Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My bedroom can suck it!

Dude I am tiiiired... and posting this post about my bedroom is making me even MORE tired. See... my bedrooms been a work in progress like most of our rooms. Except I've paid way more attention to all the other rooms in the house. The only thing I did in our bedroom is hang nice little IKEA Mirrors over the bed. But the thing that bothered the SHIT out of me is the ridiculous comforter I bought for us when we moved in together 2 years ago...

We always painted the room a nice lavender purple... and we always had this disgusting tan comforter. Its comfortable as hell, its the only reason why I didnt change it right away. But this weekend all of that changed when I kicked my bedspreads ass off my bed and got a new one.
And yes, Hitchcock looooves it. He immediately jumps on any new pillows, blankets, furniture we get to test it out. And he approves. Got both the comforter and little pillow from Target. Definately hitting up home goods to get some more accent pillows. [and on the left you'll notice my jewelery organizer "work in progress" i promise im not straight up stealing Allison's idea. like i said, work in progress. and hers is seriously inspiring]

Do you know how happy I was I FINALLY got something that went with the colors of my bedroom?? I took this happy picture of myself, yes.
Eww my eyes are scary looking. Whatever. Thats not all. I am NOT done. Besides my jewelery organizer, I plan on getting 2 nightstands [my mom bought these 2 from IKEA, and they're awesome] I have one but Jose does not and it bothers the SHIT out of me. And he hella needs one.

Also I got lots of sparkly accents on the dresser and on any other places I can stick it, I wanna stick a sparkly mirror on the wall. And I've been eyeing this one for our bedroom for MONTHS!! It's only 20 bucks... WHY DONT I OWN THIS!??!!

On top of that, we need new lamps. 2 new lamps. Maybe sparkly ones too to go with our purple/gray/sparkly theme. And new curtains. But thats another day. And on top of that, our bedroom is the smallest bedroom you can imagine. I swear... I dont know why we even bought a dresser. It barely fits. Ay!

Okie... gonna go lay down on my new comforter. Its f'ing hot in Jersey yo!

Monday, August 30, 2010

STDs!!! Ahhh!!!

Chill... I mean Save The Dates. lol

On August 19th, Jose and I made our way into the city and took our engagement pictures in Central Park. Hmm... why did I chose Central Park? Well, as much as I explained we're city people the truth is we're also people that LOVE New York City. If we could, we'd live there. And when I realized exactly where we would be in Central Park taking photos, I realized we weren't going to be taking pictures on the great lawn. And we loved this spot so I stuck with it.

We got to belvedere fountain early so we could sit and relax [turns out they were filming a TV show there too, never heard of it though lol]
And I totally can take our own pictures
We made friends with this guy who was playing the sax... and he totally played Marvin Gaye for us :)
And seriously... all bodies of water in Central Park are GREEN!! This water isn't a reflection of greenery, it is straight up GREEN! Really gross looking in person...
In the end.. the engagement photos came out nice. I really like them. We don't have them all yet.. this is the only one I have right now.
And we kinda used it on the one side of our Save the Dates!! [I'll get them in next week to really show em off] We did this all ourselves in Photoshop, maaaad easy and we're getting it printed for free from a contest I won on a blog :) Holla!! Hopefully they come out nice so I can show you the other side lol

I'll be getting the rest of the engagement photos up soon but for now, that's all ya get!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thats me in the leather jacket and tight jeans...

Just letting you know...
I bought the sickest leather jacket yesterday for 42 dollars [courtesy of it being on sale and a really nice lady handing me a coupon RIGHT when I was paying for it. sweet]

Seriously, I'm in love. I didn't want to take it off when I got home. Dying for it to get chilly in Jersey so I can wear it. Ohhh and get your asses to CVS [no walgreens or rite aid!] and pick up the REVLON nail polish color combo Rock & Star. Rock [purple] and Star [glitter top coat] is sick. Especially together.

Very happy my cuticles don't look half bad considering I rip them apart. Since I quit biting my nails 2 years ago, I've taken up a new habit... biting my cuticles. Yuck.
Oh and now Jose is dying for a leather jacket of his own. Always biting off my style I swear. But we gonna rock the leather jackets down the street together like a bunch of idiots cos thats how we do!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dresses of Emmy's Past...

This Sunday is the EMMYS!! [Holla!] I ain't watching it - Ima be real lol but I AM watching the red carpet. Let's be honest I do not really watch TV. All I watch is Bravo, E! and HBO - and HBO will dominate by the way. You just can't beat True Blood. But I wanted to post some of my favorite Emmy Dresses I've seen on the red carpet.

Drew Barrymore looked SIIIICK in this dress. I mean, she looks like she just feels so good about herself in this dress. Rock it girl!
I love Lauren Conrad. She can't do no wrong, style wise. And this dress was awesome. It was interesting to wear a flowy maxi dress [she almost looked pregnant] but she rocked it.


Oliva Wilde looked AHMAAAZING in this dress. Seriously, this bitch got the only body. She better be working a dress as fierce as this one.

Lastly, Sarah Jessica Parker. My style icon. Maybe her best fashion moment ever. She looked unbelieve in this dress. It flattered her in so many ways.
All righty... going to go clean the house than get ready to watch some SMACKDOWN tonight [weird fascination with wrestling lately, somebody help me] than tomorrow I'm hoping over to the Flea Market with Jose & his mom and hopefully a nice dinner out :) Enjoy the weekend!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story!

I realized the other day I have MAD pictures in our living room. I like being surrounded by pictures... of us, of family, of our pets, of places we've been. I am all about pictures. But for some reason all of them are in my living room. lol I am constantly changing things in our apartment so before I change em again I wanted to take pictures of our pictures lol

Below is our "photo wall". Its the first thing you see when you walk straight into the house. We got all the frames from IKEA, Target & CVS [believe it our not]. We are realllly into black and white so we have black and white frames everywhere lol The photo wall is all pictures I've taken [I'm the photographer in the house] and they are pictures mostly from places we've been together. The middle picture you can't see is one my sister took of us when we moved into our apartment and it says OUR FIRST APARTMENT lol i love it! And the bottom five pictures are of Jose's band Ground to Machine [we actually set up the frames by how they stood on stage!]

This collection of frames is just of our pets :) The loves of our lives! I got these frames at Kohls for like $5 each! And when you walk into our apartment, its right to the right of you so you can't miss em. I'm thinking of moving them though lol
Than the other collection we have is over our [non working] fireplace. On the mantel are just some frames of us and of Hitchcock and Riddle but I'm going to switch out the pictures. Hanging on the wall is pictures of all our family members and the animals. [There are holes because I still need good pictures of my sisters and their families]
And than we have a little bit of "artwork". It was made by Riddle when he was 5 months old for our anniversary from me to Jose :) He loved it. Whenever people come over, they ask what it is and I tell them and they think it's awesome. I actually got this idea from Young House Love and think its genius!! I knew I was going to do it before we even adopted Riddle lol and Riddle is a fucking artist!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avion Anyone?

Anyone out there like Entourage like me? I've been a fan since the first season and I loooove it! Been hooked since the beginning. And this season for me is... okay. Everyone seems to seperate. Vince is acting like a crazy asshole without his boys around! Sasha Grey annoys the FUCK out of me!! Ugh!! Season 7 is definately NOT one of my favorite seasons. Anyone else out there with me??
But there's one thing I am really digging this season... and that is Turtle's story line. [Yay! So glad Turtle finally gets his own, REAL storyline!] Turtle is investing in a tequila company called AVION. It looks amazing. Seriously. I dont know why but this Tequila just LOOKS smooth and tasty. And then I found out... It's Real!! It's no fake tequila they made up for the show. Has anyone heard of it??


Well now I am HUNTING me down a bottle - oh you know I am!! Online its like $50 a bottle [not bad at all] but I can't find one store in Jersey that sells it! The closests is some liquor store in Manhattan!! Damn yo... I need me some Avion. My mom can drink a whole bottle of tequila straight ALONE and I'm with her. Love me some TEQUILA! And I gotta get me some Avion!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aren't You Scared? Well That's Just Fine!

Damn yo I KNOW this post is mad early... I know. Forgive me. But I am about to talk about the most kickass holiday ever... Halloween!! I'm sorry but I was at work today, walked past the magazines, saw a HALLOWEEN magazine and my jaw dropped! For real?? It's time for this shit all ready?? But secretly I got reaaally excited. Halloween is full of a ton of traditions around here.
1. We LOVE to dress up. Have dressed up for the past 3 years
2. We are ALL about carving us some nasty looking pumpkins
3. October is "horror movie" month in our household. Uhm... we watch nothing but horror movies leading up to Halloween.
4. I decorate like HELLA!

Honestly I'm way more into Christmas [I have 2 boxes of Halloween decorations, 6 of Christmas. Yikes. Obsess Much??] but I looooooove Halloween like you don't even know.

Uhm.. Jose and I in 2007. He's a pirate, I'm a scarecrow.
2008. He's a vampire from LOST BOYS, I'm the mad hatter [totally did his makeup myself. It was seriously amazing] and he looks more like a vamp from Buffy. But its LOST BOYS! Hence the jean jacket and 80s hair! lmao
And last year. Jose decided for as many halloweens as he could, he'd be a vampire everyone. Last year he was Edward Cullen lol with th edward cullen hair, glittered skin and long gray trench. It was hysterical.
I was a witch but got like ZERO pictures of me rocking my halloween costume. And you better believe we are all ready thinking of this years costumes. And I totally wanna have like a HALLOWEEN ROCKBAND PARTY this year at our apartment lol would u go to that??

Am I fucking NUTS for talking about this shit now??? Ayyy i know I know but fess up, you love it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You're My Boy Blue!!

For real though... get your hands on this beer. Especially you ladies that are wine drinkers more than beer drinkers. It's sweet. Real beer drinkers hate it. Us wine drinkers now have a beer to drink. And it is WILD BLUE.

My good friend Liz introduced me to this drink this past weekend at her & her fiances house. Me and my girls went over, got DRUUUNK and had some gooood food, goooood times and talked about our upcoming weddings [I'm engaged, so is Liz!!] And ugh check out the pool...

Here is Liz bringing over some Mojitos she made :) Liz is tiiiiiny. Like 4'9 I swear lol

And here's the mojito in all it's amazing glory.
Here are my girlfriends Esther [bridesmaid!] and Johanna!

Cake for Lizs Birthday!!!
And a picture of me, Liz and Esther together. Can ya see the drunkness in my eyes? Cos oh it is there!
Oooh true fact. Liz actually used to be my boss [and I HATED her] than she moved to Esther's store [where Esther proceeded to hate her] but outside of work, Liz is the shit lol. And now she's no longer both our bosses so we all get along just fine.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ahh!! Engagement Pictures!! THIS WEEK!!

Our engagement pictures are this week [eeeekk!!] and I diiiid pick where we're having it but I won't share til AFTER we get our pictures. But I am sooooo nervous!! I feel like I have sooo much to do! lol What do I have to do?? Uhm...

Do my eyebrows...

Do my nails...

Buy some new "photo ready" makeup from Relvon. Tried it the other day and I'm SOLD! Especially for pictures!

Ugh I feel like there's more I'm forgetting about!! SHIIIIT!! But on TOP of that Jose is doing overnights all week leading UP to the day we do it so I'm so nervous he's gonna look tired with bags under his eyes. He assures me though he'll get enough sleep the day before so hopefully he doesn't look bad. But just in case I'm bringing make up for him! lol

The other night we were both trying to figure out our outfits and what looks good. We totally like our outfits, together they look really good. Here's a peak..

Yikes. We will NOT be posing all awkward. lol We even practiced the standard "engagement" pictures everyone seems to take and thought we did pretty good lol but here's MY question! Should I button or NOT buttom my cardigan?? I might change the black shirt I'm wearing in the picture to a black tank top cos that shirt makes me stomach area look so poufy and ewww ewww ewww. So open or closed cardigan??

And what you think of my gold sandals?? Good?? Or flats?? AHHH HELP! HELP! HELP!! lol I only got 3 days until the pictures and the pressure is ON!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The most cherished item in my closet!

5 years ago when Jose and I first started hanging out [secretly behind my boyfriends back... ooooh im a cheater yes but look how good it turned out!] we were walking through Hoboken, New Jersey [where Jose is from]. Hoboken is full of cute little clothing boutiques. One in particular had this gray sweater on a mannequin in the window. Every time we walked past this store, I swooned over this sweater. I loooooved this sweater.

One night, Jose walks me to his car and proceeds to pull out a huge white box. I open the white box and in the box is my sweater. I knew then and there this was the man who would do anything to make me happy.

I never ever hinted that I wanted HIM to buy me the sweater but he did all because he knew I wanted it. He then told me it was $300 dollars and the only size they had left was a MEDIUM on the mannequin and he didn't care, he bought it! He is NUTS! 300 DOLLARS!? I begged him to return it but he refused.

To this day, I rock this sweater. I love this sweater. When falls comes, the sweater comes out! It goes with everything, it still fits me perfectly [thank god I'm a medium!] and everytime I look at it, it always reminds me of how sweet Jose was and still is. How many dreams of mine he has made come true. He's the shit yo!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you were going away for a weekend... which would you pick?

Jose and I are planning in the upcoming months to take a little trip away for a weekend. We just can't decide where! Now I've been traveling all over for years so all the places we wanna go to - I've been to! So I don't care where we go :) But we do have 4 places that are seriously calling our names

Fabulous Las Vegas!
When he brought up the idea of vacationing, the first place that popped into my mind is VEGAS!! I've been twice [Jose, never] and I love, love, LOVE vegas. Cant get enough! Im not about gambling too much or partying alot so I dont know exactly what it is I love but I LOOOOOVE it and am ALWAYS dying to go back! If I could I'd go there every year - TWICE! Buuuuuutt Jose is a gambler and he is afraid of Vegas lol and also of how expensive Vegas can be for guys [uhm, I went on a girls trip and didnt pay for shit :)]

We actually both went to Washington DC last year [Jose's 1st time, my 5th!] lol and I love it! But everytime I've gone I did all the tourist things of looking at the monuments and musuems. This time, we wanna go and dig DEEP into washington. Hang out in the local areas, check out the not so touritsy museums [uhm, INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM anyone??] and do everything we didnt get to do the last time. Plus its only 4 hours from Jersey where we are!

Chicago is actually deep, deep, deep down in my heart where I really wanna go with Jose. If it didnt get so f-ing cold there, I'd live there in a heartbeat. I've been once for 3 days and I LOVED it. I am DYING to go back and get my fill of Chicago and all its greatness. And I know Jose will LOVE it! Its his kinda town! Oooh I hope we go back. Im dying to actually shop on the magnificent mile, actually have deep dish pizza and a hot dog from chicago! see the weird looking art! :)

and last...

Boston, like Washington DC, is only 4 hours from Jersey and just like Washington DC - Jose and I both have gone there [just not together] and we wanna go back! Check out some kind of sports event! Do the duck tour [my sister did this years ago and said it was amazing lol], Maaaaaybe check out the freedom trail, but we just wanna go! Especially if we end up going in the fall - thats when we both went and its just gorgeous!

So if you were Jose & me... which would u pick? And if you live in any of these places, why should i go where u live? Anything I'm missing that I HAVE to try??

Monday, August 9, 2010

Warning: Major Beach House Envy

Yesterday while waiting at the doctors office with Jose [we're both ok :)] I was flipping through an old HouseBeautiful magazine and my heart stopped when I came across this amazing beach house designed by Krista Ewert. Seriously... I know this issue was released and everyone in the world has seen this but Im gonna swoon and I suggest you swoon [all over again] with me.

I swear I need a kitchen like this below.. pink refridge? KEEP ON poster HUGE in pink!

I love the bright patterns, the green everywhere, the scalloped edges all over the house. Swooooon...
all images from house beautiful