Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crunch Time

Guess how many days are left until we get married?
Actually it's 29... but close enough. Now it is officially crunch time. I've lost 10 lbs! I'd like to AT LEAST lose 5 lbs from now until the wedding... but that's not something I'm worried about. I'm worried about our little details. Saturday is a huge day for us to try to knock off a bunch of shit off our list like

- pick up our wedding bands
- put together menus
- put together table numbers
- put together signs for photobooth, candy buffet and bathroom baskets
- put together favors
- continue planning out seating chart
- possibly start putting together programs
- figure out final playlist for DJ
- print rehearsal dinner invites & send them

And that's all just on Saturday. It's alot.. and now I'm actually feeling a tiny bit stressed out. I've been wondering when all this wedding shit would finally catch up with me lol.

Yesterday Jose & I picked out a reading for the wedding that is so perfect. And so us. And now it's time for me to set up the ceremony lay out, type it out and give it to our minister [since this is one of my bosses doing our wedding and his first wedding we literally can do and say whatever we want. ah-mazing.]

And my final dress fitting is April 15. And I have no idea when it is... but my bachelorette party is coming soon! Gotta get some hot outfits :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nothing is more important than family & friends...

I have the greatest family and friends.
wendy [my bridesmaid and close friend], nicole [my sister and maid of honor], me & esther [my bridesmaid and sister-in-law]

My bridal shower for the most part was really awkward for me. I am NOT used to all eyes being on me at all... and its a big taste of the wedding day. But it was amazing. And it felt special and I knew this was a day I'd cherish forever.

Jose's mom, me & my mom

Everyone went above and beyond, making the day happen. The people that were there were the most important people in my life and I love every single one of them. I felt so happy all day to be able to have such awesome ladies in my life.

[esther, princessa [who's doing my hair for the wedding] alex & me - my best girl friends]

I just feel really lucky since Sunday. Sorry for being sooo mushy :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sex & the City Shower!

My amazing bridal shower was yesterday and I could not have asked for anything better. It was Sex & the City themed! and while it wasn't what i always pictured for myself - it did blow me away. Sex and the City is by far, ME! lol I'm obsessed and still am with the show [and was actually watching it before Jose & I left to go to the shower lol] The amount of detail that they put into this little space at a restaurant was AMAZING! I'm just going to show you alot of pictures of the details from yesterday :)

These were the centerpieces [about 3 of them on each long table] with the invitation on the top

They had a signature drink [and bought all those martini glasses!] being served at the party

It was the CHRISTINI [since my full name is Christina] and it was delicious!! lol 

The napkin holders and favor bags! The favors were tons of different bracelets for everyone to wear!

The gift table with the skyline in the background!! lol [and there were waaaay more gifts then what you see here lol its insane]

The table were the ladies wrote well wishes for us and put it in the box for me to keep :) I love the frame of me in it! lol

The mad-lib vows everyone filled out for fun, and my mom read! :)

There were even Sex and the City chocolates!! lol this is just one of the pictures on em!

And then there was my AMAZING 5-tiered Sex & the City cake baked by my brother-in-law! It was AWESOME! All vanilla, with the skyline on it and it read TINA MARRIES HER MR BIG! [it's funny... Jose & I always thought our relationship back in the day was alot like Carrie's and Big so I kinda am marrying my Mr Big!]
notice the other skyline behind the cake and the Christini in action!

And then me & my Mr. Big!

None of these pictures do it justice. I mean, the room was PINK! from all the tableclothes everywhere [which I got to keep too!] There were candles burning [from IKEA!] And the food at the restaurant was great. They didn't miss a beat and I couldn't have asked for more. Later, I'll show off some of my gifts and guests but for now ... I'm one lucky bride :D

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bring on my Bridal Shower!

Okay.. so I love my bridal shower outfit. Nothing crazy but juuust right
don't mind my no makeup face!

Not sure why my toes looking like they are hanging off my shoes... they totally dont lol

And I can't help but smile all the time lol
and in case anyone cares...
shirt & tank: the gap
jeans: lauren conrad at kohls
shoes: cynthia vincent for target

Of course I still need to add some accessories but voila! Now that's how you do comfort in 40 degree weather at a bridal shower :D

Wedding [chaos] Central

Here is our lovely little office room. Look closely at my bookshelves.. what do you see? [besides an entire shelf of all of Jose's Mets memorabilia.]
At the tippy tippy top is allll our wedding stuff
That's a lie actually. There's more on top of our computer desk!
I've been trying to keep it as organized as I can for this entire year and a half we've been engaged... but now I'm feeling out of control. I didn't take a picture but our bathroom baskets are on the floor. And I'm pretty sure that's not all that will end up on the floor. But there has been progress! Like we all had our fittings last Saturday and I took home my one bridesmaids' dress with me :) so pretty
And Jose's Aunt in Puerto Rico who I never met was nice enough to make me a garter [with my something blue in it] and a hankerchief... not sure what I use the hankerchief for but thanks titi! [it is sooo hispanic looking! but i like it :) ]
Aaaaand... thats about it! Oh and our honeymoon is paid in full :) So just so I don't lose my mind I wrote myself a list of everything we have to do [and this isn't really everything... but ima add more to the list as our day gets closer] It's hanging in our dining room so I see it every day. Sick I know.
How long til my wedding? 35 DAYS!!!
I've been talking about this wedding for soooo long ... can't believe it's THAT close. Ooh and the bridal shower is on Sunday! I might just make one more post to show you my outfit I have picked out :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My favorite photo subject

My dog, Riddle.
He is the best to take pictures of. Because he sits there when mama whips out the camera.. and he poses..
And even when he doesn't pose, he's still my favorite thing to take pictures of.
The real reason he's the best is cos he sits there and works the camera. As compared to Lando who when I bring out the camera, he literally runs from it. I'm serious.. I think Lando's afraid of the DSLR. Pussy. But riddle, he's my man.
And hitchcock, our cat, is impossible because... well cats just don't sit still! But I manage to get some pretty good pictures of him from time to time.
I love Hitch's ear balding. And how his green eyes look crazy yellow in this picture. And how when my camera bag arrives in it's big box - that box is now his new home.

Love them all. Except Lando cos he hides from stupid shit like my camera... boo!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Organized Hallway Closet :D

Our hallway closet is pretty important. It holds alot of stuff... besides our winter coats. It holds all Jose's mostly Mets hats!

It holds board games too! And also our luggage in the far back corner to the right. 
But there's one teeny tiny little section that drives me up the fucking wall! And that is directly under the coats... the first thing you see when you open that door.

Blah! It's been like this for months. An old gross hat box I have holding our winter gear, my scrapbook bag holding ALL my scrapbook stuff, my rainboots and some random shit. Well I had enough of being disorganized in this teeny tiny space. So I took an extra shoe caddy we had from my old closet upstairs and moved it downstairs. Put all of Jose's shoes laying around,a brand new basket to hold the winter gear and voila!
Um... organization makes me happy beyond belief! Even this tiny little thing. Oh and remember how I mentioned 2 posts ago that I loaded up on some good shit for $1 at Michaels? Well one of them was chalkboard tags. I thought it was such a good steal, I bought 5 of them with no idea what I'd use it for. I didn't think I'd be using it this soon on the basket :)

Am I crazy for being so happy to be just a tad bit organized?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My lovely, lady tote!

Last Tuesday I did something I almost never do. I seriously splurged on something for myself. With all this saving we've been doing for a year and a half for the wedding - it felt good to REALLY buy something for me! Yesterday, it arrived.

My amazing Jo Tote! Miss Marigold!
And she is hella cute! They offer 9 different colors of this bag - and I was seriously torn. It was either the yellow, or the gray or the red. Well the red was out of stock til April and these babys dissapear QUICK! So I asked Jose. He picked red too...then saw it was out of stock and said YELLOW! ok... PURCHASED!
I can't explain the love I have for this bag all ready. I love Miss Marigold... and our future together is gonna be a good one. It's be so hard bringing my camera around in my purse, getting thrown against everything else. I hated it. So now, no worries. Plus it doesn't ONLY hold my camera. It comes with compartments for you to put in to personalize the inside of the bag perfectly. So it will hold everything I use daily in my regular purse PLUS my camera PLUS my camera goodies. Oh I'm so happy!
Can you tell? lol I love that it has the attachable shoulder strap too. So I can hold it on my shoulder or on my arm.

Marigold, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gimme Dollar, Gimme Dollar!

I love my some Michaels. It's a dangerous store though. I can drop hundreds of dollars in that store. So when I brought Jose's mom there the other day I was nervous. Well I spent some dollars all right... like 20! From the dollar section.
Michaels' dollar section is off the hook. The shit you find there is insane. I've found so much. I might have to do a seperate post about all the other shit I've gotten but for now I'm showing my favorite things I bought the other day.
Like this small morroccan dish... $1!
Perfectly holds my ring in the bathroom when I shower, wash my face, yada yada yada..
And then I bought cute plates and coasters. Each a dollar!

Perfectly matching on my dining room shelves the new pops of color I'm trying to bring into the house for spring and summer. We had alot of warm colors in the winter, time to stock up on greens and blues.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish! [Seriously... I am!]

It's St. Pattys Day!! YaaY! Truth is I think I've celebrated this day twice in all my life... and I'm 1/4 Irish! We never really celebrated it cos I wasn't really Irish lol I've never had corn beef and cabbage or soda bread!
In fact the most "St Pattys" things I've had are guinness's, dirty girl scouts and green bagels
celebrating in 2007

It's sad though, no? I know NOTHING about 1/4 of my heritage!! Hope to change that eventually... let my kids know "hey! your moms irish! you may not be cos my 1/4 Irish in me cant be passed down to you but we gonna celebrate damn it!"
and celebrating in 2009 with my friend

Well... to anyone fellows Irish out there, HAPPY ST. PATTYS!!
Ima be blasting my U2 and Cranberries today :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Wedding Day Bling

Besides my engagement ring and my wedding band [which we should be getting in soon!] I decided I wanted to wear some bling on my other hand. But we all know I'm kinda not the "traditional" bride when it comes to my accessories... I mean, with my sequined black and red shoes, my glittered red nails, I can't just wear any ring. But when I saw this ring, I knew this is the one.
It's a Disney Couture ring that I accidently stumbled upon while on Zappos. And um...hello!? It's perfect. Besides the fact I'm obsessed with all things Disney and I gotta rock something Disney on my wedding day, it actually ties in with our little "theme" just fine. My bouquet is made of all white flowers, including roses, and roses will be seen throughout the wedding. So a white rose on my finger fits the bill.
But I just ordered it!! Im DYING for it to come all ready!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bride I will be

The bride I envisioned myself being when I first got engaged...
Is nothing like the bride I am going to be in 49 days...

Girls are silly. Most of us picture what we want to look like when we get married since the age of 12... I always thought I knew the dress I wanted to wear. Then I put the big princess ball gown on and it just wasn't me. I thought I wanted my hair down. Then I thought about it. And I don't want my hair in my face, or to curl up from dancing or running around all day. I want it up. I thought There is NO WAY I'm wearing a veil. Now I'm not just wearing any veil, it's a birdcage veil.

It's an animation but the bride in the second cartoon IS me. She looks more relaxed, she looks fierce, she looks ready to do this. And just seeing it all come together even in animation makes me think even more I'm making all the right choices for this day. I will look good [FABULOUS!] and Jose will think I look FABULOUS too! [Yup.. this fabulous thing will haunt me til I die lol]

Thursday, March 10, 2011

::drools:: Hello dream house... AGAIN!

Yikes.. okay I have another confession [though it's not as sneaky as yesterdays! lol] I watch the movie It's Complicated every. single. day. It's ridiculous. And I kinda sense I'm getting sick of it but not really. It's not cos I think it's the greatest movie ever though. The movie's okay. It's the HOUSE in the movie. I can't stop staring at everything in the BACKGROUND! lol Isn't that a little sick??
I said before in a post how I'm not quite sure what my "house style" is but this one feels like it's pretty close to what I've got going all ready in our apartment. Rustic pieces, new pieces all put together to work. Lots of warm colors with small hints of cool.

Oh hey, there's Meryl! Yeah I don't know why... I had to share. Go, watch the movie, stare at the house like me... that way, I don't feel so crazy :)