Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Get it Started!!

Can i just talk REAL quick about how boring last year's New Years Eve was? I got off of work at 7, Jose worked til 10. I went to Stop & Shop and got us to individual Pizzeria Uno deep dish pizzas and warmed it up in time for when he got out of work. We had only been engaged a week so started talking about our "budget" and how we'd pay for things. The ball dropped. We had sex. Went to bed!
It was kinda nice and romantic, just us two... but still! lol
Well this year we are having 4 people over the house [our usual! his brother and sister-in-law and our best friends] and I can't just have them over! I gotta do it up! But my budget is TIGHT! Seriously.. I wanted to spend no more than $20 for when they came. So I really wanted to set the mood with my table. So I had my clean slate...
 I picked a theme of doing a silver and blue new years eve table. So I grabbed every thing silver and blue I had in my house, plus any New Years Eve goodies I had in the basement, any thing I could use to "decorate" and the $10 worth of goodies I bought at the dollar tree and K-mart.
 And here's what I got!

 The blowers are in a hurricane I have filled with lifesavers! You know... for the midnight kiss :) I got 8 blowers for a dollar
 I used the silver and big blue ornaments with blue and silver party hats around my IKEA candle blocks I bought years ago plus a silver charger i got for like $2 at Kmart. Boom!
 And I stole this idea from Martha Stewart but I still like how it came out.
 Oh and I got the champange covered. Jose has this big ass bottle of champagne [which he actually told me this morning im not allowed to open until we find out we're pregnant lol im like dumb ass! i cant drink when im pregnant!] Plus 6 champagne cups I've had laying around the house... seriously...

Yess I am ready for New Years Eve!! And one of my resolutions is to TAKE MY GOD DAMN PICTURES!! Since I felt yesterday's post really LACKED in the things we actually did all year cos I had no pictures!
So you WILL see pictures of New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Back at 2010... and 2011 will be our year!

I wasn't too souped for 2010 but it turned out to be a pretty good year. So here's my look back :)

In January: Riddle had to wear the "cone of shame" & we hung out with my sister at my brother-in-laws show

 If February: we watched the Superbowl at our apartment, added sexy little touches to our living room and had to deal with 2 feet of snow

 In March: I went out with my girlfriends and sister [look! my bridal party!] and we welcomed Lando into our family!

 In April: we booked our wedding venue and photographer and welcomed spring with open arms!

 In May: we went hiking with our dogs, celebrated Riddles FIRST birthday [he wore the OTHER cone of shame], & took a staycation and turned our backyard from blah! to voila!

 June: went back to work [blah!], went bowling with friends & i found my wedding dress!! [only picture i have is a cell phone picture :(]

 July: we celebrated 4th of July & went to the fair!

 August: went on a vacation to the Jersey Shore [its nothing like they make it look! its waaay nicer and better] and took our engagement photos in Central Park [still waiting for those photos!]

September: we celebrated Jose's birthday, our 3rd anniversary together, Jose's brother's birthday, jose's mom's birthday, my grandma's birthday, my best friends birthday... dude september SUCKS! Not only that but we watched miserably as our Mets sucked BADLY! [even the dogs were PISSED!]

 October: we went down to Asbury Park to see our friend's band played and had an amazing halloween party [or so I've heard! I knocked out at 12]

 November: celebrated my birthday in Atlantic City, got an amazing birthday gift from Jose and celebrated Thanksgiving with the annual christmas crafts!

 December: celebrated Christmas with our little family, went to the city to see the tree and dealt with some more bullshit snow!

 Oh and hitchcock had a fabulous year! Packages full of wedding stuff came to the house all year so he was very happy all year long!

We really were homebodies this year... we had to save all our honeymoon for our wedding and the honeymoon [which will be booked next month!!] 2011 will be an amazing year with amazing things all ready lined up in the first 5 months! Like... my bridal shower, our bachelor/ette parties, OUR WEDDING! OUR HONEYMOON! and we are going to see U2 in July!! Plus baseball season is only 4 months away!!! YESS!! This will be our year :) I'm more excited then I've ever been for the new year to begin! And this year I will be sticking to ALL my resolutions [all of them I posted yesterday!]
So excited for 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Wedding To-Do List

With only 4 months to go [122 days to be exact] it's officially Wedding crunch time! Time to get back to me at my most fabulousness. What is me at my most fabulousness?? Right here!
July 2008. Punta Cana. It's a crazy blurry picture but you get the drift...
That is my goal for my wedding. I need to get back to THAT picture. Truth be told I was only like 140 lbs in that picture [not THAT skinny at all] but I was toned! I worked out everyday for a half hour - and get this, I worked out at home! Did nothing but squats, sit ups, lifted my 8lb weights and did just that every single day! I didnt eat all THAT good but 2 months before Punta Cana, Jose and I disciplined ourselves like CRAZY to look good for this vacationa and it paid off!
So it's time to discipline myself for the next 4 months! Because this time it's my wedding! And I need to not only look good - but I really need to FEEL good!
So here's my to-do list:
Start going tanning again [yup! sorry but that tan up there is from a tanning salon! that was the first day on the trip so i was all ready that tan!]
Eating healthy [more fruits, veggies, whole grains... ONE alcoholic drink when I go out]
Working out every day for a half hour
Lose 15 lbs before April
and thats not all!
Regularly use leave-in conditioner
Use morroccan oil [i'm positive this is the answer to my hair prayers]
Scrub my face 3 times a week [I'm quite prone to breakouts]

I'm excited... and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some things I want to do to make myself more "fabulous" for my wedding - and seriously, I hope to keep this all going AFTER the wedding. Cos AFTER the wedding is summer and I do NOT wanna feel disgusting in the summer.

My first thing I'm doing to give me an extra push is buy the Reebok Tone sneakers [for walking] Since I work in Retail and am on my feet 8 hours a day and saw nothing but good reviews for these shoes, i figure why not give it a try! Ill let you know how it goes when i get em!

All right this is it!! Starting January 1st - WISH ME LUCK!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The weather outside is frightful! Seriously!

Christmas has come and gone and it was ahhmaazing! But the past 2 days has SUCKED! Why?? Because Winter started nice and early here! Not only has it been freezing cold but we had a blizzard yesterday. And it was some serious shit. Yesterday we were snowed in ALL day [which is fine cos we got to enjoy some of our Christmas presents like our new Playstation Move and Glee season 1!] But it's when it's over that it sucks and we have to go outside and shovel for 3 hours [seriously... 3 hours of my life WASTED by shoveling!] I took a couple pictures for you to get the drift of what we're dealing with here in the North East.

This was yesterday when it started..

 Luckily I got some dope ass snow boats from Jose for Christmas [didnt even ask for them] but I fucking LOVE them! Every inch of me is freezing cold today EXCEPT my feet :D
 This is the aftermath..
 Oh that thing poking it's head out in the middle of our lawn is the TOP of our lawn geese's head! It has 2 babies behind it but they are under all that snow!
It is around 2 feet of snow and it sucks so bad. Jose was supposed to work at 10 today and could not go in until 2! It's crazy.. luckily its supposed to get REAL warm around New Years Eve so hopefully all this snow will melt away :D
More Christmas recaps coming during the week! Hows the weather in your neck of the woods??