back to my original chair. Now we are both up in the air over what to do!


What should we do??

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Riddle!

It's time for everyone to [really] Meet Riddle!

Riddle was born May 5th, 2009. A Cinco De Mayo Baby! We took him home with us July 17th, 2009. This was our first picture with him :)
He adjusted very well to us... I still remember him being this small..

Than he got a little bigger... and his ears curled a bit. Jose didn't like this but I thought it was adorable!

Soon he was a little bit bigger... and always very photogenic!

Now Riddle is a BIG boy at 16 lbs!

He loves his older brother, Hitchcock. When he was little he used to love laying on top of Hitch... and even though he hated it, Hitch let him do it.

Now its hard to imagine Riddle used to fit in between Hitchcock's legs. He seriously towers over his big brother now!

But he's still a cutie! A crazy, energetic, cuddly, and hyper baby boy! And this is when he's my favorite! And looks the cutest :)