Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year that was 2009

2009 was... Okay for me.

Some few [big] highlights but overall not too crazy lol

Jose met the love of his life... our friend's pitbull, Zoe. And after babysitting her for 2 weeks was persuaded into buying a dog.

And in July our little man, Riddle, joined our family :)

In April we went on a 3 day trip to Washington D.C. and enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival. And I came home with some of the best pictures I've ever taken in my life.

Jose turned 27 and his brother [2 days before him] turned 24 so me and his brother's wife decided they needed a suprise party. And man, was it a success!

And aaaaallll year long we worked hard! And in October it finally paid off - my sister Barbara got married :)

And it only took us 2 days to turn our gross messy office into a bright, cheerful beauty of an office!

And after waiting 5 years to experience it again, I saw U2 live [TWICE!] and got to bring the love of my life with me to my favorite event ever :)

[and he got me tickets to enjoy them again with him in July!!!]

But Jose completed my year on Christmas when he proposed to me :)

And suddenly... I am looking forward to 2010 like you have NO idea!!

1. Walk Riddle alot more!
2. Get some color into my pale skin!
3. Take better care of my self [eat better, work out more]
4. Lose 15 Lbs!!
5. Get my ass to Las Vegas!!
and I'm sure there will be many more :)


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bathroom Transformation: Ugly into Better!-but-still-kinda-Ugly

First thing's first.

My fiance and I live in a duplex. We have been living here for over a year.

It's insanely cheap for allll that it has to offer [parking, washer AND dryed, 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, full dining room, full living room] and we are very happy paying what we do for all of that.

And it is not ours so we can't make the changes we want. So we have to deal with it.

And for a while we have been dealing with this in the bathroom:

Just a nice, big empty wall above our toilet.
The bathroom is my absolute least favorite room in the entire duplex. We have worked our magic on all the other rooms, and the before's and after's of what it was and what it is are amazing lol but this... I feel like there is nothing we can do for this bathroom.

My only thought was lets hang SOMETHING above the toilet!

So for $30 at Target I snagged this a wall cabinet! And after the fiance and his friend spent 2 hours putting it together and putting it up...

The finished little touch makes me sooooo happy!

Ugh! Trust me it makes ALL the difference!! And with our little things on it it looked even better.

Why didn't we do this sooner???

But I still am not satisfied. The ceilings are high and there is still SOOO much empty space on the walls. Like here... above the medicine cabinet...

And than I looked in the tub at my weird cute little duck collection.

I've got a thing for rubber ducks. Don't ask.

Than I went into Apartment Therapy and not only LOVED this idea of the floating frames holding things... but had I FINALLY found a place for my ducks to live happily??

And I love even more that color up on the walls... and I know I still have paint that is that EXACT color from our lovely little office redo. Hmmm... Gotta bring it up with the fiance. You think paint will save my bathroom??

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Am Engaged!!

Merry [late] Christmas!!
There has been ALOT going on my in my life! On top of it all is Christmas!! Getting all our shopping done, wrapping gifts, having people over, there was always SOMETHING going on every day and I could never write!

Riddle enjoyed his first snow fall the other day and had sooo much fun!

And he had an amazing first Christmas. He loves the apartment at Christmas... so do I... I'll be very sad taking down our decorations.

Jose also got startd on his first tattoo ever - this is the start of it below. Took only an hour and half and he is getting it done by Ruler at Silk City here in New Jersey. This is one of the most popular and best tattoo artists in the state [and country!] So Jose is a lucky man! And the fact that he drew it up in 10 minutes and did it in a hour and a half is amazing!

And of course... I AM ENGAGED!!! Jose propsed to me on Christmas Day [at 2 AM when we got home from his family's on Christmas eve!!]

I am soooo thrilled!! We are planning for April of 2011 to give ourselves to be engaged, think things out, plan it out than be married :)
So I had a fabulous Christmas! And will try to bring more updates in the new year since I totally sucked in December.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pink and Turquoise's Christmas Tour!

Welcome to the Pink and Turquoise Christmas Tour!

I have been DYING to show off my little decor and finally I get to [thanks to the Nester!]

Our theme for Christmas is RED! We are very traditional for the most part with decorating so our Christmas decorations tie into that as well.

Here is our beautiful Christmas Tree
And Riddle of course loves our tree and wanted to pose underneath it

My absolute favorite part of the apartment is our mantle.

A close up of a goodie my mom got us this year - a countdown to Christmas sign which hangs right above where Santa will come, the chimney!

Hitch and Riddle each have stockings with no fancy stocking holders but Jose and I have two silver deers as our stocking holders and they sparkle so beautifully next to our silver candle sticks.
A close up of a reindeer Jose made out of colored pipe cleaners!

We don't have a Christmas village - just one piece that was Jose's fathers. A radio station :) [which is where his father worked]

Here is the wreath I made this year at our family's Thanksgiving Day Christmas Crafts! I put everything on it - the balls, pine cones, the bells.

Our new rug ties in perfectly with our theme too :)

As well as our new pillow which will sit there year around - from Pier 1!

Our candy bowl [with red hershey kisses] that I got from the dollar store!

For the lamp in our living room, I had a TON of extra ornaments so I threw them into the bottom of our baseless Ikea lamp and now the lamp sparkles!

I also stuck some ornaments on our serving tier on our dining room table, along with some pinecones my mom picked up for me at A&P that smell like cinnamon :)

And a further shot of our beautiful tiered plates :)

And that's all folks! Thanks so much for any viewing :)

[I've been slacking with posts but have ALOT to post about so stay tuned!]

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Perfect Holiday Dresses!

The Perfect Holiday Dresses...

seem to be located at Charlotte Russe!

Yes I know this could be considered a store for "teenagers" but I fit into their clothes and some of them are actually quite nice!

I think Jose would personally love this dress if we were going out to dinner together... would definately get him in the mood ;)

Something about sequins during the holiday season that gets people in the holiday spirit! I need at least one sequin dress hiding in my closet :)
We will be hosting a holiday dinner at our house and this might be cute to play hostess with

And I always love different takes on the little black dress.

ALL Charlotte Russe. Who'd thunk??

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Decorations - Outside!

It snowed today!!

Seriously... I was bummed. Snow is pretty but I am definately not crazy about it.

We decorated the outside of our apartment for Christmas - and our neighbors helped us complete the look! Check it out! [yes it is blurry - it was SNOWING!]

We wrapped the lights all around [we are on the right of the picture above] than the next day I come home from work and our neighbors finished it!

Now it is SO bright when you are in front of our apartments and I love it!
Here's a better look on our side [and this was taken before they added to it!]

We have some presents in the front... [we are on the look out for some other cute lawn goodies]

And we have lights that sparkle and change going around our awning.

And the lights around our railing and bushes [and Riddle peeking from inside]

I think it's as good as we can make it look and I'm proud!

And the inside will make its away around soon :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy [Late] December!

Can you believe the Christmas Season is Here?? It went so fast this year!

And 22 more shopping days til Christmas!

Our Apartment is decorated and set [but more on that December 12th]... Everyone else all ready for Christmas??

If Not, I found some simple crafty decorations to get you in the mood!

A gorgeous, simple little paper banner from the wonderful Chez Larsson.

I love her site :)

You can find this link for the lovely craft here but please go check out the rest of her goodies. It's all some great eye candy :)