Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Sooooo tired...

Bleh..I have been home the last 3 days sick with the flu. Shit is not good over here.. I feel terrible! So naturally I'm making this quick... so glad January is OVER at midnight. Snow every week was weak! February is an awesome month cos it's so short and goes by fast - bringing Spring that much closer.
But there's one good thing about today. It's my older half sister Ann Marie's Birthday!! True... Ann & I are YEARS apart. like seriously, 20 years apart. But we are very close and really alike too [which is crazy considering the only thing that makes us related is having the same dad alone] So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN MARIE!!
See? We don't even look alike... you would never think I was related to her would you? But I is! And i love her! :) I hopefully will be seeing her for dinner Wednesday night - if I'm feeling better.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yellows, Blues & Greens... Oh My!

Jose & I plan on buying a house in the next year or two - after the wedding is over and we can concentrate on our finances. And this entire time, I'm really trying to figure out what my "home style" is. I've always really been into bright colors and pops of color but have never liked it more than this house I saw on Apartment Therapy the other day.

 Everything about is appealing to me. The bright living room, the bright amazingingly organized kitchen [check out that awesome floor!!], the pops of blue and green against the bright yellow, the black and white against the greens... fucking love it ALL!

However... I know this is a style Jose would never be open to. So I will live in my bright colored dream house vicariously through this Apartment.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My wedding hair trial - awesome!!

What up!! It's Monday and it is 10 degrees in Jersey!! FREEZING!! I'm posting this REAL QUICK while Jose is in the bathroom to show you how my hair trial went for the wedding and seriously - it couldn't have gone better. I am SOUPED and absolutely loved my hair!! This is the picture I showed my girl that I wanted just not to look as "undone"

And this is what we got! [with my birdcage veil and my flower hair piece I freakin love]
 I'll keep the flower in my hair for the reception and just the flower alone is gorgeous
 And the back!
I was nothing but smiles!! My girls did their trials too and I'll probably show you theirs later but I really am souped about mine. And for some reason it really felt real like the wedding was coming yesterday... when I saw the hair done, the veil on... I was like "whoa!" And it's happening in 96 days [says my countdown on the knot]

Friday, January 21, 2011

Can I get a HOO HOO!

Yess!! It's FRIDAY!!! I only work 6 hours today!! And I have the entire weekend off! AND so does Jose!! However - we are BROKE so we won't be doing much! :( God we suck! lol I'm still souped to be able to chill with him all weekend [except Sunday when my girls are coming over and my main girl is coming to do my hair up for a wedding trial. sweet!]

Lately I've been crazy into owls. I don't know why. I find myself wanting to buy anything with an owl on it. ANYTHING. So I put together some of my favorites - not just for you but for me to remember so I dont lose track!
Tell me how I went to buy that little Owl Bank from Urban Outfitters in white and they cancelled my order. Boo! I knew I shoulda stuck with the turquoise.. way cuter! Meanwhile, guess what!? MORE SNOW TODAY!! It wasn't as bad so I don't really mind it but still! I'm counting down the days til spring! [And 98 days til I'm hitched! We in double digits now bitch!!]
Have a good weekend ladies!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Probably my only Wedding DIY!

Sorry! I've got ANOTHER wedding post. This isn't a "wedding" blog - even though I'm a brown-eyed-bride-to-be. In fact... what the hell does my blog be called once I'm actually married?? I gotta figure that one out. Well anyway, we are having a photobooth like I mentioned a WHILE ago. And I want props. I ALMOST bought this kit from this Etsy store
 Good thing I didn't cos when I went to Michaels yesterday and walked past foam - it hit me. Foam + scissors + extremely artistic fiance = DIY Photobooth props! And when I explained the plan to Jose - he grabbed the scissors from my hand and promptly sat himself at the dining room table to get started. This geek, I swear!
 As of now - we've got 8 props on a stick! And we ain't done! He designed while I hot glued it together :D Soo what did he make?? Um a mustache
 [and a harry potter lightning bolt for himself.] We got a white mustache and beard, lips, a ninja head scarf and my favorite... BATMAN!

C'mon! DUDE!! The batman is dope!! I told him he should make Wolverine's claws and he was souped for that idea lol we are kinda nerdy :) But I KNOW with our friends - this is a genious idea. And one I only paid $6 bucks for! BooM!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ohhh Mexico!

Yesterday Jose and I were out for about 7 hours doing a ton of wedding stuff. But the one thing I am soooo excited about is we booked our HONEYMOON!! Holla!! And we are going to The Royal in Riviera Maya, Mexico!! We both never went to Mexico [well I did actually when you didn't need a passport but it was the ghetto Mexico!! Nothing like this] I'm souped!! Cos yeah it's our honeymoon... but it's finally Jose and I taking a vacation ALONE together. I can NOT wait to just be with him for 7 nights. No dogs, no cat, no shoes, no shirts, no problems...

I can't wait to go and come back with niiiice pictures of my own of Mexico lol . And there's good news and bad news. Bad news is we won't be home for Riddle's 2nd birthday :( good news is his birthday is on Cinco de Mayo and we gonna be in Mexico for that shit!! That shoouuld be pretty dope. Aight I'm off to start looking at honeymoon clothes!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Don't eat the yellow snow!

What do you know? We woke up to snow again! About a foot of it. Sucks man. I'm sorry but when you have to deal with this shit EVERY WEEK, it sucks! I hate it! But today was actually fun? Why?? Cos we really let the dogs have fun this morning. This cold, gray morning.

Riddle loves to play with the snow, literally. He's all about the snow. Eating it, rolling around in it, catching it. He loves it.

 Lando doesn't care for the snow particularly but he loves that its ten times easier to run in the snow then it is on grass.
 So thats all he did! RUN!! [the pitbull face of this pitbull/lab mix really comes out when he runs]
 Notice Jose's pajama pants in the background?? lol
 Lando's kind of crazy in the yard and since it's not fenced in we had to keep him leashed. But he still had fun. Oooh get a quick glimpse of my snow boots in action below!
Now I'm dreading taking them out in the freezing cold one last time to do their business before dinner. I can barely type, it's so cold in my house!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes

I've realized the past couple months I've been buying [and receiving] shoes like crazy. My snow boots from Jose, my gray heels from my bestbest, I bought me my Reebok Reetones [uhmm... they work!] and that's nothing! Here's a couple of my favorites I've added
from left: shoedazzle, shoedazzle and target
Shoedazzle's been treating me pretty good, I must say. So far I'm not dissapointed. And when they come to my house, I'm STILL not dissapointed. The far left cheetah flats are SO incredibly comfortable I KNOW I'll be wearing those out when it turns warm. And I all ready wore my target cheetah flats. The heels in the middle I cant WAIT to rock at my bachelorette party [or the next time I go out with just my girls since I cant wear heels with Jose]
It sucks man! I wish Jose was a liiiiittle taller so I could AT LEAST wear heels all the time! I only save em for special occasions. Suuucks! But I always love me some new shoes :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Monos!

Yes ANOTHER wedding post. Geez Ima try to stop this shit I SWEAR but this I was excited about. My mom texted me last night to read my email so I checked it this morning and found she made us some monograms with our names. I was like Oooooh! The first one is the one we will probably use on the programs/menus/ whatever else... but the LAST ONE is the one I was fighting for!!

Is the DISNEY MONOGRAM not AMAZING!!?? I was like AHHH!! I showed Jose and he was like "Cute! But we aren't having a DISNEY wedding!" [which by the way you have no idea how long I was PUSHING to get married at Disneyworld!! or even HONEYMOON! But nooooo!]

So yay! Free monograms... hopefully the wedding talk will stop here for a couple days!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My birdcages! Mah mah, MAH BIRDCAGES!

The other day I came home to this big ass kinda crushed but whatever box. I was souped.
 Why this box contained my 2 birdcages I ordered for the wedding!
 What the hell am I using birdcages for at my wedding?? Um... card holder!
picture from wedding bee

Yuuup! SOUPED! I've been crazy busy with work and a LOT of wedding stuff! But Ima try not to ONLY post about my wedding.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'll take you to the candy shoppe!

I've been trying to get Jose into the idea of having a candy bar for our wedding. He's actually saying we "might" be able to do it which sounds awesome. And then last night I was explaining it to my mom and showing her these images... and she was sold! "We gotta do it! It's great! It's cute!" Holla!!

all images from wedddingbee

The awesome thing about us having a candy bar at the wedding is our colors would be black, white and red and since ALOT of Valentines candy is red and white - we can buy alot of it at 75% off at the end of February from our jobs at CVS! Right there is a bargain! lol C'mon!! We should do this shit right??

Monday, January 3, 2011

This will be our year!

Holla! We are 3 days into 2011 all ready.. sick huh?? My New Years Eve was aight! Home, didn't get too drunk which is very nice and got to enjoy it with everyone I love :)

 Jose showing off his horrible shirt my sister gave him. No offense to UFC - this just ain't Jose! He ain't hardcore!

 Fear Jose's brother's beard. That shit is some bush

 We also did our late exchange of Christmas gifts
 Nestor doesnt play any other video games but Call of Duty so this was appropriate
 I don't know if you noticed but Jose collects mets hats!
And I gave Wendy a necklace she's been hunting down for MONTHS and a Forever21gift card! What was my gift?? The shoes I've been lusting over - my girl Wendy went into my account and bought them for me :D

Today I'm leaving to stay in Albany in New York state for the night with my mom. She's going to a doctor up there and doesn't wanna be alone so I said F IT! I Got you mama!