Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All my people wanting more...

First off... last night's Glee was amazing. Seriously. I could not stop listening to Britney Spears ALL night.
Aaaaand I just heard they are having a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode at the end of October! Holy crap - one of my favorite movies ever. Gonna be sick. But anyway...
Saturday was a busy day. So busy in fact I only took one picture - BOO!!

My "girls", my mom and I went to buy the dresses for my WEDDING!! Dresses as in Bridesmaids dresses and dress for my mama! My mama looked SMASHING! Never mind she lost 30 lbs on Nutrisystem but the dress looked amazing on her!! Plus it'll go so good with the colors for our wedding [black, white, red??]

Geez sometimes I think she's scarily skinny lol but she insists she needs to lose at least 10 more pounds before my wedding! Meanwhile I wanna lose 20 but WHATEVER!! Than my girls [all 3 of them] got their dresses. I looooove the dresses! Like, I want it for myself! I didn't get pictures of them in it but I DID find it online... and uhm, it serves it no justice cos the models are twirly and shit but whatever.

Ahhmmaaaazzing. Not in that picture. Wait for mine... eventually.

Ooh and can I just say I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting a pair of fierce heels I ordered online! Like you don't even know how bad I'm waiting for them!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gray is Sexy bitch!

Soooo a couple months ago I blogged about my mom wanting to take over my old room and change it up into a guest room. Well... after painting the walls, buying some furniture, buying a bedspread and curtains and adding some DIY artwork - it's basically done. All she wants is some punches of yellow on her bed and on the walls and BAM! Ya got yourself a little guest room paradise

Love love love it. In fact, kinda wish I still slept there :( Dying to steal the amazing Ikea bookshelf from her and Jose is sooo upset I didn't choose this gray in our room [but I do NOT recommend Glidden paint. Sorry, was not feeling it] OOh and the artwork on the walls is just scrapbook paper framed. Awesome.

The before: 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glitter and be gay!

So last week I rambled about wearing converses to my wedding and brought it up... and the mother fucker was all about it... FOR HIM! For me?? Nooope. Fuck me. We ALL know how we listen to our men and their opinions and for some reason we give a shit. So I threw my converse idea away [sort of, since he likes it for him] And Jose is not much taller than me so I would only wear flats cos I am NOT standing over him. And these glitter shoes from Steve Madden are calling my name...

But WHAT COLOR!?? My wedding colors are black, white and red. My dress is WHITE [to match the colors] so I kinda love the pop of black glitter shoes. But.... think the gold ones might mesh better. Ayyyy decisions! decisions! Whatcha saaayy?

Oh and I am so buying glitter heels to wear OUT.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This made me laugh for real

"this movie is going to be a lot more funnier than people think it is" - Jose, after watching this commercial and after me losing it see her sing to her dog on the bed lol

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twick o' Tweatt!!!

Uhm... today at work I set up the Halloween Hallmark cards and could not help but SHRIEK!! with excitement lol and than I come home, check out Potterybarn and uhm, yeah! I want it all... for Halloween. Cant freakin' wait. I decided. Saturday I'm pulling out the decorations!

Totally gonna collect rocks, spray paint them with chalkboard paint and write on them

these serving utensils are so amazing, i'd use them after halloween!

When y'all decorating for Halloween??

Monday, September 20, 2010

Black, White & Yellow... Sigh...

Months, MONTHS ago CasaSugar featured this apartment and I loved it!! and I could NOT find it for months afterwards. Than today, I found it :) And now I'm just gonna post some pictures of it cos it is freakin AMAZING! I want to steal every idea in this apartment. It's fucking amazing lol thats all I can say. Go scoop it out at Black. White. Yellow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

You've probably gotten this before but..

"You look like the girl from the Jersey shore"

A customer [a 40 year old man] said this me yesterday as I helped him get some ink catridge. The first thing out of my mouth?
"Ugh" lol I tried to laugh it off and was than like "Ohhhh" lol I'm sorry, no one ever told me that. So I was a bit taken back. Then he goes on and says "You like like you know, the pretty one"
Uhm.... WHO!?
These girls scream TRASH to me!! lol I don't think I look like ONE of them! I feel bad for the guy cos he was trying to compliment me [I thiiiiink] and I was totally grossed out and offended lol and I'm FROM Jersey!! Yet only 1 of these girls is from Jersey so I'm just gonna say he told me I looked like Sami Sweetheart lol

I am working tomorrow [boo! I haven't worked a Saturday in FOR-EVER!!] and than I am off Sunday. But my bank account is crazy low and I can not spend on non essentials for at least 2 weeks!! Oh my god... what am I going to do?? Yesterday we went to Target and I just looked ahead lol I couldn't look at ANYTHING without thinking about buying it. Soooo depressing :( So unless Jose is paying, I aint goin out! BooooO!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weird Total Random Crap...

I have been working like crazy! My head is everywhere... so this post will be everywhere too.

Like... am I crazy Im dying for Jose and I both to wear converses on our wedding day? [since he's like 1 ft taller than me and we'd look ridiculous with me in heels] I mean, if Im gonna wear flats who gives a shit!
from here

I am DYING for a striped blazer, much like this one below from FabSugar. Bitch got her shit together! She's rocking it.. and i wanna too!
And fiiiiinally I got Jose to watch GLEE with me! And like I totally told him he would, he liked it!! I love musicals, no LOVE musicals, and since meeting Jose I have really gotten him into them too. In fact he doesn't know which is his favorite - Rent or Sweeney Todd? So I know my man okay. I KNOW when he's gonna like something. And I knew he'd like Glee. And within 5 minutes of the episode starting, he was laughing. And I knew he was hooked :) [In fact, he was googling LEA MICHELE on his blackberry while we were watching it lol]
Yes!! Now we can both watch the season premiere next tuesday!!! WHOO!! But anywhoo... gonna go take my dogs out than take a shower and chiiill :) Peace!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Nights on HBO

Every Sunday night Jose and I watch our TRUE BLOOD and our ENTOURAGE [fuck HUNG]... and last night was the finales. And I was not feeling True Blood's finale at ALL! It was soooo uneventful. Seriously... it could have ended waaay better. I hope Tara leaves and never comes back though. And uhm... where the fuck is Sookie? Probably in that fairy land... but Sookie can be so weak sometimes, just following and trusting whoever she sees!
But do you KNOW how I excited I was when this fine ass thing walked into Fangtasia?? Jose seriously was like "all right calm down!!"

Now Entourage was AMAZING!! It COMPLETELY set up next season!! Is Turtle going to succeed with his Avion?? [or does anyone else think he's getting set up for disaster?] E and Scott are taking down Murray! And wtf is Terrences problem?? Drama's got his show [and he is TOTALLY getting with E's secretary] and FUCKING VINCE!! I wanted his ass kicked so BADLY and when he got it kicked, he was still being a smart ass! and BAM! I hope he was in Jail and has to go to rehab for that shit! And poor poor Ari... I felt really bad for him!! But stupid Vince...
I wanted to kick all their asses when they were just sitting there letting Vince keep running his mouth and being a dick. Sure he never did anything to you but STILL!

Ugh! So goooood!! And now we are going to start watching Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down so we can watch the 2nd seasons of those as they premiere in a couple weeks :) And is anyone interested in Boardwalk Empire?? Cos I sure as fuck am NOT!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

If this was your bed...

Yesss my bed! My new comforter I showed off a week or so ago...

Well it needs some decorative pillows. But I'm finding so many I like I don't wanna pick the wrong one!! So which do you think I should get??

A lilac pillow from Urban outiftters that would blend it with the gray and go with the walls.
A black and white [reversible] pillow from Target that will bring a POP of color but still go with the gray and purple
Or a real big pop of color! With these mustard yellow pillows from Urban Outfitters
Honestly I am LOVING the yellow and would get maybe 2 of them to go behind the decorative pillow I all ready have on the bed and maaaybe the black and white one's too! Am I thinking good??

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our little baby's growing up!

Today is the baby boys first birthday!! Thaaats right! Our baby is officially one year old!! LANDO!!
We rescued Lando in March so his birthday came pretty quick but we're so happy! True story... we were tossing up names for Lando for days. His previous name was LENNY but we weren't feeling it. We were gonna name him Desmond [after our favorite LOST character] or Lando [our favorite star wars character]. When we saw him, he just seemed like a Lando. Bam! Lando is his name. lol and he loooooves his name. His tail wags every time we say it! lol

Lando is currently enjoying his birthday by eating a pig ear and later having some ice cream :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terrible Drunk Pictures from our Kick Ass Weekend

This weekend was awesome and fun filled. However, I was drunk 2 out of the 3 days we celebrated so my pictures are shot.

First... an impromptu game of WHERE'S WALDO? in Home Goods
Jose pretty fucked up sitting pretty
Riddle EXHAUSTED from running around and playing

Our table setting at our BBQ in our friends' Backyard

And me and my bestest [my future sister in law] at our house - druuuunk and happy
And thats all I got. Actually I got more but they are way grosser than these. And these are pretty damn gross.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tres Anos...

Happy Anniversary to the Man I looooooove! We have technically been together since like 2006 [but sssshhh he broke up with me for 8 months, that bastard! he doesnt like to count the breakup] but OFFICIALLY its been 3 years. 3 ahhhmaaazing years. I loooove him :)

Ooooh yes FIERCE red hair. It was the shit.

What did he get me?? Oooh he SPOILED me! He brought me to Yankee Candle and said GET WHAT YOU WANT! Whooo!!!! :) Of course they had a sale so I decided to stick with the sale :) But he let me get 4 for $40 instead of 2 for $20.

Baby Powder!! GENIUS!! [I need to do a post on my SERIOUS obsession with candles, but MOSTLY Yankee Candle] Soooo for YEARS I've been buying candles [since I was a freshman in high school] from Yankee Candle and I always always ALWAYS said they should put out a smell that smells like fire burning! Cos you KNOW that shit smells AMAZING!! Like Fire on WOOD lol like in a fireplace, not a burning house. But anyway... we went to the store and I am saying this to Jose for the millionth time than I looked down and HOLY SHIT!! THERES A FIRESIDE CANDLE!! I'd DIE right there!! You don't even know!! THEY LISTENED TO ME!! lol So I bought Fireside!!! And I'm going back for a bigger jar. Than I got Vanilla Pumpkin to make the house smell of fall :)

Than the cashier totally got me [for the millionth time, I'm ALWAYS suckered when I got to Yankee Candle] and convinced me to FINALLY buy a lid for my jars! Uhm... I've been burning candles for like 13 years now and I'm NOW understanding the amazingness that is a lid. AMAZING! My jars dont get ugly black rim anymore!

Here it is on my Granny Smith [apple] Yankee Candle jar at home :) And it works and it smells amazing. Ooh and I also got Midnight Jasmine but that is currently upstairs with Jose as he naps for work tonight [boo! Anniversary dinner postponed]

Oh and I bought him BEATLES ROCKBAND!!! [Finally!! WTF is wrong me?? Im hardcore Beatles Fan and just getting this shit NOW??] You know we finished 4 chapters today :)

Anyway, gonna go make myself some dinner :) Ciao!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Gotta get away from this Stone Cold Floor...

Sorry just singing some Queen! Hollla!!

The other day our darling little dog Lando peed on our living room rug. Remember.. Landos' our pit bull/black lab mix. He's a big boy... with ALOT of pee. So he nearly ruined the rug. It curves up now and STINKS! and ever since, I've been dying for a new rug. To brighten up our dreary looking living room. I dont know... it feels too dark.

Yuuuup totally watching my Entourage DVDs :)

And with all our brown furniture [our couch is brown suede] minus our little accent chair it needs a POP! And I thought the only place I can do it is with a rug and... new coffee table! The one we have now was only $20 bucks from IKEA so not a big loss. But I don't just want a coffee table. I want some new textures and something totally different. Then I saw this gorgeous footstool at IKEA...
Yuuuuum! I measured it and its basically the size of our coffee table, just more square! And I am seriously convinced it would satisfy my design needs. Also went searching [and searching and searching] for a neutral rug with a natural kind of pattern and found this kick ass one at JCPenny for $50 bucks! Not baaadd

And if I got some kind of tray.. whether lacquer or a natural texture I KNOW it will be my finishing touch. These babies from West Elm are out of my price range [$60!? WHAAAT!??] but I'm keeping my eye out for something similair

But is it making sense?? Does anybody out there think this is going to work?? Am I loco??

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A New Sensation

I've been pretty sick of having a "design" on my blog. Im much into the plain look and have been dying to do this little change up to my blog for a while. Today, I cleaned my apartment like you don't even know and was mad motivated so I decided to tackle the blog after and I'm very happy. Like my new banner? Some random pictures I know but I can explain...

The first one is of me on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial last April in Washington DC. It was fucking freezing and I'm rocking my favorite UGGS and my favorite jeans - holes and all. And holla! My mama is behind me [she has MS, hence the wheelchair. She can walk fine, but not when we're walking all over the place. Than she gets the luxury of getting pushed around] but I cut my mama out cos this aint me and my mamas blog. lol

The middle picture is of Jose and me [duh!] on one of my favorite nights out ever. It was just us, going to get sushi at our favorite spot ever and we were a little drunk and decided to take a ton of pictures in the parking lot. This is one of my favorites ever of us.

And the last picture is of me when I was 8 in my FABULOUS pink hat! I love this picture of me so much. My sister is actually sitting next to me [and it's adorable] but right now I only have the cropped version of me.

That's it. Now I'll continue to keep cleaning. Family at our house tonight to celebrate a bunch of birthdays!!