Thursday, April 29, 2010

Croc Flats!

Anybody see the new Croc commercials? Where the crocs come out of the woman's closet when she comes home and run to massage her feet and look like this...
I think that is some freaky commercial. Seriously, those things freak me out. NOW did anyone happen to check out the shoes the woman was wearing when she left the apartment?? These babies...
I suddenly am dying to own a pair of these adorable looking croc flats. They look sooo cute and everyone says crocs are so comfy [i dont own ANY crocs] hmm... am i crazy??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

::sings:: I wanna do bad things with you!

I'm obsessed with True Blood...
We just finished the first season, and it was good, and now we are DYING to see the second season!! Damn it when does it go on DVD?? The third season comes back June 13th!!

Anyone else like some True Blood??

Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Wedding Monograms and Stuff!

The Wedding Chicks is a fabulous site but its even MORE fabulous because of all the free goodies they give you! Such as free monograms and stuff :)

I made ours with our wedding colors... black, white and red.

Here is it with my new last name initial, R

This one is cute with the hummingbirds but I don't know if Jose will like it lol he is a very opinionated groom!
I LOOOVE this one! ESPECIALLY because we will be having a photo booth so we get to use this!!

And this one is cute, looks a little bit like child drew it. Jose all ready vetoed this one though :(

Go check out all the OTHER freebies they have here [yes there is more!]

Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Fridays: Home Decor Blog!

I am participating in "A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys" Favorite Fridays!! Today is Favorite Home Decor Blog and this is an EASY one!

image courtesy of young house love
I have been following Young House Love for over a year now and seriously, am so impressed with these two! You guys NEED to get over there and check out their home tour and their fabulous new nursery they made for their little "bean" on their way! They DIY it up in their house, are living all naturally and have a beautiful house! I LOVE it!

Go over to Jen's blog and participate in Favorite Fridays!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Partylite Party!

On Sunday my mom, my work friend Mary & I attended my other work friend's PARTYLITE party. Partylite is a company [like avon] that sells candles! Verry nice stuff, very expensive! I had to limit myslef couldn't go overboard but I did manage to snag some goodies :)

This one my mom actually bought me and I cant WAIT to get it! Its a candle holder in the shape of a diamond and it looks like an engagement ring! So cute! My mom and I thought it might be cute to sneak it onto our sweetheart table at the wedding :)

Than I bought this candle that seriously smelled like... leather. But niiiiice leather. So nice, I had to have it! In tea lights too!

And lastly this odor neutralizing candle [cos I got TWO dogs so we've always got odor lingering!] and I got it in my favorite scent of all time - sunkissed cotton [or sunwashed linen or clean cotton if I'm buying from Yankee Candle - my FAVORITE!]

YaaY! Can't wait to get my candles! I have soooo many candles in my house it's kind of a joke! lol But WHOO! MORE CANDLES!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sasquatch! Pet Bed

Seriously... this is hysterical lol

You can buy it here!

My Wedding Dress Movie Montage!?

My younger sister [and my maid of honor] is into making movies and seriously wants to do this for a living. And she has the funniest ideas of things she wants to do for all my bridal festivities as far as making videos goes.

The other day she says to me...

"I can't wait to go wedding dress shopping with you. I'm gonna video tape you trying on all the dresses and make a montage like they did in Sex and the City with Carrie trying on all the dresses and you're gonna have to spin and pose and smile"

Like Carrie is in this picture...

lol I was cracking up! And TOTALLY loved that idea! Imagine, having my wedding dress shopping as my own little music video [to CLICK CLICK by CIARA like in the movie!] that I can have forever lol too funny!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Etsy Wedding Do's and Dont's

My mom is someone whose opinion I value alot - with ANYTHING. Any decisions I'm about to make, I call my mom! So the other day when she came over to visit me I decided to sit her down and tell me if the things I was about to buy on Etsy were good decisions :) My mom tells me do NOT spend money on stupid little things or else I'll go over my budget!

One thing my mom was TOTALLY for me buying was this Address Stamp from Letter Girl. She thought it was a great idea, to not only use for the wedding invites and thank yous and save the dates but also to be used after for Christmas cards! So I WILL be buying this :)

Another one my mom LOVED were these adorable buttons! She thought they were also great for an engagement party or bridal shower - especially the TEAM GROOM and TEAM BRIDE buttons. These are from RepChi [replica chicago] on EtSY!
And this was she was up the air about... I wanted these blocks to say MR & MRS and be at our sweetheart table in our wedding colors. She thought they were cute but $5 dollars a block for Mrs & Mrs would end up being like 40 bucks with tax. Hmm... they are adorable though from The Haute Shoppe.

When I showed my mom this next item, she looked at me like absolutely not! Which made me so upset because sooo many brides have had these hangers in their gorgeous wedding pictures! Why can't I!?!? from the fabulous Lila Frances!

And this one I kind agreed with her. These are FABULOUS products but were just too "rustic" looking for Jose and me, especially because it's not our taste and our wedding isn't outdoors or anything. But still, check out the website the Back Porch Shoppe

Anybody agree with my mom?? Should I TOTALLY buy them hangers?? lol Let me know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Venue, Photographer, Videographer... Now What??

Seriously... I have hit a tiny wedding rut.

What do I do next?? I feel since our wedding is soooo far in advance I can take my time with things, and I know I should jump on it, but I have been straight chillin!

I have also been watching True Blood from the first season. Not too bad... and Im always by these smiling faces.

Oh Riddle is smiling there. Thats his happy face lol

So what is next on my wedding planning list?? Maybe I should make a list here on my page somewhere... hmm... HELP!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lets Talk About... Tim Burton!

Why Tim Burton? Because I JUST found out [after it being open since November] that there is an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art of All things TIM BURTON! Ah! I'm so ashamed! I should have all ready seen it and heard about it but nooo... this is what the ENTRANCE looks like!

Ahmaaaazing! Yes, Tim Burton is my absolute favorite director. He can do nooo wrong in my eyes :) I wish my life was a tim burton movie, I swear! So in honor of this exhibit [which I hope to be dragging Jose to on thursday!] I am just showing off some movie posters of his movies.
Like Sweeney Todd. I am a tim burton fan and a broadway fan and I swear, no other show was more perfect for him to adapt into a movie than Sweeney Todd. Amazing show, amazing movie!

He also has made my absolute favorite Disney movie... The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Than he made alll my dreams come true by making my SECOND favorite Disney movie into his own! Alice in Wonderland! I swear me and Tim Burton are just meant to be :)
And than there is Pee Wee... one of my absolute favorite movies, I looooved this movie since I was a kid!
Did you know that Paul Reuben, who plays Pee Wee, SINGS in Nightmare before Christmas?? And was in Batman Forever, ANOTHER tim burton masterpiece! Yup, Pee Wee and Tim go waaay back lol

I can go on... what with Charlie and The chocolate factory, sleep hollow, BATMAN, BEETLEJUICE, big fish, ohhh I love it :)

Who is your favorite director?? Anybody feeling the Burton love like me??

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am Tina and I am a Nail Polish-A-Holic!

This is my actual nail polish collection... about 34 polishes, 4 treatment polishes.

I don't think its THAT much. Jose hasn't complained yet lol As you can see I am really drawn to colorful polishes. In fact, I wear NO nudes. Don't know why. But I will be adding a nude to my collection soon. Why?? Cos Essie is coming out with the Resort Collection in 2 weeks and I am DYING to get my hands on all 4 polishes!

Yess!! And there is a little nude-y in there! I haven't been this excited about an entire collection since the first neon collection and that was in 2007! And yes I went out the DAY they came out, hunted aalll over for them and finally found em and went home with the only smile on my face :)

And yes all four of these colors are STILL in my nail collection :)

Anybody have any beauty obsessions? Cos I admit, this is a little strange lol but I know I'm not alone!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Wedding Plans: We have a photobooth!!


Yesterday we booked our photographer, videographer AND got a photobooth all for a seriously reasonable price! We are sooo excited, especially because we really get along with these guys :) [guy and girl] and they are really expanding alot of things they do.

Such as... wedding trailers for our wedding video! Props in the photobooth! starting to do Boudoir Photos!! WHOO!! I was like "Oooh" when they mentioned that and Jose was like you should totally do that lol

But I'm super excited about the PHOTOBOOTH!!

image from
Seriously, we have NEVER been to a wedding that has had one and have never even HEARD of anyone going to a wedding with one there so we are sooo excited we are going to have it :)

What we want is people to leave our wedding and be like "That was so much fun! And so original!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Wedding Plans: One Down, Bagillion To Go!


Yes! On Saturday, we signed our contract and put our deposit down!! And as we sat there my insides turned as I realized... wedding planning has officially begun!

And tomorrow we are meeting with our first photographer/videographer [and hopefully our last cos we like his stuff!]

And now my mother is harrassing me to start looking at dresses.. with my wedding seriously a year away, is it TOO EARLY?? Cos I'm not THAT excited about it yet lol

Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Fridays: Celeb Couple!

My favorite celeb couple is... Sascha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher!

He is sexy [c'mon, he is!] and she is sexy! And both of them are beyond talented! [Did you know: Isla fisher went to clown school??] And NO ONE EVER hears anything about them! And after being engaged for like 6 years they finally got married and no one still has seen their pictures! They know how to keep their marriage [and their daughter, Olive] private and that's what a celebrity couple needs to make it in Hollywood for the long run!

Kudos guys! I love ya :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday!

I am participating in Thoughtless Thursday brought to you by the lovely Katie! Today I realized... in 2 and some years STEADILY together Jose and I have gone to 4 weddings! Each of them pretty different from the next and with ours ONE YEAR AWAY [geez] I wanted to look back.

There was the last one we went to, my older sisters. A Sunday Day wedding. Really nice and sweet, just a ceremony and dinner. And AMAZING food! [sssh dont tell jose I posted this pic he HATES it!]

And we hate to play favorites but my brother's has so far been our favorite. Cos we got the most AMAZING vacation out of it in Punta Cana. And it was a beautiful beach wedding :) Here we are at dinner after the ceremony :)

Than there was his brothers wedding, where he was best man! Looking all spiffy! I wore a dress i bought years ago for a wedding... and was way too skinny to wear again lol it kept falling off! But i love that dress!

And than there's the first wedding we went to. His assistant managers wedding 2 years ago. It was a mormon wedding - no alcohol, no coffee, tons of M&Ms!. Very interesting but we still had alot of fun!

And yup, I rocked red hair. And I rocked it good! So far, no more weddings lined up for this year! :) But we have ours NEXT YEAR!! WHOO!!