Thursday, September 29, 2011

And it moves us all!!!

Thunder storms and power outages have delayed me from posting today... so a quick one now! Sunday I brought my 2 cousins to see THE LION KING in theatres. It was awesome. I remember seeing The Lion King the first time it came out in theatres. This time, it was even more amazing. I criiiiiedd!! A little bit because of the story, a lot because of the beautiful music, mostly because it's just an amazing story. 

And I'm seriously obsessed with all things Disney. I don't blog about it too much which is strange... but in this household, I annoy everyone like crazy because its ALL i talk about about. And now I'm talking about it even more cos we BOOKED A TRIP TO DISNEYWORLD EARLY NEXT YEAR!! Holla!! So to soup myself up, you're gonna see a lot more Disney trips. In fact, to capture my Disney excitement... here's a  picture I snapped of me and my godson before The Lion King started!

Do you not see who is clearly more excited?? :) 

lion king picture from my new favorite website ever: simple disney things

Any Disney freaks out there?? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty Prints...

Lately I've been feeling my office needs a bit more of a personality, something different than just the photographs I have mostly hanging around. There is no better place to find unique art than Etsy. I have found so many prints and sayings I love and will probably be buying soon, especially the last two because I love Ratatouille and I love the eyes of Jose's and mine's wedding vows being framed for us to always have [especially since we wrote them ourselves and they are not the normal vows]

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doggy & Me Photo Shoot: Chico

I have been putting myself out there to try and get some people to come and pose for me so I can really practice portrait shots. My girlfriend asked me if I would photograph her dog for her since she had no pictures of her dog so I said sure! 5 year old Chico is the man... and was a pleasure of a dog to work with. It was gorgeous weather in Hoboken where we went to shoot the pictures and I have so many favorites from this shoot. And now, thanks to Chico, I'll be photographing a lot more animals! Which is totally cool... I'd love to special in animal photography as well lol 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Life as of lately

I got bangs! 

I also got Riddle a companion... a boston terrier statue for christmas lol

Jose & I went shopping at J Crew outlet. can you tell he's having fun?

added some new sequins to my closet. and they are fabulous

my boo boo fell asleep on my feet.

and I saw THIS in stores the other day... and got crazy excited! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Goodies

new lush butter and massage bars. AMAZING.

lush Its Raining Men shower gel and Awapuhi styling treatment oil

My new hunter boots from Gilt. Even though I ordered the pink ones... 

the way I rotate my favorite polishes in and out

stocking up on fall scents at my favorite candle store [midsummer's night is Jose's favorite!] 

Have a good weekend!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

West Elm Halloween

Not gonna lie... Today I am dragging Jose with me to our storage facility to decorate my moms house for Halloween [where we currently are living to save up and buy a house]. Since my mom gave my sister and I the thumbs up to hold a Halloween Party this year, I'm kind of in a rush to get it up and running and especially to get it done before going to Chicago. 

And right now, West Elm has the only cute shit for Halloween. I want it all [and there isn't much!] I think my favorite item is the day of the dead looking skull candle-abra. 

1. Glitter Crow Box $8.99
2. Skeleton Platter $18.00
3. Skull Taper Holder $34.00
4. Glitter Skull $19.00
5. Pumpkin Candles $9.00 - $12.00
6. Hanging Skeleton $14.00

PS. Thank You SO MUCH to everyone who commented yesterday with their Chicago recommendations! I happily read them all out loud to Jose, wanting to try them all. He simply said "its so weird that you have strangers that you talk to that actually care about what you do" I'm like "huh???" Whatevs!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Talking 'Bout Chi-Town!

In a month, I'll be visiting Chicago!! Just a leisure little weekend getaway. I'm so excited to be going back to Chicago! I last went there with my mom and sister in 2006. This time, I'm going with my husband and our friends as an ADULT so I really get to experience all Chicago has to offer! There is SO much I want to do and SO little time!

all my photos from the last time I was in Chicago. 

And here I am! Fresh faced in the morning in Chicago only 20 years old!

Anyone been to Chicago that has any recommendations for us to check out? Or better, anyone LIVE in Chicago that can give me even better local recommendations?? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Real Royal Wedding: Reception Entrance!

This needs a backstory real quick! Leading up to our wedding, our bridal party kept asking "do we HAVE to dance out??" and kept saying "im not dancing out!" well during cocktail hour they pulled us all into the hall for our big entrance. Suddenly, everyone was pumped! And ALL of them were like "we are dancing out!!" lol and each of them with their pair figured out something to do literally seconds before walking out. Jose and I were screaming and jumping as we watched them all, SO excited they decided to get into it. Soo.... 

First couple, Wendy & Nestor. They walked out dancing! lol but this is what was caught: 

Second couple: Esther and David [what you didn't see? David did a flip!]

Lastly: My sister and brother in law [who shocked us the MOST! by walking out backwards than turning around and dancing]

Finally it was our turn! Before we walked out, I was like "WAIT! ARE WE DANCING TOO??" and Jose was like "YEAH!!" Lmao so the doors opened, we walked out hand in hand for a second than Jose let go and started dancing. So I followed lol 

It was an amazing entrance, however very underwhelming in these pictures lol I loved every second. Next up: our first dance!

Bridal Party Entrance song: "Wanna be startin something" by Michael Jackson
Our entrance song: "Can You feel It" by Jackson 5 [yeah.. i'm kinda obsessed with Michael Jackson lol]

Monday, September 19, 2011

A LUSH birthday!

Friday night was spent at the LUSH store celebrating Esther's birthday with our close girl friends. It was really small and intimate but so much fun. We got $25 gift cards, free facials and arm massages. LUSH is an amazing store and if you haven't tried any products, RUN and try it! The prices and quality are too good to beat. 

like a candy store i swear! 

all us girls

The birthday girl getting her hand done 

The LUSH employees kick ass

lots and lots of soaps

Friday, September 16, 2011

Busy, Busy!

I've been crazy busy lately going to work, celebrating birthdays left and right and on top of that, getting some people to help me practice my photography skills. I've talked about photography being the thing I want to aspire in, especially since I've been pretty clueless about my professional future for a while now. I've been doing some photo shoots and have a bunch coming up, along with going to classes to really learn more about my camera. So here's just a preview of what I've been up to. They are nothing special since they are learning experiences for me but I love them ;) 

  My girlfriends new born baby, Joy. Such a sweet girl. 

Chico - my first pet portrait session. Turns out I'll be doing a bunch of these! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

29 years young!

Last thursday we went out and celebrated Jose's birthday at Cuban Pete's. It was a great night with AMAZING cuban food [and since I'm cuban, i was in fatty greasy cuban food heaven], the funniest happy birthday song ever and lots of good laughs with great company. I wish every birthday could be like this. 

me and my fabulous sister in law [who's birthday is tomorrow!!]

the restaurant before it got PACKED!

me and my hubs

my sister, who was writing down raps for my mom to sing all night

me and my mama! 

Esther and Luis, Jose's brother

love me some sangria

esther's red nails and bling