Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cabin fever

This weekend was shot to shit because of Irene. I worked Saturday night [which was fine] and stayed inside on Sunday all day. Our basement [my sisters new room] and our backyard got flooded. No fun. But I did get to wear my rain boots for the first time in like, 3 years! But if I had Hunters I'd wear them shits everywhere. Just saying! Cabin fever got the best of us. The dogs practically destroyed all their toys and were exhausted by 8pm. But I did manage to do some decorating in my new office [pictures soon] and clean. Today, more decorating in the office :) 

notice the headless monkeys and the stuffing behind Riddle

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear shopping gods...

Can I have these delivered to my doorstep tomorrow without the whole shopping part?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Looking forward...

With the east coast hurricane hitting us this weekend [and me working entirely through it], this weekend is not looking good for me. Doesn't look like I'll be doing much. So with today my day off I am out to do a little shopping and feed me fix. What's on my radar lately? New blazers. The other day my sister asked if she could borrow one but all I had was black, grey and tweed blazers. So I'm on the hunt for fun new fresh ones. And that mustard one from Zara's is calling my name. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Real Royal Wedding: The Ceremony

*this post is all over the place with professionals and guest photos*

Finally! I made my entrance! I walked down the aisle with a candle to symbolize my father walking me down. I walked out, stood there and paused and heard this huge GASP! lol it was funny. And I walked just looking at Jose the whole time. 

Our friend [and one of my bosses] had a license to do weddings so [for free] he did it for us! We were able to write our entire wedding and he did a great job. 

My bridesmaid, Wendy, read our reading "Union" by Robert Fulgham. It was the PERFECT reading for us. 

Mike asked me if I would take Jose to be my husband. I stood there and thought about it... it got lots of laughs lol 

This is the only time I remembered to wear my veil. It was beautiful. I wish I remembered to put it on in our pictures but oh well! 

I don't know what I was looking at here.. 

But here is where we were putting on our rings and Jose turned to everyone and said "now don't make fun of me if i mess this up. This is my first time doing this!" lol not planned but very cute

And than that was IT! We were official!!

Almost immediately... "For Once in my Life" by Stevie Wonder started playing at it's perfect cue. I was souped!!! Our whole entire day so far had gone PERFECTLY!! Even the music [which was what i was very nervous about. I even made my sister and jose check at the dj booth they had it all right] It was OVER!! 


Trust me... the next bunch of posts have the best pictures of the entire wedding day :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hoppin Around

Saturday night we decided to go out real late with our down ass bitches. We went bar hopping in Hoboken, jumping around and getting drunk. It was a fun night filled with strange drunk conversations [the guys were arguing whether drake was a good rapper or not] and we plan on doing it real quick soon. But I was not feeling cute at all... hence the jeans and guns n roses t-shirt and hair up. It was just a bleh night. 

true that!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tell me why I don't like Monday?

Boo. It's Monday. The weekend went too fast. My weekend was pretty good and we had a lot of fun out on friday and saturday. Yesterday Jose & I went shopping and I got some goodies. Today I was supposed to work but had to take Lando to the vet. He's okay! And now I'm home doing some more "mini-apartment" decorating and admiring my newest additions to my accessory family.

new bracelets from XSRE

TOMS. I have been lusting over TOMS for months. And they are just as comfy as I thought they'd be. yay! my first of many toms. 

And just wanted to throw in this picture i took of my sister with my animals lol

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bits of my week [& a blog change!!]

Just throwing in the fact that I changed my blog! Whoo!! I was waiting on another blogger to install one I paid for [2 MONTHS AGO!!!] but than I said fuck it and learned how to change it myself. I'm still working on it. But this is the new name!! Sequins, Plaids and Paws!! 
Don't lose me! Don't forget about me now that I'm FINALLY not a brown eyed bride to be anymore!!! :) And expect a couple more changes when you come back to blogger on Monday!

Soooo my week...

had several fabulous hair days. those are rare when its humid and rainy everyday. 

just doing a bit of experimenting... 

been hunting these anthro bowls for MONTHS. and FINALLY found them. now I just have to go back and get more :) 

doing some research... 

found out kelly green and black go really excellent together lol i'm a bit slow...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is it too early?? Hell naw!

The other day I went to the mall with my sister in law and mother in law. I was not at all prepared for what I saw. 

Halloween. Is it that time all ready??? Well... September IS in 2 weeks. But how about we enjoy fall first? But not gonna lie. I was wickedly excited when I saw the halloween stuff. Especially the sparkly halloween stuff. Totally going back for this by the way... 

Than suddenly like people knew where my mind was heading... all my friends started asking if Jose & I were throwing our annual Halloween party this year. It'll be the 4th one. And let me tell you. These parties are epic. There was only one year we didn't do one. 2009. And that's only because I was not in the mood lol But this year... being back at my moms with a nice big house [and her all ready giving me the go] I'm fucking doing it! lol 



2010. [the famous one where I blacked out at 11:30pm] 

Notice I'm not even IN this picture? Yeah I'm not letting that happen this year. I WILL be attending my own Halloween party. It's just nuts! When you're the host everyone wants shots with you! lol 

I know... I know... I'm insane talking about Halloween in August. But C'MON! You haven't thought about it at all??? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ahhh here it goes!

I've totally been avoiding blogging because I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to write about. It rained all weekend, I worked all weekend. It was completely uneventful. But what has been the highlight of my life? Teen Nick playing the 90s Nickelodeon shows. For real! These shows need to be on DVD as it is cos I can't get enough! 

And not gonna lie... I totally remember stick stickly's address. I sing it to myself all the time. lol 

Today I am off and hope to do SOMETHING worth blogging about! Don't hate me :) instead just comment telling me what 90s nickelodeon show you're DYING to watch again. Me? I'm waiting for 2 very special shows... 

Friday, August 12, 2011

How my life is looking these days...

The animals are all in heaven at my moms house. The dogs are no longer caged up cos SOMEONE is always home to watch them and Hitchcock has four levels of a house to explore [and another cat to chill with!]

I miss my old closet terribly :( but this one is working for me fine. And Jose has his own closet in our office so even better. And I never realized until it was all squished together how colorful a wardrobe I have. 

Our office is slowly coming together perfectly. But this is my favorite little detail so far. I love these notebooks and want them all. 

After harassing Jose for MONTHS [yes even before we moved in with my mom], I finally got my white expedit from IKEA. and it's the shit. For now, this is how it's put together. It won't stay this way. 

My necklaces hanging in my closet.