Monday, October 31, 2011

The Nightmare Before Halloween!


Our 90s Halloween Party was on Saturday night and... god was it a stressful day. I had to drink two glasses of wine to calm my nerves. We were POUNDED with snow all day Saturday so people kept cancelling all day because of it. Pussies lol.  Then about an hour and a half before the party began, the power went out. We were officially fucked. But we told our guests and they STILL decided to come. God, our friends are the shit. We got dressed in the dark [which is why my Wednesday Addams had no braids in her hair or black tights] and then literally 10 minutes before it started, the power came back on. The night ended up being the shit. Our friends are amazing, their costumes were so great & everyone had a blast! I even set up a "spooky wall" to take pictures in front of all night and that was a hit too lol

my Wednesday Addams

me and my sister in law, Cruella Deville!

Jose was Super Mario!

CAT DOG!! amazing!!! lol

me and Wendy, who went as Cher from clueless for the first half of the party than morphed into Britney Spears lol

Jose and my friends date, who dressed as Prince Eric for her Little Mermaid costume. Jose loved this guy lol mostly because he's british and awesome

amazing girlfriends

me and Patty, my boss! she trekked out LAST MINUTE in the snow to come [hence her uggs lol] 

somehow a child ended up at my party lol but we made the best of it! and so did she so kudos!

shots shots shots all night long

the one that did them all in lol Nestor [left] passed out, Jose [middle] was a goner and Nick handled it like a champ!

We carved pumpkins too! I'll share that tomorrow :) 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Little Goodies: Halloween Edition

With our Halloween party tomorrow, I am running around like a chicken with no head putting up last minute decorations and getting things in order. Not only that but yesterday, I decided I did not like the Princess Peach costume I bought to go along with Jose's Super Mario... so instead I found the dress below at Forever 21 and with some shoes and tights I had, decided to be Wednesday Addams instead. I am MUCH happier :)

[diy necklace inspired by Cheetah is the New Black & diy bracelet... BOTH MADE BY JOSE! lol]

some of our halloween decorations

new nail polish and my monthly InStyle

I bet you can't guess how many candy corns are in this bowl :) 

our halloween wall backdrop and spooky web doorway

Have a fun weekend!! My Halloween Party recap will be here MONDAY!! ;) 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Real Royal Wedding: Mother & Son dance & Toasts!

Jose & his mom danced to "Mama" from Boyz II Men...

It was adorable how emotional he was :) 

Then we were escorted to our table for TOASTS! My sister and Jose's best friend did the toasts. 

Here's the part where my sister said I said when we were younger I just didnt want my future husband to be Puerto Rican... which Jose is... and all his family there was. Totally embaressing. 

David said nothing but nice things about Jose. How he's the only good guy left in the world and I made the right choice. 

We took one step and then ran out onto the dance floor! Time to partttaay!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sprinkles of Halloween

I'll be sharing more of our Halloween decor shortly [we went crazy this year] but thought I'd just give little pieces of what's going on in our little rooms. 

 (my first glittered pumpkin ever. obsessed)

(disney halloween)

As for my boys, I bought these costumes probably a month ago or so and am so excited to get them dressed up! Lando is going to be superman! and Riddle Batman! They were impossible to photograph together so I could only get them seperate lol

and Riddle is crazy dehydrated from playing so much.. so don't mind his crazy looking face!

Anyone else dressing up their pets for Halloween?? 
Our cat, Hitchcock, is the only lucky one not participating this year for once lol 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicago was the best workout for my legs

To say we did alot of walking in Chicago is an understatement. We did A LOT of walking!! We walked from our hotel on Huron Street in Chicago to the sears tower and from there to the shedd aquarium. [if you are from chicago or have been, you know how insane that is] It was a great way to see the city though, we became very familiar with it. We were able to see and do everything we wanted! 

Like see the Chicago River...

See the Chicago Theatre...

And what do you know? Right in front of us was the original Marshall  Fields store [now a Macys] so we walked right in to check it out. 

I was on the hunt for the perfect Chicago ornament since I like to bring home ornaments from our trips [I later found it at the Shedd Aquarium]

This ornament was AWESOME. but for $40? I dont think so...

Going to the top of Macys and looking down was very scary.. Jose took this picture

 I chose to stay back and look up instead of down lol

Then we walked to the Sears Tower, which is officially the windiest spot in the city. 

After finding out once we stepped in the elevator of the Sears Tower, it would take us two hours to get to the top... we hopped off the line and kept walking! More on that later :) 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Craving - BOOTS!

During the fall and winter, I love to buy a ton of boots to stock up on. I think I have more boots than anything else in my closet, even flip flops and i LIVE in those in the summer. I prefer boots with no heel, making it a lot easier to walk in on most days... but lately heels with just the right amount of heel have been very appealing. Especially number two. 

1. Zara - $49.99
2. Jeffrey Campbell - $198.00
3. Urban Outfitters - $49.99 [on sale!]
4. Forever 21 - $29.80
5. Jessica Simpson - $139.00

Yup... I'd say those Jeffrey Campbells are at the top of my birthday wish list! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's a-go!

This time next week I'll be getting our house all last minute ready for our annual Halloween Party!!! I'm so excited! We've been putting up our decorations and setting up all week, and we still are not done. It's a 90s theme and I can NOT WAIT to see what people come through with! 

What are WE being?? Easy! Super Mario and Princess Peach!

[of course we got a little bit more meat on us then these skinny minis... i wish i looked like that princess peach in that dress lol my princess got hip!]

Yuuuup! We gonna be super mario and princess peach from Super Mario 64 [it was released in 1996, totally 90s!!] I'm really excited cos this is our first Halloween as a costume couple! We never did couple costumes before lol During the week I'll share our details of the party [along with more Chicago recaps. dont hate me!] 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deep Dish Heaven

Our first night in Chicago, we opted for deep dish pizza. 

First off, lets be clear. We are from Jersey. aka New York. aka we eat thin pizza, pizza you hold with your hand. This concept of eating pizza with a knife and fork was foreign to us and we were not prepared for all that dough. So we ordered appetizers and 2 different pies to try. Basically both halves of the pie ended up coming back to the hotel with us and Jose and Nestor had stomach aches all night. But DAMN was it good!! 

we were not ready for this jelly

It's tradition to write all over Gino's so naturally we did. Jose has this little "man vs food" thing he'd like to do with a ton of places he's seen on TV. Gino's was one. And food won this battle!

I wrote the initials of our animals :) LHR! 

All in all, this semi-new yorker dug the deep dish. But not gonna lie, we got some new york style thin sliced pizza the minute we got home from chicago lol