Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Found My Inner Bride :)

::sigh:: My Inner Bride is Adorable!

Ooh a couple more days and Jose and I will *officially* start planning our wedding! We actually JUST started writing our guest list out and have 78 people so far! [Yup.. so far] so next we need to finalize that than go look at places!

OOh and I talked before how we are definately having Black and White but I wanted a pop of color.. I was thinking yellow. But when I asked Jose what he wanted [cos trust me, Jose cares!] he said he liked Red. At first i thought EW lol but the idea has really grown on me since we talked about it a week ago. Now I am SOOO excited to have a Black/White/Red wedding!! :)

And disco abs is kicking my ass.. I havent been this sore in for-EVER! Buy it!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Talking In My Sleep... About LOST!

Im Back!! YaaaY! Our computer died, we had no internet, I lost everything on it [luckily we back up!] so I've been gone and not happy :( Thanks for my new followers joining!! Whoo! This was a slow month, I promise more posts from me:)

With no computer we were sooo bored [like a week without it!!] so Jose got me to watch Lost with him. I saw the first 3 seasons than stopped so we watched the whole 4th season and are almost done with the 5th! Lost is seriously such a great show! I cant WAIT for the premiere on Tuesday on ABC!!!

In fact, Jose says I have been talking about LOST in my sleep lol thats how excited I am! One day I went to bed early and when he came up I asked "did he fix the computer?" and Jose said "Who?" I said "Charlie" and he goes "CHARLIE??? WHO'S CHARLIE" I go "No, not Charlie! The actor that PLAYS charlie on LOST!" lol Im Like Baby! I need a break from lost if its coming into my dreams!! haha

image from ABC

Ooh and on another note, I got my Disco Abs DVD finally in the mail! And it is awesome!! I thought what they gave for free on Exercise TV on demand was rough but OMG! The dvd is great! Its fun and it is a work out... I am sooo sore, my thighs and butt are KILLING me today!! I highly recommend it!! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disco Abs!!

No seriously... Disco Abs is amazing!

I tried it last night because I get free workouts on Exercise TV on Demand so I thought oh what the f! I tried it... and about 15 minutes into it [it's a half hour long] I was sweaaatiing! And I was feeling the burn!!

It was soo much fun, I loved it! I'm going to do it again tonight and I ordered the 3 pack DVD to try out too! Why Not? I can do Disco Abs than do some workouts with my Wii Fit [which ALSO works! You will be SORE for days from the stuff you do here! Especially hula hooping!] I'm soo excited! With the wedding next year and Las Vegas this summer I'm doing it!

And uh.. if it gets me to look close to this...

Than I'm pretty satisfied. I don't need a six pack... just a slim figure for my curves to rest nicely on :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Wedding Colors!

We have a thing for black and white :) [both our pets are black and white, black and white frames, a black and white bathroom, we just gravitate towards it]

But I'm thinking (with it being an April or May wedding) it needs a pop of color... a pop of yellow!

This images are from The Perfect Palette and she does these great collages of just about every color combo there is! And the black and whites with yellows popped to me! I love that look.

We don't have ANYTHING picked out for the wedding yet but we do know one thing - it will be Black and White! [I still have to convince my fiance about the yellow thing]

Friday, January 15, 2010

In With the New Blog!

Goodbye Old Blog Name! Hello New Name!

I am now Brown Eyed Bride to Be! [and if this name is taken somewhere on blogspot, I need to know QUICK!] But they said it wasnt!

I've decided this blog will help me deal with the stress and enjoyment of planning my wedding all the way up until next April or May [details will be sorted in a few weeks!]

I'm sooo excited I shall finally be a Mrs.!

Here I was almost Mrs. George Clooney... but than I realized I could never wear flip flops to my wedding and cancelled it!

I am extremely excited to get this wedding planning going all ready [my future hubs is giving me until February 1st so we can figure out our finances!]


I Have A New Favorite Movie!!

My sisters [all three of them] saw it, my mom saw it... and not ONE of them invited me to see it!! I was very, very upset with them all.

But finally my older sister burned it for me on DVD and now...

500 days of summer is my absolute favorite!!

And I have loved her since Almost Famous, Elf, Yes Man even... and now Zooey Deschanel is more my idol than ever before.

and I am just in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt by the way!!

Go see it!! It's not sad... but it is HYSTERICAL!! I have not laughed so hard in a long time! And I am late for work!! AhhH!! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waltz of the Flowers

With wedding bells ringing in the near future for me, I have put alot of my attention lately to getting ideas for my wedding. I do not know much but I do know one thing.

Our "theme" is a black and white wedding with a hint of something!

Maybe yellow, maybe green... but somewhere a pop of color will be brought in.

I do know something else... I want flower centerpieces. But nothing too crazy. And here are some of the centerpieces I saved from the knot that have me going gaga!

Black and White of course :)

Some more beautiful black and white:)

Though this is pink, the arrangement is gorgeous!

And I am totally digging this one with the flowers in the middle and different pillar candles surrounding it.