Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas on Our Mantel!

Christmas is up and running in our "house" so today I'm talking about our Mantel! When we moved in 2 years ago and I saw this mantel, I can't explain how excited I was that I'd have a mantel for Christmas! And all 5 [yes the pets get stockings too!] of our stockings are hanging by it.
 [just ignore Jose's sock puppet in that top picture on top of our garland lol]
 Back when it was just Jose, me and Hitchcock [the cat] we had beautiful silver deer stocking holders we bought from target. There was a baby deer too with the collection that was Hitch's but once we got the dogs, we decided not to let Hitch be the only one with a special stocking holder so I put it away and it waits til one day [far far away day] when we have our own kid. But ANYWAY... here is mine and in the next picture is Jose's deer.

 The deer stocking holders are from Target a couple years ago and so are the candle holders. I got it all for clearance! And the small silver ornaments are from Target too! The red ornaments and our stockings are simply from CVS [and it's true! These ornaments are shatterproof! I cant tell you how many times I dropped them arranging them on the mantel and everytime they fell, the bounced!]

And there's our lovely little silver and red mantel! :) And I'm linked up at Layla's Holiday Home Party so if you're feeling inspired, go check out hers and the other links!

The Lettered Cottage

Monday, November 29, 2010

We need a little Christmas!

Thanksgiving is over, I am soooo stuffed from this entire weekend of nothing but food, food, food! All the Christmas decorations are up,I thiiink I have our Christmas card picture, we are practically done with our shopping and I'm just about ready to talk about all of it! First things first, Thanksgiving!

We spend it with my family at my sisters house and every year after Thanksgiving Dinner we do Christmas crafts together. Every year for 6 years now. It's a tradition! So this year my sister found the idea on-line of Sock Snowman! lol It was weird... and I wasnt all too into it but here it is anyway! Here's AAALLL our snowmen lined up!
Me working hard at my snowman :)
 The table fulls of supplies and stuffing!
 Oh! Jose is the ONLY guy out of all the 5 guys at Thanksgiving that gets into the Christmas crafts! He loves it lol cos he shows us all up!
 My sister-in-law Laura with her snowman that kinda looked like a dildo... just sayin!
 My mama and hers!
 My 2 nieces hard at work on theirs lol
 And Jose's finished product! He made a snowman of himself lol
 And my happy little snowman. lol like I said I wasn't too into it so I didn't do much to mine!

And there is the Christmas crafts for 2010! Soooo cheesy I know! lol but it's tradition! What ya gonna do??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm sooooo thankful for...

I just want to take this time to think about the things I am REALLY thankful for this year. Like my dogs :) who we brought to the vet today and are both perfectly healthy and in the best shape of their lives! And who I literally can not live without

 Or my brandy new camera. Seriously. You really have no idea how much I love this thing do you? Here is my like 16 hours after me owning it :)
 And my little man Hitchcock, who is suddenly a BLAST to take pictures of with my camera! Now I can catch this quick little bastard and every move he makes! And if it wasn't for Hitch, I don't know how I'd wake up for work without him being my second alarm clock!
 For my man. Making every single day easier and easier to live. He is the shit. I love him
 And to all of my family whom I love... but especially my mother, my best friend. Who, without her, we would seriously not be getting married. I love this woman and respect her more than I think she knows!
lol! This picture is from July 2005 when my sister, my mom and I took a vacation to San Francisco. And we go to Pier 39 to see all the sea lions and than we find out they migrate south in the summer and we only saw 2 fucking sea lions!!! We were pissed at them so here's my mom giving the sea lions the finger!
[and my mama's in the scooter because she has MS in her one leg but she's the shit! obviously that dont stop her from traveling!]

Hope everyone has a fabulous and full Happy Thanksgiving!!! :) I'm thankful for my blog friends too!! I love you guys!! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My amaaaaazing birthday gift

Jose year after year tries to top himself with an amazing gift for me for my birthday and christmas [valentines day and our "anniversary" aren't too serious] and this year just for my birthday he all ready amazed me. Meet the new member of our family :)

 Thats right baby. I am now a PRO digital camera lady :) And this thing has not left my side since 2 weeks ago. Seriously... when we went down to Atlantic City I brought it with me and made it sit in the hotel room so I wouldn't ruin it at the club! It's my own little pride and joy ... Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D 10 MB! Yesssss!! :) AND thats not it! But my mom hooked up me too!
 She gave me a nice, big memory card, a cleaning kit, a ginormous camera bag AND a tripod [which will really come in handy when we're on our honeymoon and vacations!] AND to test it out, I used Riddle for an experiment. My first picture is with my powershot point and shoot [which is a canon too! which I LOVE still!]

Obviously I've only had this camera for a week and a half so I'm still getting used to it! But I am SOOOOO excited! :) Every day I'm fooling around with something else [like I JUST fixed the white balance for when I take pictures indoors! They seemed a little yellowy! Yaaay!] But this is MY baby that I will take care of til the day I die! Every night I clean it [seriously] and every night I take its battery out and put it in it's little bag to sleep :) WHOO! I dont think he can top himself!

But the REAL question is... how do I top this gift for Christmas???

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Up In the Club!

After dinner in Atlantic City, we went to DUSK at Cesar's Palace. This place is small, a little expensive [though I dont know how expensive cos I didn't pay for shit] weirdly shaped.... but it was off the hook! We had the best time there. The music was the shit and we were dancing non stop. Yes even my man!

It's Jose with a drink in his hand! lol Jose's a beer guy so when he drinks drinks, you KNOW its on! I have more pictures but you know what they say... What happens in Vegas, Now happens in Atlantic City!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saturday Night's All Right

Well my birthday has come and gone! I am now 25, it was my last birthday as a "single girl" if you will! And it was the shit! I got amazing gifts [more on that later] and had a fabulous time in Atlantic City. But now I'm sick as hell :( blaaaah! I feel horrrible! But Ima get over it and talk about my birthday dinner!

We went to The Continental at the Pier Shops at Cesar's Palace and it was dope. It was a tapas menu.. though they brought plates out 2 at a time [we did NOT like that] because it really was not all that much food to share between 6 people but the vibe there was dope!
We went down [jose and me] with his brother and wife and our "couple" friends, Nestor and Wendy. All 4 of them are in our bridal party too!
 not sure why Jose and I look so freakin bloated here... this is before food!

It was pretty yummy... but I did not take picutres of the food or anything else cos I was too busy getting my drink on! I'd definately go back though! Loved it! :) And boo to having no birthday cake! :(

Friday, November 12, 2010

Twenty Five... F*CK I'M OLD!

[title quote from one of my favorite sex and the city episodes ever. kudos if you know!]
Well it's that time again ladies! Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!! Holla!!! I shall be Twenty Five! And we are spending my birthday weeked in Atlantic City!! Yess! FINALLY the time has come!! I'm very excited and very nervous because my sister is watching my dogs and my house... aaayy im having anxiety just thinking about that! But I HOPE she will respect my house and respect my dogs and watch them both!!

I just want to look back at my "twenties" birthdays real quick! I've had some pretty good ones but this birthday is gonna top them all. Why? Well let me show you!

Last year I celebrated my birthday with a simple dinner at Houlihans with my two girlfriends. Fun... but VERY uneventful!
 And the year before that when I turned 23 I went out to dinner, drinks and dancing with my OTHER girlfriend and Esther [who has been a CONSTANT no matter what at all my birthdays! I love my best friend!!]
 When I turned 22 [the day after Jose took me on the sex and the city tour] my girlfriends and I went back to the city at one of the BEST bars in the city! I wasnt too into it but it ended up being my best birthday yet! [AND i was so drunk, I ended up buying a $100 vibrator! lol still have it!]
 And then there was when I turned 21! Well... Jose was on tour with his band [yes he was in a band] and ALL my girlfriends were not of age yet! lol Sooo they suprised me with a suprise party at my house! My mom lured me out the house while they decorated my house into a "sex and the city" theme. lol Is it obvious how OBSESSED I am with Sex and the City?? TWO birthdays with sex and the city involved! It was a cool birthday even though I couldn't celebrate it at a bar! [Oh AND esther was there for my 21st too! With LONG blonde hair! Notice her hair is different EVERY year??]
And Jose was always there for my birthdays! lol My girlfriends just made sure to take me out and have my own celebration with them. But this year my girls and my man are combining it to make it a great one for sure!! I cant WAIT!! Oh and PLEASE pray with me that my dogs dont end up running away from home while I'm gone for two days!! lol

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How I ALMOST was on E!

By now, any of us that watch E! have seen the disgusting commercials for their disgusting new show called BridalPlasty. About Brides competing in challenges to earn plastic-surgery procedures in a quest to win their ultimate dream wedding. Uhm... excuse me?? I thought the point was to look like ourselves!? Well... I was ALMOST on this show! lol

Back in March Jose & I went to a Bridal Show to check out vendors and we went with our other "engaged" couple friends - Liz & Dave. We went, we walked around, we tasted yummy red velvet cake and watched some DJ companies put on a show. And while we sat there watching the DJs a woman came up to me and Liz and said "Hey! You girls wanna enter your names in a chance to be on E!?" We looked at eachother than were like "Oooook?" lol She handed us forms and we started filling them out... and the questions were STRANGE. If you could have your dream wedding, where would it be? How much would you ideally spend? If you could get any cosmetic procedures done, what would they be? I started laughing reading all these questions. What the HELL is this?? lol

But she wouldn't get off our asses so we filled it out, they took our pictures and we sat down to watch the DJs again. Than a week later, they contact us! They want us to come in to New York City for an audition that week. An Audition?? To be on a reality show?? The whole thing was sketchy to me. But Liz INSISTED we go cos "it'll be fun!!" Sooo we went! lol and it was WEIRD! We had to sit in front of 4 people and they explained to us what the show was - you live in a house with other brides, competing in challenges week by week and EVERY WEEK you win adds another cosmetic procedure to your list! Whatt!!??? lol

Half way through [when they started asking me about ME and what i want] I started giving them fake answers I knew they wouldn't like. I was like uhm.. i'd do my calves over lol. They were like "Thats it??" And i was like "Yup. I hate my calves!" lol It was hard not to laugh! I just could NOT let myself do that - even if I would be on E! How can these girls go on that show?? They KNOW they will be looked at like WHAT THE FUCK GIRLS!??

Ay! All I know is this is one E! show I DEFINATELY will not be watching!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding bells will ring!

Wow it's been a minute since I've wrote here. Not really but it feels like! Work has been driving me NUTS I cant WAIT for this week to be over with! But we've also been real busy with our wedding plans! A couple weeks ago we bought some "goodies" for the wedding. They aren't really our favors, just little things we'll have there. Such as these napkins with our names on it...
 And since our wedding is indoors and after they name us "bride & groom" - no one can throw rice at us or rose petals [uhm im not making the people at our venue clean it up] and once I read bubbles STAIN wedding dresses, i was like HELL NO! So we thought and thought and settled on going with... Wedding Bells! So we went and bought 100! 100 and we don't even know how many people are coming to the wedding lol
 They are cute too. Little white bells [which ties in with our black & white theme again] and it also has a little note on it to explain to people what the bells are for.
It's for people to use not only after the ceremony but throughout the rest of the evening. My question is.. do you think people will use them?? Is this a total waste of money? Fuck... I hope not!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Before I passed out...

So FINALLY I can finish up my Halloween posts and move on into November! lol But here is my last one :) Our party started around 9:30pm and I only ate ONE THING the entire day. 2 slices of Pizza. It was not enough for me. And therefor, by midnight I was SHITFACED out of my mind and passed out.
Jose had to babysit my ass throwing up in the bathroom for I dont know how long before he finally put me upstairs to bed - than went downstairs to see his brother was shitfaced too lol [and for some reason me & joses brother ALWAYS end up getting SHITFACED together. this time, we were straight up taking shots of tequila together in the kitchen
 Buuuut I was able to squeeze in some pictures before the tequila took me over! So here are some. Oh and I was a "candy corn" witch & Jose - I dont even know what he is. lol I think his official title was a "True Blood vampire who got turned in the 70s" hence the fro!
 Me & my girls yo! Esther was a Nazi, Alex was Jessica Rabbit, ME and Princessa was Kitty Minaj! lol And yes her name is Princessa
 Me and the other Alex [my sisters gay best friend. he is off the HOOK!]
 Jose & Nestor [a groomsman in our wedding!]
Me & my younger sister! I love my sister when I was almost passed out in the bathroom I couldn't see anything but I heard my sister come in and say "I wanna check on my sister. Is she ok?" Awww I Love her! lol she dont judge cos I had to babysit her ass before!
 And Jose with my [gay] sister and her 2 [gay] friends. lol Gotta love em!
And... if you want a recap of the rest of the night, go ask all these people! lol but not me! For real, how embarressing is it for Jose & Nestor to CARRY ME up to bed?? Ayy I was bad you dont even know. My birthday is in a week on Saturday and I'm terrified of drinking lol AND i'll be in Atlantic City!! Sooo beat!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Setting My Halloween Scene

We went ALL out for our Halloween Party. People couldn't stop complimenting our house all night and I was so glad people appreciated it! lol Here's a taste of what we did. PS the pictures below glow purple because we had a black light on with a red light on in the living room. Awesome

 Our table kicked ass. lol And the witches head in the middle moved and glowed EVERY SINGLE TIME someone said ANYTHING! She was off in 5 minutes!
  This is beautiful...
 The dining room glowed a nice ORANGE!

   Even our bathroom got in on the action..
 Everything looked perfect. And the party was awesome. Except I passed out at midnight so I don't know much lol but we'll save that for another post!