Friday, July 30, 2010

Ima HUNT you down!

For real yo... Ima HUNT some hunter boots down for my ass. I am dying for a pair of these like you don't even know. And with sooo many colors to choose from it makes picking a pair even HARDER to do! Ayy my closet would ideally look like this:

Dark green hunter boots seem to be versatile
Red hunter boots are the awesome color punch I'd love to have to spike my days!

And them dark greens again... I don't know what I want more. The boots or the awesome shirt.


Lately I've been seeing a bunch of these babies on craigs list but I don't know... is that too ghetto? Should I just wait til I have an extra 150 bucks and purchase it? AND what color? Dang yo... life is full of haaard choices!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey you bloggers out there!

Where'd my mama go??
Us dogs [lando and riddle] wanted to raid mama's blog and say WHAT UP!! Our mama's on vacation, enjoying the beach without us ::coughs::BITCH::coughs:: so we decided to be dicky back and raid her blog!

Sssh... don't tell mama. Just pretend you never saw this post!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favors that make you go.. wtf??

Jose & I have been thinking alot about our favors and what'd they be. We want something that'll really feel or seem like us. I've been checking out favors on-line and came across some really strange ones.

Seriously, if I went to a wedding where these were the favors my genuine reaction would be "what the fuck??" I went to a destination wedding, got a towel! Fall weddings, got candles, chocolates and wine toppers. In fact, that seems to be all the favors I've collected. But these... I wouldn't know what to do with!

A "heart warmer" hand warmer... what the fuck??

a cheese grater... what the fuck??

a "slice of love" pizza cutter... what the fuck??

a "olive you" olive dish and spreader... what the fuck??

a sewing kit.... what the fuck??

Uhm, what if I don't sew? What if I hate olives? What if I don't make my own pizza? What if I all ready have a cheese grater? What if I wouldn't ever use a hand warmer?

What if all the above might actually be true? Shut up... dont hate.

Sorry if any of my readers have actually had these as wedding favors. But if you've been to a wedding with a unique wedding favor let me know! My brother in law told me he went to a wedding where they had star wars pez dispensers... what the fuck?? [but that's actually REALLY unique!] Lemme know yo! I am dillusional!!

P.s. all of these favors are from but don't judge on these favors, I actually saw ALOT of really cool wedding favors! Just not any of these!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Office Plans

I love photo walls. In fact we kind of have one as a work in progress in the living room - but I am not satisfied! I need another one with a little bit more of a casual flow, random things on the wall as opposed to the just photo wall we have in the living room. Such as the wall below :)

So I have major plans to do this in the office - the place I probably I spend the most time in and will be spending alot more time in in the coming months [more on that when I have more information] Soo I have rearranged our office for other purposes and in the process found I can do my photo collage on 1 of 2 walls... the bigger wall where there is something on it now but would promptly be moved if needed!

Or the smaller wall? I'm thinking the bulletin board and ottoman should go against the smaller wall since they fit better there and than I'll get a nicer chair to put under the photo wall. Ayyy help! Am I seeing things??

OOh and let me catch a picture of our disgusting ottoman [due to Riddle's crazy puppy days] and the before since once we get back from the trip, my mom and I are reupholstering this baby!
Yuck! So what would you do if this was your office? Which wall would your photos collect on? Is it stupid to even do this in this room? Any other suggestions? I'm open! Gimme whatcha got!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Packing for the Shore!!

I have begun to pack for our trip down the shore and I am so excited! It's not like we are traveling far but just to get away is going to be sooo nice! We have both been reaaally stressed from work so we need a break! And I just love pulling out my Issac Mizrahi suitcase :)

I have had this suitcase for YEARS and I always get compliments on it! When I flew to Chicago, the STUARTIST said I had a cute bag! And they look at bags allll day so I took it as the only compliment coming from her!

So what am I packing?? Uhm.. my beach towels [from CVS! Cute huh?], my havianas, my purple sungalsses, a ton of sunblock [we ARE spending all 4 days on the beach!], my Posthelios [the absolute best after sun care], and The Carrie Diaries. Ive been reading it but I'm going to finish it down the shore!! This is just the goodies too - I still have to pack CLOTHES! lol probably going to need another bag though. This one is looking pretty tight!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding Planning: We have FLOWERS!!

Finally!! We have flowers!! Oh man am I happy you have no idea! lol Now the only 2 big things we need are the officiant [what slackers] and our entertainment [and the DJ i emailed 2 weeks ago STILL hasnt emailed me back... I should be pissed right??]

So now I shall share the plans we have for the wedding flowers. And PLEASE forgive me... I have been collecting these inspiration images for months [seriously, since January] so I do not remember when I got them but lemme know I'll give ya credit!

So my bouquet is going to be an all white bouqet - mostly of roses with maybe some peonies and hydragengeas tossed in underneath! And Jose will rock a white rose boutonniere
My bridesmaids are going to carry all red rose bouquets! [all 2 of them! lol] and the groomsmen will have red rose boutonnieres

My sister [my MOH] is going to carry a red rose bouquet with some orchids tossed in [no stephanotis like the picture below has] and Jose's brother [his BM] will have an orchid boutonniere to match

And lastly the centerpieces! Jose & I wanted submerged centerpieces and we worked out some an awesome idea with our florist! I can't wait to see it! It will be three different tiers with the ice chunks [or whatever you call them] at the bottom and there will be a glow light [which looked awesome] - Jose is all about the little glow light lol
And thats it!! Right now we aren't sure about our ceremony flowers so thats not set up yet but still, we got flowers! One less thing I have to worry about until October when I see my mock ups lol

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jewelry Organization Inspiration Yo!

Today I checked out one of my favorite blogs, Smart & Sassy with Sprinkles to see an amazing jewelry organization post. And I found myself feeling inspired yet again by another post about organizing the bling. Currently my necklaces are hanging on gross chunky hooks. Not cute, I dont want to show you. But lately with all the inspiration in the blog world... I've got a lot of great ideas now!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Engagement Photos - HELP!!

So FINALLY my photographer has posted dates for days he is available to take engagement photos [he has a strange system lol] and I thought I wanted our pictures in Jersey City in New Jersey. Right by the Hudson River, overlooking the skyline... it would look nice. And Jose & I are city people so the photo sessions he did by castles and in fields or by the beach aren't really us. THEN I go on his site and see he finally posted the date for Jersey City! BUT 2 weeks before that... he is doing Central Park!!!

WHAT!? I mean I know it might not even be a competition... taking photos around this beautiful scenery..
personal photo

personal photo

So do it IN the city, IN that beauty or outside of the city with the city behind us??
from here

from here

Like I said... I realize this might be an obvious choice but I DONT KNOW!! lol HELP!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

How's about some Hot Stuff??

I am not afraid of color at all... I loove color. I mean I've got yellow, purple, pink, red, AND blue sunglasses. I am all about wearing different nail colors [sometimes at the same time] and aaallll my eye shadows from MAC are basically the brightest shades you can find! I mean my picture on blogger says it all...

Yellow shades, blue nails... love it! And I LOOOOVE my bangs! I miss them so much :( And I have decided I'm going to rock my bangs after my wedding in April... seems so far!! But anywayzzz... than in Vegas I was a STAND OUT!

All my girls [including the one taking the picture] wore all black! And me? I want to wear a bright yellow dress! lol Not sure when this started but I am just very attracted to BRIGHT colors!! Soooo when I saw these eyeshadows I had to have them ALL!!

These are brand spankin new to CVS [aka my job] and the minute they came in, I put all 4 of them aside and waited 2 weeks for them to be Buy 1, get 1 50% and I bought them bitches!! It's from the brand N.Y.C. and for 2.99 a POP... c'mooonn!! What a steal! And the pigment on them?? AMAZING!! Don't believe me?? Check out this months' Allure magazine! They get a shout out!

Oooh I'm sooo happy I have more color in my life for maaad cheap! Holla!!

Wedding Nightmares!!

Lately I have all ready started having wedding dreams... but I like to think of them as wedding nightmares.
Jose & I have been meeting with florists, checking out invitations, thinking about favors, really in wedding mode... and this causes me to dream about our wedding.

My first dream was so bad... I seriously woke up in a panic thinking it was real. In my dream.. MY ENGAGEMENT RING BROKE IN HALF! lol i was freaaaking out in the dream and it felt so real, I woke up and looked at my ring first thing! ay! it was horrible, horrible, horrible!!

The second dream I had last night was just weird. lol I had a dream me and my bridesmaids were told where to go before our wedding but when we got there, my fiance was there with his groomsmen [and one of them was taylor lautner??] lol and he totally saw me in my dress!! BEFORE the wedding!! I was like AHHH!!! BAD LUCK!! BAD LUCK!! lol it was straaange!

I have read this happens to brides before getting married... can't believe I'm now one of them!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For The Record...

This is our apartment. NOT our house. I am in no way proud of the disgusting yellowness our white bathroom walls like to rock every day. Gross. But still... this bare wall KILLED me! I had to do something!

So I found this pack of 3 shelves at Kohls for $30, put them up and voila! Muccch better
And that towel is clean as HELL! Dont know why its looking so dirty. Yuuuucck. Just look at my pretty shelves... and NOTHING else.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homemade Popcorn

A year ago Jose & I bought some popping kernels from CVS...
A couple days ago we finally pulled the kernels out and decided to give it a go. We put the kernels in a big pot on our stove and added corn oil, butter & salt in the pot. What did we get? Some damn good tasting popcorn!

We promptly ate our homemade popcorn while watching Not Another Teen Movie - ::quotes:: Look's like you got a thing for butt ugly girls Mr.-I've-Got-A-Thing-For-Butt-Ugly-Girls!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Award?? WHOO!!

Holy crap I've gotten my second blog award :) Thank you sooo much to the lovely Mommy of a Jamexican - go check out her blog by the way, the little jamexican is the cutest thing ever!!

The rules of the Sugar Doll Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award [Holla!]
2. Share 5 things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 5 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

First 5 things about ME!
1. I absolutely love anything Disney! I've been to both Disneyworld and Disneyland [disneyworld is way better] and have seen practically every single Disney movie! My 3 favorite Disney movies are Sleeping Beauty, Nighmare Before Christmas & Alice in Wonderland
2. I have been collecting INSTYLE magazine since 2006. Yikes, its alot of issues.
3. I love the smell of coffee but I think coffee is the grossest thing in the world to drink.
4. I [love and] saw Bon Jovi in a span of about 6 years, THIRTEEN TIMES live - and when I finally heard my favorite song ever played by them live in 2008, I decided it couldn't get better and haven't seen em since!
5. Chris Rock comes and shops at the CVS I work in every week. And he is my favorite customer!

Now I pass this award to:
Candyfloss & Persie
Bikinis and passports
La Mia Vita
Married Minzilla

Enjoy your awards and some blog lovin! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bag Lady!!

A couple weeks ago I blogged about this beauty of a bag for $78.00 from Urban Outfitters
Well guess what? It's mine now!!

And now just mine but it's mine for only $39 dollars!! Whoo!! I walked into Urban Outfitters, saw my pretty bag in person and loved it even more, checked the price tag and let out the biggest ::GASP!:: looked around, grabbed the bag and paid for it :)

I'm so happy this bag is mine you have no clue. and for much cheaper!

Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Marshmallow!

After seeing one of my favorite bloggers made toasted marshmallow shakes, I couldn't get it out of my head!! Ugh it sounded so good [and looked good too] Than I bought a Bobby Flay book and the recipe was in there too! Had to try it now - and omg, was it delicious! Definately will be making it again soon!

Don't they look like little hamburger buns when they're burnt?

Delicious! Check out her recipe at Cupcakes & Cashmere and trust me, you'll be making it too!

4th of July at the Fair!

The state fair was in town and we spent our night watching fireworks, playing games, eating the greatest greasiest food.
Lots and lots of games...
Look at all the pikachus!

Jose LOVED going to the petting zoo and taking pictures with the animals!
This guy was all about the pictures
This guy was tired lol
Nestor and Wendy watching the fireworks
Us too! :) [and one of my favorite pictures of us now]
The night ended watching pig races, Jose winning me a little pig, and zeppoles and slushies :)

How was your 4th??