Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Many recaps this week of my awesome Halloween party last night but for now I leave you with my boys in their halloween costumes!

 Lando was a Mummy! Oooohh!!

Lando enjoyed his first Halloween alot and Riddle was very excited to have a REAL costume [compared to a lame cowboy hat last year]. Cant wait to show the rest of my Halloween :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is in 2 weeks... and since I'll be spending most of next week ACTUALLY posting posts [about my halloween party, my boys dressed up in their halloween costumes and me and jose too] I figured I'd get this out of the way. My WISHLIST!! I probably wont get ANY of this but Ima be hinting to my mama [since Jose apparently all ready got me my gift!]

Oh and uhm... ALL the clothes is from Charlotte Russe. Not bad eh? And them fine ass boots, MACYS! This is bargain hunting people and it's pretty damn good!

Now I have to keep cleaning cos HALLOWEEN PARTY TOMORROW!! WHEEEEEE!!!

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Custom Wedding Necklace!

A little while ago I wrote about how I wanted this Stella & Dot necklace to wear for my wedding but it was $140 bucks and I wasn't sure about that!
Well an awesome follower [who just got married!] told me about Alchemy on Etsy and how you can put an item you want up and people to bid to make the product for you, at the price you want it for. So I did it! I found someone, we worked - and this is what I got!

Not too bad. It looks waaay better ON me than it is just sitting alone and is really nice! When she showed me pictures I wasn't too sure [and was REALLY nervous opening it up today] but once I saw it in person than tried it on, I ended up really liking it. So for now... I'm happy :) Now I just have to wait til March to see what it looks like with my dress!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey Mr Dj!

Jose & I are REEAAALLY excited about the new thing we've booked for our wedding. A big check! Entertainment! We want a DJ cos we're not too into bands so I was looking and looking for MONTHS at Djs! Than FINALLY one of my friends from High school got married in August and highly recommended her DJ company. After 1 meeting with them [and 2 hours talking with our DJ] we booked them! They are Elite Sound Entertainment.
 Now for real - go to their website HERE and just listen. Tell me you wouldn't book after listening to their little advertisement. I was sold on the website alone! But when we met with the DJ who contacted us, ended up talking about baseball, Lost, Real Housewives of New Jersey [uhm.. HE WAS ON IT! lol] and music of course - and THAN he gave us an amazing price for everything we wanted, we booked them on the spot! And who is our DJ?? Uhm.. the only and one Mikey B! lol

Mikey B lol soooo jersey! This DJ company caters alot to the guidos and guidettes getting married in Jersey but we are not like that at ALL. We want nooo techno or "dance" music being played. We are all about old school 90s hip hop, and 80s rock n roll lol and top 40 but please no guido shit. But they're the shit cos we tell them the EXACT genres we want. So absolutely NO guido music is being played at this wedding! [And our DJ was happy since he's mad into hip hop with us!]
But that's not what we are souped about. We are SOUPED about our lighting we are getting. Oh and plasma TVs! lol Need an example?? Just look below... and instead of clue, that shit's gonna be RED!
AHHHH!!! I'm soooo excited! lol We went home right after booking them and pulled out our guest list to make sure we inviting enough people who were up for partying, maybe freestyling lol but just having fun. Anyone wanna be invited?? lol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's the best day of the year, girl!

 It's October 13th which means one thing to me - my birthday is exactly in a MONTH! HOLLLA!! Ima big the 2-5. Yiiikes. Twenty five, FUCK I'm old!! [seriously, you DONT KNOW what tv show that line is from??] I'm gonna be 25. 25 is gonna be a big year for me -I mean it's the year I'll be married! Daaamn! Cuuhhraazy!

 But for my birthday I'm celebrating big this year [which is a relief considering every birthday for the past 5 years has SUCKED hardcore] Nope, this year Ima be in Atlantic City!! Ya know... the weak "Vegas" on the east coast. It's got the glitz and glam of Vegas just IN the casinos. Outside, AC is TRAAASSH! Just stay INSIDE and you'll have a fabulous time!!

My birthday is on a Saturday this year so we gonna do it up right! Aaaand ya know since Im a girl and all - I'm all ready hunting down my birthday outfit! Here's the thing - in November its FREEZING in Jersey and I'm cold ALL year long [seriously, I put the heat on in the summer. I kid you not!!] so I'm looking at dresses of course but long sleeved dresses. If not long sleeved, something that I can rock some black tights with!! And here are my nominees!

The first one is from Lulus, the rest are from Forever 21... yeah my taste is not too flashy obviously lol but I love em! Though Jose says no to the first dress because "it looks like you're wearing a dress backwards". Geez what is with my man giving his opinion on my fashion ALL the time??

But I need some opinions from y'all out there in bloggity blog world. Which would you rock?? Oh and I'm a curvy girl! Not plus size or heavy but I got some serious hip action lol so the first dress which hug my shit lol but it would be slamming!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Love you like that!!

You know the part in the reception where they announce the bridal party than announce the bride and groom into the room... and they come in, with their hands in the air, sometimes fist pumping...

Well there is no fist pumping in our wedding [we ain't reppin Jersey with that shit]. Instead, we repping the gangsta side of Jersey! And you know, cos we all gangsta... we wanna come out to THIS song at our wedding!

Yes :) and then first dance into our uber-slow-romantic first dance song lol which I'll blast up on here soon :) But I dont know... are we too 1994 with this jam?? Is it just us?? lol

Monday, October 11, 2010

Anyone feel like spoiling their pets?

Don't ask me how I found this website cos I have no idea! But I looove the products on it! These creatures is located right in Brooklyn, New York and make amazing products! But their highlight? HANGING dog feeders! And not just any - but PERSONALIZED! For example...
check out the Pittie :)

 Then check out the Boston Terrier one and see the resemblence of the dog on the wall and my dog :)
 PLUS they have hanging feeders for Cats too! And this one on the wall looks like Hitchcock!
 Dude they are awesome... and about $200 each! Booo :( Out of my price range. But if we could, we totally would. Yes Jose fell in love with them too! But it don't stop there! I loooove this hanging shelf/charging station.
 And do you see the hanging ornament on the shelf? It's actually a French Bulldog but they always look like Boston Terriers and I'd love this ornament for my tree!

I long for these products like you don't even know. One day man, one day! Hope you enjoy the eye candy like i do :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heeeeey Bulldog!

We're in trouble...
we want another dog! Yiiiiikes! Yes we all ready have two - and a cat - and we are dying for another one. And not just any other one. A bulldog! But not just any bulldog... A Black and White Bulldog...
 Cute no?? The tricky thing is black and white bulldogs are rare... very rare. And this dog would need to be custom made! But why black and white?? Uhm cos he needs to match the rest of our black and white animals!
Yes the cat is the one that started the trend. He is our first black and white animal. And would you believe people for some reason dont like black and white animals?? Shelters have told us this sooo many times! So we wanna scoop all their asses up!

Truth be told when Jose and I first talked about getting a dog over a year ago, the first dog that came to our minds was a Bulldog. That is honestly Jose's favorite dog. But when the black and white concept came up, we than discovered Boston Terriers and of course Riddle entered the picture! But now that we have our dogs and know dogs, we are dying to add a baby bulldog to the family! [Jose says bulldogs walk all slow and stumpy - just like him! And they'd be soooo cute walking together down the street. ::sigh:: sometimes my man says such cute things]

So just throwing it out there! When ya see a black and white bulldog think of me!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its Looking a little Spooky up in this bitch...

Fall is here in Jersey! And when fall lands in October, I whip out them Halloween decorations! Christmas is my holiday but Halloween is my shit! It's fun and I love it - especially since we are having a Halloween party this year. You know I gotta do it up. So Saturday I went out and I went crazy on my house. But it's rocking it.

 Yeah i have a thing for skulls... and Nightmare Before Christmas [ooh and snowglobes :) ]

 And since most of the party always happens in the dining room I am moving the table to the side of the wall to make the room bigger, put all the food on it and up on the ceiling give it a nice little spooky effect. This picture don't do it justice.
I am going to put red lights up on the ceiling fan to make it creepy and dark. YaaaY! I love it! :) Fucking LOVE Halloween!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday! Saturday!

FINALLY! A post about my weekend. Work has been kicking my ass so I feel like I barely have time [that and I've been kicking my own ass with my new gym membership! Holla!] Saturday we headed to Asbury Park ((ya know... where Bruce Springsteen is from??)) and checked out our friends band - Verity in Stereo. They are actually pretty good. And the lead singer [our friend] used to be the lead singer for Jose's old band so we gotta support!!

Here we are:
 Our friend, Kiirstin, nervous before the show!
 Me and my girl Esther and Jose totally runing the picture
 Kiirstin - rocking out
Choice drink of the night -- Red Stripe!!
 Esther and I ... our faces glistening because it was so DAMN HOT in there!!
 And Jose and I and JOSE'S BROTHER!! He hates taking pictures [HATES] so this is an accomplishment!
Yeah... Jose and his brother like to rock the scruffy beard. Gross. I hate that shit. Shave the scruffy beards damn it.

Oh... and you aint see trash til you've gone to Asbury Park, New Jersey

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mean Mr Mustard

The other day I signed up to ShoeDazzle. Pretty impressed. You take a survey, they see your style, they pick shoes [and bags and jewelery] they think you like and for 35.00 you get what you want! And it's not mandatory to pay each month. Awesome. Plus... when you sign up you get your first pair for only $20 bucks. So me? I'm like... FUCK IT! And bought me some shoes

And giiiiirl! Them shoes is fierce!

Yuuuum... i love the mustard color of these shoes. Totally gonna be rocking these shoes on some sushi dinners with my girls [cos I can not be rocking 4" heels around my man - I'll tower over his ass]

Did I mention... 20 bucks??