Friday, March 8, 2013

Pop of Color: Neon Belts!

It's officially been March for a week now and I am absolutely loving it. Spring just around the corner and I'm so ready for it to be Spring again! I love to embrace color year around but I feel like you can get away with it more during this time of year than any other. If you're afraid to be too bold with color, here's a simple solution: a bright belt! Easy and oh so fun!

Gap is on point with these adorable bright neon belts for under $30! A steal! My problem is I LOVE color so much - I don't know which to choose to buy! Yellow is my absolute favorite - but this year I am seriously loving pink and green! And orange is so fresh for summer! Ahh!

Help a girl decide... which color belt would YOU buy?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

High VS Low - Bow

I love Kate Spade. You know I love Kate Spade. But most of the time I can not justify spending $500 on a bag that I could outgrow, can be too small or big eventually, could tear or rip or get stained in some way! You just never know. When I found this bag at ASOS I couldn't believe the similarity. Not the exact same bag but still... bow in front, handle on top and the ASOS bag seems a little bit more versatile with that long strap. 

Which would you go? Low or High? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leather, Suede & Printed Loafers!

When I recieved the newest J.Crew catalogue in the mail, it was like any other day. Until I turned to page 56 and literally gasped out loud of the sight of two fun and perfect looking loafers... than quickly shared it on Instagram :) 

And now I am obsessed. I need these shoes. At least one pair. My long time followers know my absolute love of loafers. They are incredibly comfortable, flattering and so cute! And they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. This is my "investment pair"... thats what I keep telling myself to justify the purchase :) 

Buy Your Own Below!:

Which color would you buy?
I'm completely in love with the stripes! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The night my dreams came true...

I pretty much almost fainted when Jose and I were randomly walking through HomeGoods [a store we haven't been to in over a year! We haven't had a home to fill with goods :( ]. There it was. All alone and gorgeous, like it was planted there for me.

A beautiful white pouf. In the exact color I've wanted it in for years. At only $128 dollars! WHAT!? I threw it in my cart and literally started jumping up and down. If you know me - you know the little things in life make me happy and I was ecstatic over this pouf! 

Jose is trying to get me to put it in our storage facility until we get our house in a few months. But hell no. I waited this long for a pouf, I'm not going to tuck it away now! 

Just a few images I've pinned through the years with a pouf in them... dreaming one day!

They might seem like a "trendy" piece to some people but this baby is mine forever and ever and right now, I'm a happy camper :) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Outfit: Red Riding Cape

I love this cape. I blogged about it not too long ago... and not too long after that, I purchased it. It feels so nice and almost luxurious that I only pull it out on special occasions. And now it's my lucky cape. I wore this cape when we went house hunting and... we think we found it! Keeping mum on the details so we don't jinx ourselves but just keep your fingers crossed! This cape is magic I swear!

And these shoes are the absolute most comfortable shoes EVER. 

cape - anthropologie
jeans - the gap
shoes - sole society [hurry! on sale and almost sold out!]
sunglasses - anthropologie [similar
bracelet - oia jules 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Stole my heart [vacation recap photos!]

We have been back for a week now from Disney World and it was great! Of course I miss it... I swear I can work at Disney World and my heart would be filled with happiness. This trip was fantastic and I keep going back to the word magical. It was! Just Jose and I. Cold and rainy at times but it never stopped us and we really enjoyed ourselves :) Instead of bombarding the blog with a TON of photos I'll just share a few :) And if any of you are planning a trip to Disney and need help planning let me know! This is my SEVENTH time there and it's not the last! [more on that soon] 

 we just LOVE ratatouille :)

being in the west wing with the beast's rose... little me was screaming inside!

the beast's castle is breathtaking!

 us by cinderella's coach on Valentines Day!

 love these balloons so much

"now as they say... "look alive!" 

pride rock 

a MUST do at Animal Kingdom - Kilamanjaro Safari! 

we conquered Everest... twice! Love that rollercoaster


 I sat there for 10 minutes waiting to get this photo of the Monorail passing by :)

 enjoying wine flights in "France"

 the only person we found that new how to work a DSLR! :) 

gorgeous blooms at the Magic Kingdom

Pongo at our hotel! [which we'll never stay at again, even WITH kids!] 

Monday, February 11, 2013

In-Flight Essentials!

Tomorrow we leave for Disney! I'm so excited to get away from cold, snowy New Jersey and enjoy sunny Florida [and no work or pet duty!] with my love! While I'm running around doing last minute errands for our trip, I figured it'd be fun to share my in-flight essentials. I LOVE to fly, absolutely love it! And packing for the flight is so much fun for me because I really enjoy being on planes. Here are some of the things I absolutely NEED with me when I fly!

InStyle magazine - for as long as I could remember it is a flying tradition for me to go through security, find my gate than go back and buy some magazines for the flight and I MUST get InStyle [my favorite magazine!]
Comfy Flats - this is a must for any trip to the airport but especially for this trip as right after we check in at Disney, we are going straight to one of the parks! So comfortable flats is always a must.
Rosebud Salve - years ago when we flew to Las Vegas, my sister in law introduced me to this! [if it's not this product Esther, correct me if I'm wrong!] but since that trip I always carry it with me to keep my lips hydrated.
Vichy Eau Thermale - Planes are notorious for carrying so much dry air in it, with no air coming through and it stuffed with people. This spray is always refreshing but especially on stuffy plane rides! And Jose is never a fan of planes as I am so anything to help him relax is always good!
Thick scarf - I always carry this one crazy thick and long scarf with me on planes for as long as I could rememeber. It serves double duty! I look "fashionable" but mostly, it serves as a warm blanket when I get cold on the planes and in the airport!
Socks - I'm ALWAYS cold on planes, especially cos I wear flats, so I always make sure to carry a pair of socks with me so I can wear them thru the flight and be comfortable :) 
iPad - I JUST got my iPad last year and am SO EXCITED to bring it with me as an extra "to-do" in flight to keep the time going fast :) 
Large Carry On - I always carry my purse [which will be a camera bag this time around] and a second carry on bag [not luggage] to keep with me at my seat. This bag holds all the stuff above, plus any prescriptions and chargers we need. That way if we check our stuff and happen to lose our luggage, I have everything we absolutely need on hand with me! And I don't carry THIS particular Kate Spade bag with me, but I do carry another :) 

Oh this was so fun to write and made me 10x more excited for tomorrow! :)
 I'll be back next week to cram this blog with photos from our trip! Have a great week everyone!! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Gift Guide [For Her]

With Valentines Day next week, it's time to start planning! Dinner and drinks? Quiet & cozy night at home? Movie date night? It's also to start daydreaming of what we'd love to be receiving as our Valentines gift [didn't anyone ever tell you Valentines is a girls holiday? meaning, guys do the buying. girls do the receiving. yeah i never followed that rule either] My ideal Valentines gift? This year, since we'll be at Disney, would simply be flowers and some champagne :) THAT would be awesome! Maaaybe a cute pair of Mickey Ears too to celebrate the occasion? :) 

Aren't you DYING over the raspberry colored KitchenAid Mixer?? Me too! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In my neck of the woods

Things have been REALLY hectic over here with me so sorry for being so quiet lately! Work has been insane and I'm just dying for this week to be over with. The plus side is We leave for Disneyworld in 7 days!! Even more of a reason to let this week go by quick at work. Not only that but working full-time than trying to get a full-time photography business on the side up and running is nuts. Saturday was my first actual day off all year with absolutely nothing to do and that's exactly what I did! I NEVER do that and it was fantastic. I need more days like that. 

So anyway! Here's just a little of what's been going on over here :) 

I never drank coffee.. until this year. Now it's completely necessary.

buying lots of pink to wear to Disney with rings & necklace from BaubleBar 

we had an epic taco night and I can't wait to host one when we have our own place :) 

my newest beauty obsessions - benefit erase paste and garnier bb cream

treated ourselves to our favorite macarons from NYC in this adorable little bowl :)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sun & Sand

Does anyone else have a serious case of winter blues? Though we'll be in Florida in 2 short weeks - I can't help but wish we were going to be staying near a beach. I'd just like to close my eyes for a second and imagine I'm by the ocean, drink in my hand, breeze blowing through my hair, sunglasses & smile on my face. That is pure heaven & what I am seriously needing. Hoping to take a beachy vacation or weekend away to ANYWHERE this year! For now, daydreaming will do :) 

Anyone else with me? Who could use a nice warm vacation right about now?