Friday, December 30, 2011

The 2011 that was

This year was a GREAT one! I got married, we went on our honeymoon, we took a step closer to buying a house [dont you know?? Jersey is EXPENSIVE!] and I finally figured out what I want to do with my life. After years of being totally clueless about what my future held, I've found something I love doing... Photography! and I would love to do it the rest of my life. I have big goals for this year and am so excited to get started. But onto 2011... a look back at mine.

last New Years Eve!

a bachelorette in April!

my amazing Sex and the City themed Bridal Shower! 

I still miss my "new" closet we installed in February :( 

Our Honeymoon [and first time to Mexico] in May! 

the perfect Thanksgiving

a Drybar Birthday in November

saying goodbye to our first apartment in July

seeing U2 in July!

my bubba's birthday in September

falling in love with Chicago in October

annual Halloween party! 

look ma! I can DIY!

Gingerbread house decorating! 

buying me a cute camera bag in March!

completely redoing my moms dining room as a suprise for her birthday in May!

playing in the terrible snow storms in January

And marrying the love of my life April 29 :)

And my photography shoots at the end of the year!
my first ever! Baby Joy! 



mom and me session!

my first engagement - Nestor & Wendy in Chicago! 

An AMAZING year I tell ya! I have big hopes for the New Year :)  Lots of resolutions. And so much to look forward to all ready!
Tattoo Appointments in January [oh yes! tattoos!] 
Our first Anniversary :D

And lots and lots of small steps to making my photography business happen! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Eve Inspiration!

Where has 2011 gone?? It has been an incredible year! [I'll do my obligatory "look back at the year" post tomorrow] I'm always so excited for the New Year. A fresh start with so many goals to achieve, so many memories to start and look back on. I always want to ring in the New Year fabulously, to start the year on a good note, but it never is that way. Last year was a great New Year started with friends, drinking and karaoke. This year will be with family, drinking... maybe some karaoke again. Who knows!? But one day I tell ya... one day our New Years will look fabulous like these pictures.

Well, there will always be noisemakers!

What are your New Year's plans??

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Instagrams!

Maybe this will make the Christmas posts go a little faster. Here's my Christmas day and eve in Instagrams!

I snapped this as soon as I unwrapped it!

some of my gifts together

the tree in the morning

Jose & I on New Years Eve

our placecards I drew up :) I love the sled on his!

our candy loot from our stockings!

Jose and his brother posing as their wives

and us doing a better job at it lol 

And [if you have an iPhone] follow me on Instagram @tinalovesequins! :) 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas eve eve

Our Christmas weekend was underway on the friday when we celebrated my cousin/godson's birthday! It was just family so a nice, small birthday gathering with Christmas music, boxing and the yummiest homemade mac n cheese! 

my Aunt's whimsical looking tree

me and Henry, my cousin

both the boys

julius, the birthday boy, and I

we "adults" found a way to entertain ourselves

Julius sat on the floor most of the night playing his Nintendo DS

Monday, December 26, 2011

I've been very good!

It's done! It's over! Christmas has come and gone.. can you believe it?? I'm kinda sad but kinda itching to take down all the Christmas decorations and get started on a new clean slate! But anyway, onto the post-Christmas posts! I'm showing off just some of my gifts here cos I was so happy with all the wonderful gifts I received, I had to share. Lots were on my list, lots weren't and I loved every thing! 

kate spade notepads and iPhone cover

a Beauty & the Beast snowglobe engraved from my sister! LOVED this... though is she saying Jose's the beast? lol 

sequined TOMS, glittered AE loafers, ban do hearts and some glittery Sally Hansen nail strips [I might have bought those for myself lol]

But the most awesome gift?? 
A spanking new camera! Meet my LUMIX!! don't be deceived, this baby is tiny but the lense is HUGE and it takes awesome pictures. We are still trying to figure it out since we are so used to the DSLR but I love it! Not only that but Jose loaded me up on camera goodies! A nice ass tripod, a remote for my camera, a SICK ASS battery grip that makes my baby DSLR suddenly feel all professional. I'm loving IT! And Jose loves all my gifts as much... lol he's playing with my lumix and tripod as we speak!

I also got an AWESOME fur hat and two cute ass gloves from Jose that I HAD to take a picture on photobooth with!

Santa was gooooooooddd to me! How about you guys that celebrate Christmas?? 
I'd love to hear how your christmas's were! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas time is here!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! It's finally here... and I'm so upset the Christmas season is all ready over. No more christmas songs, no more Christmas movies, no wrapping gifts. But everything that comes these next two days is what makes it all worth it. Lots of time with family, lots of laughing and enjoying each others company starting tonight! It's my cousin/godson's birthday!

Before I sign off for the weekend, I decided to FINALLY share the decorations in my mom's house [remember, we're living here for a little bit longer to save up to buy a house]. I also decided to include some pictures of my friends, Wendy's house and her decorations. We went over and hung out the night she decorated her tree and I was snapping away. Her house and my mom's house are polar opposites when it comes to decorations but hers are gorgeous! The color scheme is beautiful, ties in perfectly with the rest of her house and I HAD to share! And go and follow her blog!! You'll see her great taste in fashion and decor and get to know a lot about her along the way :) Okay here is Wendy's house! 

Their color scheme is silver, white and hints of lime green. 

And my moms! lol 
 my mom has a MASSIVE nutcracker collection. this is just half of it 

And look! I caught someone peaking at their stocking while taking pictures! 

And I HAD to share this picture of Riddle sitting buy the tree... 
I might just frame this. 

HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you all enjoy it!! Be safe!! :)
I'll be back Monday!! Hope some of you will too!!