Friday, March 30, 2012

A wimoweh, a wimoweh!

:: a wimoweh is from the lion sleeps tonight! ya know... a weeeeeeee a wee um um bo we :: 

Our first day started dark and early at 3:30 in the morning. We got to Florida at 10, checked in to our hotel and made our way straight to ANIMAL KINGDOM! Than we went straight to Downtown Disney around 8 and by 10 we were all delirious from how tired we were - but it was a fun first day! I really appreciated Animal Kingdom this last time & Jose was REAL impressed with the things Disney could do (like a SAFARI at Disney?? dope!) 

landed and tired as hell!

oooh its the tree of life

yes there are dinosaurs at animal kingdom. soon there will be avatars too

i was souped to be there! my sister was too... she just likes to pose "Serious" 

my adorable mom playing bongos - she is obsessed with percussion instruments

our first sighting of MICKEY!

the safari was seriously amazing... we were SO CLOSE to animals! jose was amazed lol 

us at downtown disney - drunk and tired! 

I'll be back next week with more disney pics :D

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Temptations!

Another Thursday Temptations here! And wow... 3 pairs of shoes on this one. I am seriously tempted to buy some new shoes this week huh? I'm loving all of these shoes because they are exactly what I look for - bright, fun & bold! I love the skirt can you believe it's from Target? The bag & blazer (both from target) would look great together with some shorts and sandals. What's more comfortable than a blazer? And the watch (from asos) is way cheaper than other gold watches resembling it. 

What are YOU tempted by this Thursday?
And I'd love to know if you actually have any of these products! (this week & every week! )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

M-I-C ... See ya real soon! K-E-Y ... why? because we like you! M-O-U-S-E!

 I can not believe my vacation is over!! Has it really been a week all ready?? Well it was such an awesome week at Disney World and I am REAL upset it's over! I am seriously contemplating moving to Florida just to be able to go to Disney whenever I want, I love it! And cant get enough! And the best part? It was Jose's first time ever to Disney and he LOVED it! What more could I possibly ask for?? For now, here are just SOME pictures from the trip :D [since I took like 500+ photos and need to go through them all still!] 

Oh yes, we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter too!! AND WE SAW THE HUNGER GAMES!! :D More on those later [but I will say I will be seeing the hunger games for the second time real soon!]

I missed y'all!!! :) Cant wait to get back into blogging!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off to Disney!!

Right now, I am literally on the plane to Disney!! Yesssssssss... I know, I'm a big kid. And damn proud of it! If you follow me on twitter or Instagram (which you can right on the right side of the blog here)... be prepared, I am about to Disney-gram the shit out of my vacation! I'll be taking pictures ALL DAY, EVERY DAY & putting them up on Instagram and Twitter!! So please don't go deleting me. It's just one week. Oh and let's not forget, we will also be going to Universal Studios aka... THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER!! YESS! No joke, I packed my Harry Potter "muggle" shirt specifically for that day :) So for now my past Disney Instagrams! 

Now tell me... have you ever been to Disneyworld/ Disneyland?
Whats your favorite ride at the parks??

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mimosa's & St Pattys! [Weekend Recap!]

Happy Monday!! Guess what?? Tomorrow I am out of here and heading off to Disney! I can hear the "Mickey Mouse Club March" playing for me all ready. As much as this may not be a vacation to some people [you know, walking around all day in the sun] - it is to me! It's NOT work & I have loved Disney World since I first went when I was a little girl so I am VERY excited!!!

How was everyones weekend?? I worked Friday Night & Sunday Morning so spent my Saturday off enjoying it to the fullest. We had an engagement shoot to photograph Saturday [whoo!] & spent our morning toasting Mimosa's to ourselves & hoping our business goes great as we get more and more clients! And no, we did not show up "drunk". We are professionals! Than at night we changed into our "green" for St Pattys. An irish dinner, irish beer & American cover bands. Fun St. Pattys if you ask me. 

us waiting for our clients in the park

a 12 year old guitar prodigy. Kid was SICK!!

How was YOUR St Patty's Day & weekend?? Did you rock your green??

By the way, I'll be setting up a few posts throughout the week but for the most part - it'll be a little bit more silent here on my blog while I'm away :) But I'll be missing my blogger friends!! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Temptations!

Today's Thursday Temptations are nice and bright, still with spring on my mind! I love brights so it's no shock that there are a ton here from a cute belt & to a cheerful polka dot cardigan. The kate spade clutch is BLINDING neon yellow but I love it! Imagine it against a sleek black dress?

The Bauble Bar necklace is GORGEOUS & would be just the right amount of pop to a fun outfit. And it's only $38! Not bad : ) And I have loved the Tory Burch flats since college! Even Jose has told me for years I need a pair and now.. I'm getting an anxious for a pair. They seem so comfortable and real cute. 

The St. Tropez self-tanning lotion is seriously needed for my white legs. I'm hoping to get some color in Disney next week but if not, this is my plan B! I heard it was amazing. Has anyone tried it?? 

Feeling tempted by any of these Temptations??
What are YOU tempted to buy this Thursday? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So I met Jasmine Star...

Meeting Jasmine Star was surreal. She is such a sweet, down to earth person & I was so honored to have gotten the knowledge I did from seeing her at The Fix. Her advice is simple & yet it all makes sense. This is a business that should not be competitive, photographers should learn from each other and support one another. Make goals for yourself and set out to achieve them. Practice, practice, practice! Do what YOU think is right for YOUR business. I learned so much from listening to her and am so glad I was able to go! 

I luckily got a picture with her & was able to personally thank her for doing The Fix! My excitement is evident in my "gummy" smile [cos I show mad gums when I'm mad happy] & apparently I don't photograph well against someone so beautiful like her! [god HOW does she get her hair so straight??]

Her set up was so simple but chic!

It was a MAD HOUSE when Jasmine got there. But it was awesome being in a room with people who love doing what you love! 

And a picture of us [on The Fix website!] talking :) 

God I love that night! And I miss it too. Hope to hear and see her again! :) No... I WILL!!

Now go check out Jasmine Star! Photographer or not, we can ALL learn something from her and her inspiring life. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Goodies: Vacation!

I am over here all ready in vacation mode. I am buying last minute goodies for the Florida heat & sun 
& prepping my legs for some serious walking around the Disney Parks [what are the most COMFORTABLE shoes??] So! A "vacation" edition of Little Goodies over here

new Bauble Bar necklace

essentials!! sunglasses, straw hat & "too too hot" by essie

my mom's AE-1 joins my camera collection [and the Instax is coming with me to Disney! Anyone know if I can carry it on the plane with me??] 

I think I'm addicted to chain necklaces... 

my absolute new favorite perfume. WINK from Aerie. Rollerball is coming with me to Disney! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

There's nothing you can't do in New York!

It is Monday which means... one week until I am at Disney! Holla! Yup, I am souped for this vacation like you don't even know. Why? Cos it's Disney & cos i NEED a vacation! Can not wait.

Friday Jose & I spent our day in the city, leading up to hearing Jasmine Star [genius ass photographer] speak at night. It was a bit chilly but the perfect day in NYC. I love our day trips into Manhattan, I always feel like it brings us closer. So a quick recap in pictures. I'll be back with more about Jasmine Star.

Bryant Park & the Empire State Building 

sitting in bryan park, cold!! 

this hit the spot so good.. i didnt even take pictures of the food. scarfed that shit down! 

love this man, even when he is blurry

adorable st pattys macaroons at Lily O'Briens [which might need its own post. my new favorite spot in the city]

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing... Thursday Temptations!

I'm starting a new Thursday column, if you will, called Thursday Temptations! Just a bunch of fashion,  beauty and sometimes other goodies that are just too cute and way too tempting to buy. Plain and simple :) This week, I think it's pretty clear that spring is on my mind don't you?

I ALMOST bought that H&M clutch the other day and now I am deeply regretting it. Seriously, tempting! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Decisions, Decisions..

Shoemint has been shelling out great heels since they opened in December but this month has officially killed me. Two of the three new shoes are amazing.. and I'm feeling insanely torn over which ones I'd get! Even though I can always get them at any time, I'm not even sure which ones to buy right now!

The Lambert Wedge / The Veronique pointed heel

I'm dying over the wedges, reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw for some reason! And the pointed toe is so classic... though I'm torn between the citron and the black! Help!!!

If you haven't signed up to Shoemint, do so. It really is worth it. The quality is exceptional and they are fabulous shoes! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Owl be watching you!

Finally... my tattoo is done. This one is a lot more meaningful than the first one I got. Both were meant for my father but this one takes on a whole new meaning and though it may not seem like it (hey, its not your dad! its an owl!) I KNOW that this is for him and I couldn't be happier.

the before: just the outline

the finished product! color and all! 

Awwww he's so cute!! I wanna name him. Seriously. 

It wasn't painful, only in some spots was it a little irritating. The aftermath was worse, my back was killing me. Oh well! Now time to conjure up my next tattoo. Honestly, my mind keeps going to Alice in Wonderland. Hmmm....

What you think?? Can you think of a cute name for my Owl? lol 
::mayra im looking at you!:: 

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Sunday!

Soooo... since blogger did NOT cooperate with me while I typed up this post, I'm not too happy. But I'll try to fill in the added pep missing. My weekend FLEW! Specifically because I worked Saturday night & since I had off Sunday, I jam packed that day! Specifically with food. But it's all good :) 

Sunday began with 1 of my 3 fur babies cooperating for some picture taking

Jose & I scoping out a spot we will be taking engagement pictures at in a few weeks [and it was cold!!!] 

Lunch at Bobby's Burger Palace [as in Bobby Flay, and fyi them burgers & fries are the shit!!] 

and a Sunday Pasta dinner with my family. yum!!! 

All in all, a really nice Sunday. And a great part was helping my mom clean, watch my sister cook & my husband play video games and all of them say "you should put this on your blog!" Gotta love that support system lol

How was YOUR weekend?