Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Beatles - Real Love 1995 (Original Version)

This is the song I am DYING to have as our wedding song... it was originally a John Lennon song but a rough cut and the remaining Beatles found it and added some music to it in 1995. The music is great, the words are perfect... wish me luck in convincing Jose :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My heart swoons...

for this picture of my little man. might just be our christmas card this year.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let's Bowl! Let's Bowl! Let's Rock N Roll!!

*bonus points if you know where the title line is from*
The other night Jose & I went bowling with our "couple" friends and it was sooo fun! We bowled, played pool, air hockey, and ain't some amazing food! Im so upset I didnt take a picture of the food :( Oh and the only place to go bowling is the wonderful Lucky Strike!

The decor there rocked my socks off... for real, I came home and lost a sock :(
Jose & Nes
Me & Wendy... not sure why this picture came out looking so nice but oh well!
My pics :) polaroid pics from

Wedding Planning: What NEEDS to get done!

With 10 months til our wedding, we've got the venue! the cake! [comes with the venue! whoo!] the catering! the dress! [whoo!!] the photography! the videography! I'd say so far thats pretty good but NOW - right now - we need three more big things!

We need to book someone for flowers.
I have 3 florists in mind that I want to go to, talk with and see how much their prices would be. And from one's reviews online, I'm almost positive I know which one I'll end up picking. But I need to kick myself and make these appointments all ready!!

We also need a DJ...
I wish my DJ looked like that! haha! A month ago my sister's friend recommended a place she worked for that offered a TON of services. She did photography and woulda done ours if we didnt book it all ready but than suggested the DJs. I checked them out and REALLY liked them! They had you tube videos of the weddings they did and it was PERFECT! We're hispanic so we need a nice big mix of music and this DJ looks like he's got it! But should we just book him or still look at others?? The prices weren't bad but I dunno!!

And the most important thing we need is... AN OFFICIANT!
According to all my wedding timelines, this should have been booked a month ago! But I for some reason and am just NOT interested in meeting with officiants. I really dont care who marrys us, I just want to be married! But it has to be someone who can marry us without religion or prayers in the ceremony cos - hey! we're both not that religious at ALL! My sisters wedding officiant was AMAZING! He just told their story, talked about them, made up some vows with them and boom! they were married! I think he might be our guy... hmm...

But I am stressing cos these things NEED to get done soon!! And we have to do them!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Daddy.... Someone's Watching Over Me :)

Years ago I found this song from Geri Halliwell [yes Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls!] called Someone's Watching Over Me and thought it was such a perfect song for me and how I felt having my Dad gone. Here are some of the lyrics...

You said I'd always be your little girl
Thought that would last forever
But you left me in this grown up world
Had to put myself together
At the end of the day, you showed me the way
I've never been down
Someone's watching over me
though sometimes I wish that you would look away from me
Someone's watching over me

though its not perfect, it can't be any other way for me.
I miss ya Daddy more than you can ever know. I love you so much and continue to remember you through the music you played me, the videos we have, the conversations I remember. I hope that you can see me now. I'll try my best to make you proud. I'll always be my daddy's girl.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Window Shopping: Urban Outfitters

Urban outfitters is the shit. Just thought I should start by saying that. Seriously... I oogle at their stuff alll day. Found some things that made my heart flutter! Like this bag...
Gorgeous. I would LOVE this bag for the fall. Gonna keep my eye on it... 78 bucks aint exactly in a bride to be's budget right now. But this $30 watch is!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that watch! Currenly I have strands and strands of silly bands on my arms [from my baby cousins :)] and I think this watch will give my arms the same effect :) Straps and straps! Ya know what else I LOVE? This blazer...
Ugh... that blazer is just perfection. I just know it. And it WILL be mine! I also wandered into the apartment section and found something else that has to be mine...

Its a cupcake stand... but I would totally put it on my dining room shelves and stick some corks in it or something decorative. Its soo cute!! And I HAVE TO HAVE THIS LITTLE GUY!

Its my Riddle!! Marbelized!!! lol Its actually a Boston Terrier "piggy" bank but its sooo cute!!! I want him!! His name is George by the way :)

Anyone else crazy about Urban outfitters or is it just me in my crazyness??

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye to my old room...

And HELLO to beautiful guest room/office area! My mom is having some guests from our family stay over the first week of July so we are moving FAST to change my old childhood room into a guest room/office that my mom can use when guests ARENT staying. We've got it ALL planned out and Ill post as we go along but before all that, I thought I'd share the befores.

And for the record!! My room was MUCH better looking when it was MY room. I painted the walls myself years ago :)

This is what it looks like when you first walk in.
Eww that rug needs to be CLEANED! Anyway... this is the wall view from my bed
You can see my room has turned into a dumping ground for junk... a close up of the corner my bed is in... I love that bed...
And a picture of my old desk.. I've had that desk FOREVER! But its a child's desk... not really enough space for my mom to work lol
Soooo excited to start painting the room this week and than building all the furniture we got from Ikea [spent 300 bucks at IKEA yesterday!] Got some lamps, curtains, oooh it's gonna be sooo niiice!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ohh Prom... [yes prom!]

My wonderful niece, Meaghan, had her prom this weekend and she just looked GORGEOUS! I had to share! I'm so proud of her :) She is only 7 years younger than me! Kinda crazy... but I love her! And had to share her beauty!

She is the one in the middle in navy blue!
And my favorite picture of her... with her boyfriend!
Prom... ::sigh::... my prom weekend sucked... I had my ex as my date but still sucked!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girl Crush Alert

Anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards?? Anyone else think Katy Perry is so freakin pretty - even with crazy blue hair!?

Underneath that blue hair... she is just gorgeous.

pictures from and

Monday, June 7, 2010

Under the Boardwalk!!

This summer Jose and I are going with my mom and sister down the shore [with in Jersey terms means - to the beach!] Yes I am from Jersey and quite proud of it - especially when I get to stay in the greatest place ever for a couple days - Wildwood, NJ!

My family went to Wildwood EVERY SINGLE SUMMER and it was the greatest family memories! Since my dad died, my mom sister and I haven't been back so it will be emotional for us but Jose has NEVER been and it is SUCH a great place to go so I'm so excited!! :)

The beach is HUGE [it's free!] and it goes for miiilees... no way you can sit on the beach and feel like people are sitting on top of you.
But we are also gonna try to stick in a visit to Atlantic City since its literally like 40 minutes from Wildwood! Doin some much needed gambling!
And while we're in Wildwood, we will be visiting Cape May. Its a town 5 minutes outside of Wildwood and it's gorgeous - you feel like you stepped back in time in Cape May. All the victorian houses everywhere is beautiful. And some of them are haunted!!

When we were little my sister and I didnt like the beach half as much as we liked the pool! The pool is where we stayed practically the whole trip!! This is what all the hotels we used to stay in looked like!! JUST LIKE THIS!
And Wildwood has the greatest boardwalk ever! Its huge! has amazing rides!! and I don't know if I got any Jersey girls reading this blog but you know you gotta "watch the tramcar please" when you're on the boardwalk! [I swear you say that to ANYONE from Jersey and they usually know what you're talking about!! lol the biggest Jersey inside joke]

I'm sooo excited for my little summer vacation!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Found My Wedding Dress!!

But I warn this is a terrible picture of it... [and me] ... I was excited I found it and moving a little bit and totally not ready for this picture. AND it was on my sisters phone lol but it is gorgeous and when I get better pictures I'll post em but I am SOOO excited!

And it was in my price range :) I'd die....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy New Month!!

Happy New Month!!

Can't believe it's June all ready! Well I believe it cos it FEELS like June! It is HOT!! :) Though it's not officially summer yet I've had my eye on some summer goodies... like this hot ass cowboy hat from forever 21!
And this set of bangles! So cute!! Forever 21 again!
And uhm... just about every color pair of Haviana's I can get my hands on :) THE BEST flip flops! Old navy flip flops suck! [if I walk in the city with them, my feet turn BLACK!! With these babies, NOPE!]

Ahhh I just love summer :)