Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dark VS Light

On Sunday, I randomly decided I wanted a change with my hair! My bangs have not been cooperating with me so I've slowly been growing them out... and that wasn't enough, I wanted something else. I decided I wanted to go light brown for Spring and do it early since we are going to Disney in 20 DAYS!!! Anyway... Sunday night I did it!! And everytime I look in the mirror, I keep forgetting I did! It's the lightest my hair has ever been but I love it! Heres a before of me from a couple months ago... me and my dark natural hair :) 

And me now. Wearing the same shirt no less. Pathetic.

LOVE. Yesterday while I went shopping I walked into the fitting room, looked up and was like Oh yeah!!! I dyed my hair!! lol It's a fun change up and I'm loving it 

Just thought I'd share :D
Do you like me dark or light? 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gimme them Sunnies!!

Seriously lusting over the Selima Sun for J Crew Sunglasses. Fun and retro looking, I'm in love! For $118 & $128 these can be yours... a bit cheaper from the ever popular House of Harlows & Karen Walkers [dont worry, those are on my list too] 
1 & 2 & 3

J Crew is doing just about everything right for spring. I want it all. But especially these sunglasses.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rockin' that Blue & Green

Happy Monday!! Why am I so excited it's Monday?? Well for starters, it's the last week of March! And March is going to be the shit!! Im [hopefully] finishing my tattoo on Thursday so bringing in March with a bang & a little blood :) But I'm also souped cos I have an outfit post to share. The thing with me is my outfit posts aren't too crazy or fashionable... but they are ME! So hopefully you don't mind em too much.  Just me and my awesome new chain necklace AND Jason Wu bag both from target whaaaaattt.

And obviously Jose took these shots and turned into quite the fashion photographer. I was impressed by him directing me on how to put my hands to show off my bracelets and bag lol. 

Trench coat: Forever 21 (similar
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Mossimo by Target
Boots: Old Navy (old)
Watch: Relic
Ring: Disney Couture
Necklace: Target
Bracelets: Forever 21 & XSRE [old]

Friday, February 24, 2012

ASOS watches!

Yay!! It's FRIDAY!! I'm ending this last week of february [holy crap!] with a few fun finds I found at ASOS recently - watches! They carry name brand watches but I'm kind of in LOVE with the ASOS watches themselves. There are a ton but I'm loving the three below for spring. The yellow [even though they call it green on their site it looks yellow to me!], the leopard and pink are all so fun [and CHEAP!!! $40!! and on sale!!] So RUN and pick up one of these watches! :D

Oh my gosh I love all three.. I'm so torn over which one to buy! But I know one I'll for sure be buying! This mint green one for $22!!! what???

Mint is all the rage this spring and though I'm not sure about rocking it on my clothes [weird right? especially since I'm all about wearing color] but this is the perfect transition into it!

Which watch will YOU be buying??
Uhm... you BETTER buy one! They are too cute & cheap to pass up! Links above :D 
Enjoy! You're welcome! 
And if you do buy one, let me know!! I'd love to hear which color ya pick!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monday Date Night!

Monday night Jose & I enjoyed a little date night out at Outback. Outback has been our spot since we've met in 2005. Yes it's a chain but we genuinely LOVE the food! And for a Monday, the place was PACKED! Though one of my resolutions every year is to go to more authentic restaurants and not chains... I cant help but continue to go to Outback [our love affair is so serious, one year we agreed to give it up for Lent! and he's not even Catholic!! ]  Excuse my shitty iPhone pics :) 

our usual = tassie buffalo strips & cheese fries! 

Jose went on a diet & lost 20 lbs!! Can you tell?? Cos in this picture I think its obvious lol

hers & his: white wine and miller. 

By the way, the necklace I'm wearing up there is from TARGET!! [yes I know if you follow me on IG you've seen it all ready but I have to share.] It was only $10!! I bought it in green & black but they had a ton of colors. Lately I'm seriously addicted to chain jewelry. Just bought a bracelet AND necklace from this lovely lady's shop :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Nails!

This has been the best winter for Jersey in a long time! We had only one snow fall all winter [not counting the freak snow storm we had in October]. It has felt like spring and so I have no problem wearing spring nail colors and enjoying it early! I have an extensive nail polish collection but my absolute favorite brand is Essie. And their colors are seriously the best! Here are some of my favorites for spring

Essie is the best :)
What are your favorite spring nail colors?? Are you bold like me with your choices? 

And a very BIG thank you to all you girls who commented yesterday on my photos. Your support is AMAZING and I seriously appreciate every single one of your comments! :D THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling Good!

On Friday [like most of you know] I had the opportunity to help another photographer shoot a wedding! It was my first chance doing so and I loved every minute. While it's not the type of client I would aim to have, who am I to be picky? I'm crazy amateur with so little equipment. I just wanted the experience! It was a looooooooong day [a 10 hour day] and my fingers hurt from gripping my camera all day long but I loved every minute. Cant wait to do it again!! Here are some shots I took that day that I'm working on [still need to edit them!] 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monogram Me!

I'm all about monogrammed anything but my favorite are the popular monogrammed necklaces that are insanely popular right now. Bauble Bar has an amazing selection of monogrammed necklaces and nameplates [I used to have a nameplate back when Carrie had hers on Sex & the City! I was in the 8th grade!] I'm loving the newer selections with just one letter and colors but still... so many choices! 

Which would you choose?
OR... Do you have one?? Let me know! I'm about to cave and get me my favorite with a PINK C! Too Cute!!  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

TOMS ballet flats

As if TOMS weren't the most comfortable shoes in the world, now they made them cute? [Cos you KNOW Toms are not cute looking]. All the different styles, the inside lining, I'm all about it. The hefty price tag for flats? That I'm not all about. But I will get my hands on some of these beauties.

Anybody else in TOMS flats? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Better late than Never!!

Valentines Day has come & gone all ready! This year just seems to be speeding by, seriously!! Our Valentines was nothing special. It never seems to be which I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't help but complain about lol. Jose is on this crazy diet which means we couldn't go out to eat.. or eat any kind of normal food so we just ended up going to the movies. But the movie was so late from him coming home a little later than expected, we were so tired by that time we were literally falling asleep in the theatre! Needless to say I hinted our first anniversary BETTER be something good! Regardless, it was a great night out with my hubs and that's all that matters.

home from work and ready to open his gift! :) 

he has been DYING for this [ooh and peek at our new bedding!!] 

No picture of me opening my gifts [more camera goodies :D] but he did fool around with the camera goodies and got these snaps of me lol 

can you see the tired in my eyes?? lol 

After that we were off to the movies. No we didn't see the vow [cos I heard too many shitty reviews] so we instead watched the most romantic movie ever. Star Wars 3D!! lol 
rocking my orange coat!

love this man, no matter how late he takes me out :D

And now... I'm prepping for my big wedding to shoot on Friday! I'ts not big actually but it's a big moment for me and I'm nervous as all hell!! Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the photographer that's letting me second shoot to go over some things. And that it's on!! Eeeeeeekkk.

How was YOUR Valentines Day?? I'd love to hear!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!!!
When I was single [which was a looooong time ago], I used to love this holiday just as much as I did when I was in a relationship. It was an excuse to buy me some chocolate and watch Sleepless in Seattle [my go-to Valentines Day movie]. With Jose & I, Valentines was never anything big for us. Last year we didn't even "Celebrate" it cos we were both working! Tonight there are still no set plans but we will figure it out. But yesterday he did give me chocolates early! So some Valentines images in my life :) 

love when he draws mustaches on the guys to look like him... and bangs on the girls to look like me :)

valentines nails

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Peach, Pink & the Grey!

Wheee!! Tomorrow is Valentines Day! While I have absolutely no idea [still] what we are doing I am excited! I love Valentines Day :) In an alternate universe where my thighs are a little thinner and my arms a little bit more toned, I'd wear a cute Peach & Pink outfit like this for a wonderful dinner out with my hubs. [click on the image to shop the look @ polyvore] 

My favorite detail of the outfit is the gray heels, I'm dying over those! So cute! And by the way, did the weekend fly by or what? We went to the movies with our friends Wendy & Nestor in the hopes of seeing The Vow [how cute would that have been as a double date?] Sadly... the movie was sold out! Boo.. so we went from The Vow to The Grey [or as I like to call it, a movie showing how many different ways men can die.]. lol BIG change but it was a pretty good movie! Halfway through the movie I started thinking... damn back in the day, Liam Neeson could get it! Not too bad looking for an older gentlemen lol

So! How was YOUR weekend??
What do you think of my peachy pink Valentines combo??
And did YOU see The Vow? cos if you did, I don't wanna hear it so never mind!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Goodies!

Whoo! It's Friday! It went so fast. I can not believe Valentines Day is all ready on Tuesday... I've yet to buy anything yet. Though I've hinted at some things I wouldn't mind getting, we'll see :) I'm SO nervous because a week from today I am shooting my first wedding! I'm only second shooting [helping out] and it's a really small wedding but STILL! So nervous!! Anyway, just a look at some of my new goodies around here :) 

new tray & candle liven up my office

new shirt, old necklace = perfect pair

new lipsticks! revlon - peach me / mac - pink nouveau / mac - ravishing 

my first [cheap] trench! souped to wear it! 

a pop of color in my necklaces :)

and found this outfit i snapped a couple weeks ago before heading out to dinner. cant really see what i'm wearing but you get the gist :) 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's go to Bed!

We have been living with my mom [to save up and buy our own house] since July and yet I still have not shown off our bedroom. Well, there are reasons for that. Mostly because it's BORING! It's so bare, I haven't done much with the room [which is so not like me cos I cant just be in a bare room]. Lately, we've realized that since we are going to probably be here the rest of the year it's best to make our room as great as we can. And hopefully, carry it over to our house. Not only that but we've also realized our comforter is TERRIBLE! The insides have become detached from the comforter and it's lost all it's shape, its horrible. 

So first off, here is just a peak at our bedroom...

boooooorrrriiinngg!!! And yes that is MY teddy bear. 

And I'm well aware of what this room needs... 

So we decided first thing is first! NEW BEDDING! We've been looking and have decided on new Kate Spade bedding. [this was Jose's suggestion not mine!! but I GLADLY went along with the idea!] He has been looking at them and he has his likes, I have mine. It's narrowed down to these 3 comforters that I think will fit in best with our gray bedroom.

Option 1: Gray & Pink Romantic Bedding [with the pops of yellow! my favorite] 

Option #2: Black & White bedding. B&W is our standby with everything. It's the safest bet and would work really will with the gray walls in our room.  plus i love the mrs & mrs pillows :) 

Option #3: BOLD green! [jose's favorite!] With the gray walls in the picture below, it actually does work really well! Though green isn't a favorite color of either of us, it'd be a nice change and a great pop of color. 

Hopefully some time next week we will narrow it down and pick one! And in the meantime, we've been deciding on curtains as well. Yay! PROGRESS!! :) But tell me...
Which do YOU like for OUR room?? 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craving: Bold Necklaces

I'm a necklace and bracelets kinda girl. I don't wear any rings, other than my wedding rings, and I never ever ever wear earrings. Bracelets are my everyday go to and when I feel like livening up an outfit, I put on a necklace. And the bolder, the better! Statement necklaces are all the rave these days and I will not shy away from that trend at all. There are so many great options out there right now but here are some of my favorite pieces I've seen. 

What do you think of bold necklaces?
Love it or leave it? Let me know! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweet Valentines

There is one thing I tell Jose I want every single holiday, birthday and celebration. It's the simplest thing he could give me.  A CARD! You don't know how many times I've said this... and how many times he HAS NOT given me one. I love cards because at the end of every year, all I can take from that exact day are the words he writes me in them and what the card says. Cards are my favorite part of any gift. And these cards from Hello Lucky are right up my alley! They are cute, colorful, unique and fun. And ::coughcoughjosecoughcough:: I'd loooove the receive the owl one! [you know, since I love my owls :) ]

Find these and more at Hello Lucky!!

Any of these cards right up your alley??