Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yesterday at 7:30 on the dot... WE GOT HITCHED!!

And I unbelievably can say everything about our wedding day was flawless. My vendors were the shit, our bridal party was the absolute GREATEST! the food, drinks, music, everything... amazing. And I am so glad it is over lol it was a year and a half of planning that drove me NUTS towards the end! So we about to leave for MEXICO in the morning!! Dont forget about me while I'm gone :) I've got lots of posts on the way!

Here are some snaps we got all ready! lol

below: us in the bridal suite at the venue right before we said GOOOOO BAYSIDE!!
 me all ready to go!
 and jose all ready to go!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's the Day! [for MY wedding, not THAT one!]

I've been completely absent for my blog and this will continue while I'm on my honeymoon in MEXICO!! WHOO! But just wanted to fill you in on why.. cos I'm getting married today ladies!! 

Thanks for all your well wishes these past couple posts and I'll be back when I can
 to fill ya in on our day :)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

im the bachelorette!

With the wedding 2 DAYS away I've been running around like a MAD MAN! So I'll just leave you with pictures of my bachelorette night out. Alot of my girls couldn't make it out cos it was on the day before Easter but my favorite ladies were there [including my sister who isn't shown] and it was the best. With just dinner and dancing, it was awesome.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gifting my girls!

Last night was my amazing small bachelorette party. It was perfect :) And though it was only spent with my bridal party and a close friend I had an amazing time [but I'll talke more about that later]
I feel soo grateful for having such amazing friends I decided to FINALLY show what I'm gifting them. I kinda went crazy lol and I don't think I'm done. With 4 days until our "rehearsal" dinner when I'll be gifting them, I think I might go pick up some extra goodies just cos they spoiled me good and I want to do the same. For now here's what i got!

 The black cutch in the back is for the girls to use the day of the wedding, and after if they want. I can't get it to sit up too good but my mom a made the clutches for them :) It looks great! The red scarf is from Pier 1. If it gets cold that day, they can use the scarves to go with their black dresses and red flowers!

 I SWEAR by sleeping masks so I got them each a sleeping mask with a different saying on it. Then I got them each a luggage tag with their initial on it [both luggage tags and sleepings masks were from Michaels for a dollar!] The little box is what holds their jewelry.
 I absolutely love their jewelery. My mom found the bracelets for them and they are some sparkly bracelets! The earrings I bought from XSRE. They sparkle perfectly need to the bracelet.
And this is the necklace and earrings I got for my sister [my maid of honor] who is wearing a strapless dress. My other bridesmaids are wearing a one shoulder dress and I didnt think a necklace would go too good with that.

Now can you fucking believe with our wedding 5 days away... Jose STILL has not figured out what to get his groomsmen. And every idea I throw out apparently isn't good enough! The other day we were at the mall for 5 HOURS!! with the intention of buying for them. Did that happen? Nooope! I'm livid with him. Alot of the shit that needs to be done is not done because my fiance is the only procrastinator. lol I dont know WHAT I am going to do!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This sh_t is Bananas...


or for the more fun countdown...


I am realllly excited to marry Jose but I am even MORE excited to go away with him for 7 whole days all alone to Mexico! No dogs! No cat meowing for food! No work! Just us relaxing, tanning, laying down, doing the naughty alot alot lol yess it'll be amazing.
I've still got LOTS of little things to do but I'm so organized I am not even concerned. :)

But besides wedding stuff I want to give you a big teaser I wont be able to actually show you until we get back from our honeymoon lol Riddle [my dog] was in a movie!

lmao! that picture cracks me up! But more on that later! :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Magic's in the Makeup!

Last night I had my makeup trial. I told my man "I want Kim Kardashian. Smokey eye, a nice bronzed look". At first it was ALOT of makeup on my face. Plus false lashes which I've never worn in my entire life. Then finally it started settling in and everyone LOVED it. I tried taking pictures of myself after everyone left and I started peeling half of one last off lol

So here's my pics.

If that ain't bronzed... I don't know what is! lol You can't see here too much but my eyes were FABULOUS! Amazing! Overall I am happy. It made me very souped. And the more pictures everone took of me and showed me, the more I was like YUP! Cos my makeup looks awesome in photos.

Speaking of photos, with 11 days til the wedding we FINALLY found a place to take pictures lol cutting it close aren't we?

We've had alot of rain these past couple days and we'll be having more so that stupid grass will continue to be nice and dewey. But whatever. [I also plan in the next couple days to buy a cute, huge umbrella incase Jose and I have to take some photos in the rain.. any suggestions?] Jose liked the park too almost immediately so YAY! for that too

I'm glad that now Jose is really helping me out in the last preparations before the wedding. My boss is helping me out too by only giving me 30 hours to work. Which sucks cos I get less money but fuck it, I need this shit to get done!

Crossed ALOT of stuff of our list this weekend, feeling very accomplished :) now got some more little things to do. See ya!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gift it to me baby!

 Corny title? Naaah!

I've been M.I.A. because... I'm getting married in 13 DAYS!! I'm kinda going nuts around here so I warn you I'll be absent a whole lot but I really plan on posting and filling in on last minute details like what we are gifting the bridal party, my bathroom baskets, my amazing photo props [more!] and a bunch of other things. My bachelorette party is NEXT WEEKEND!! WHoo!! So look out for that one! :) In the meantime... thank you so much to all my *new* followers! Welcome and I hope not to bore you!

On to the post now!

This pretty much sumps up how I feel about my favorite wedding gift.

It might be the ugliest face ever... but I've seen that face on me before! I've been making that face my whole life.

Oh yes. My sister on the left and me and my "cheesy" smile on the right. What can I say! I don't change! lol  But anyway, we got gifted some pretty awesome shit. First of all, HALF of my gifts are from Crate and Barrel. That is fucking awesome. I didn't think I'd get any of them! So I'm souped!

Well I got a lot of these...

And if you can't tell by my face I plan on wearing every. single. one. There were some pretty dirty gifts for a bridal shower, I must say! lol Even my Aunt's 80 year old mother in law gifted me lingerie. And it might have been the cutest one I got! lol

I got some gifts that really made Jose happy... like this monster

Jose, I swear, drinks 2 cups of coffee a day out of this thing. I don't drink coffee so he gives this baby lots of use! Then we got a grill press since Jose does the grilling!

Oh yes, we made out good. There is ALOT more but these are the highlights. I'm excited, I'm grateful and I'm eager to start using anything [except the second crock pot which i'll be returning shortly]

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jonathan Adler on HSN? I'd. Die.

Those were my exact words when I turned the channel on.

The other night I was flipping through the tv when I passed by HSN and saw "Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler". Oh. my. god. Like... Jonathan Adler is my shit. I love him, he inspires me and when I saw I could have Jonathan Adler in my home for like HALF the price I could have before... I lost it. This has been with HSN for a while now but I haven't noticed til the other day so just ssh! Anyway.. I cant get certain pieces out of my mind. I want!! I want!!

Like this amaaaazing tray accent table. The tray on the top comes off!!
These IKAT pillows were calling me. I have like no red in my apartment but I'd buy em for the day I do lol

The bedding is my absolute. It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for for MONTHS! I am obsessed with it [and the rug underneath]
And the classic Jonathan Adler white ceramic... but fruity wine stoppers!

I'm just dreaming of after the wedding when I will actually buy one of these things. Or I might lose it and cave sooner. We'll see. I don't know how strong I am!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning of the Wedding... Playlist?

The morning of our wedding is very important to me. It's going to set the mood for the entire day... and I can not be in a crappy mood! I need to be relaxed and calm and happy. I can not get stressed over anything. So with all my girls [and my mom] with me I'll all ready be able to handle things okay. But I wanted to add more to the hectic element that's the hotel room we'll be getting ready in. So I'll be wearing one of these gifted to me by my mom [in soft white of course]
I printed one of these to hang on our door... not sure why this would calm me but it does so sshh!
And make a playlist of music to listen to. This makes me the happiest since I'm ALL about music for our big day. And what better way to set the mood for the entire day then with music? So I've got some MUST PLAY songs but I feel like I'm missing some and need help! So here's my musts... and I'm open to what you guys throw at me.

Without Love - Hairspray [um... I'm a showtunes/broadway freak!]
Beating Heart Baby - Head Automatica [if you don't know this song you BEST be downloading it right now]
All Dressed in Love - Jennifer Hudson [from Sex & the City movie]
Wake Up - Arcade Fire [a MUST for me]
Marry You - Glee Cast
Beautiful Day - U2 [u2's my favorite band EVER and I cant find a way to stick them into the wedding good so they go here]
Accidently in Love - Counting Crows [jose & I LOOOVE this song]
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper [no explanation]
aaaand.. blank!

HEEEELP!! This playlist ain't even lasting me an hour lol and god knows how long we'll be getting ready for!

Monday, April 11, 2011

If I just breathe...

18 days and counting...

and I'm finally starting to get stressed out. Our schedule is so fucking off this week [meaning Jose's working THOSE hours while I'm working THEM hours] and I feel like we ain't getting SHIT done for the wedding]. But I'm not gonna stress myself out more by actually talking about it. ::breathes::

So here's our lovely little wedding bling. Our bands.
I love them. It only took me like oh... 5 minutes to pick mine. I knew right away. Jose picked 3 different ones from a catalogue, tried on 6 and found his pretty quickly too. We love them. And next my engagement ring I love it even more.
Jose had his bachelor party this weekend. I had the idea him and his boys should on a whim go see the Mets game then do their bachelor thing and they did. They went to a strip club, he got some lap dances and... he got bombed! I can not get to sleep lately so when he stumbled in at 4:30 AM and i was still wide awake watching The Social Network for the first time I was not prepared to see him literally stumbling in. I've never seen Jose as drunk [or hungover] as he was this weekend lol and I'm glad he was. Sadly, these guys are too cool to actually take pictures of their bachelor party [at least at the Mets game!] so all I've got is my little story from that night lol

Oh! And we have a new addition to our little family I'm so excited about. His name is George and I love him :)

I've eyed this little man for a looooong time now and finally on Friday when we went to the mall... I finally bought him! And he's so cute! Looks just like my Riddle :) 

Hmm... Riddle's cuter actually

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Paper Goodies

On Saturday Jose, my mom, Jose's mom and I got together to try and knock out a bunch of wedding to-dos. And we did! We got our bands [more on them later], we finished our favors [more on them later] and we completed our table numbers and most of the signs we need for the wedding. We had to run to Michaels for a couple back up supplies and not gonna lie... I finally got really stressed on Saturday but I'm glad things got done. And Friday - it's back on the grind again!
Anyway... thanks to Ms. Elephant on Weddingbee I FINALLY figured out what to do with the photo strips guests would be giving us from the photobooth at our wedding. I've been looking for MONTHS now for the perfect photobook... then Ms. Elephant gave me all the inspiration I needed. Fuck the book, just put it in a box! Not gonna lie but I almost completely ripped off Ms. Elephant's idea and signage but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So VOILA!

My red box is from the Container Store and the sign holder is from IKEA [bought 20 of them a year ago] and now guests will just throw their photo strips in our box and I'll just sort it out after the wedding. Perfect! And a close up of the sign...

Then we had to make a sign for the Candy Bar so bam! Done

Aaaaand table numbers!

Eleven to be exact [we have soooo many more guests then we expected coming, we had to add one more table!]

This is progress and I'm really happy. But we still got more to do! On the list for Friday night is:

- print and put menus together
- print and put programs together
- make sign for "card" box
- make signs for bathroom baskets

Aaaand I think thats it. I'm losing my mind. Theres still ALOT to do with this wedding not too far away.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

We did it again. We changed our living room again. lol I feel like I just wrote this post last week. But Jose really felt we needed some kind of change in there. So he decided [on his own] to move our furniture around. So it went from this
To this! [and notice how it's obviously darker because we've had nothing but rain so it's not so bright out] The furniture move was awesome and gave us a ton of extra room in the living room. Buuuut it wasn't enough. And we knew why.
We needed a pop of color somewhere. And then there's this coffee table we've been eyeing at IKEA for a couple weeks... plus we needed a punch of pillows too while we're at it.. BAM!

Hmm.. do you spot the difference? Even with an obviously new white coffee table, it doesn't look much different in these pictures lol but I assure you... HERE, it feels like a brand new living room! And we fucking love it!

Especially our new pillows :D ::coughcough::ikea::coughcough::
And notice one of my favorite wedding gifts so far on the table.. the white ruffle bowl from Crate and Barrel. 

I don't know what it is... but we are feeling nice and calm now. Which is good considering our wedding is 24 days away!! Oh and we did a TON of wedding stuff lately but I'll post about that later :) Can you believe I'm not that stressed yet?? Maybe cos it STILL hasn't sunk in. I dunno.. I've been living with Jose for 2 and 1/2 years now. How's marriage gonna change our daily life?? Any married ladies got tips?? Should I be nervous?? lol