Monday, April 30, 2012

You make me so very happy!

Our anniversary has come and gone and it was the best! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night together, all in the hands of Jose. And let me tell you - this man stepped it up! We had dinner at The Melting Pot in a booth on "lovers lane" [as they called it] we were all alone and it was the shit. Not only that but in the booth were roses [my first EVER flowers from him!] & the champagne glasses we used at our wedding! Plus, a cake made to replicate our wedding cake. Than we came home and enjoyed more champagne in bed :) Seriously - such a great night. And also thank you SO MUCH for the sweet anniversary wishes from my last post! :) very much appreciated

us looking fresh in our anniversary best

how adorable

my man!

me, my roses & my handy dandy polaroid!

we are classy. champagne & friends in bed

but how DOPE is it we celebrated with a bottle of CJR - our first and last initials! that shit cray! 

The perfect anniversary! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year!

On Sunday [the 29th] Jose & I will be celebrating our one year wedding anniversary! That year has flown by so fast - I truly can not believe it's been a year all ready. It was a strange year being a newlywed, moving in with my mom to save up to buy a house only 3 months after getting married. I feel like our "newlywed" status was stolen from us in a way. And then came the realization that I wanted to start my own photography business... and my husband saying he will be there for me along the way. Now it will be OUR business and I can't believe we are trying to make this happen. TOGETHER. Without him, I don't think I'd be as brave and fearless as I am going into this. 

To my husband [ah!] - the man who makes me laugh harder than anyone else. Who knows how I'm feeling without me saying a word. Who loves as passionately as I do. Who sees the stupid shit people do and brings it up to me and I scream "THANK GOD!! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME!" Who takes me out to sushi though he'd rather be eating Burgers. Who drinks beer at dinner though he'd rather be drinking coke. Who hates when I wear socks to bed cos he wants to rub his feet on my feet, not my socks! 

I love you Jose!! [yes he reads my blog, everyday! and he reads your comments! everyone say HI JOOOSSEEE!!!] I love being married to you and living with you and sharing life with you. I love talking about our future and our dreams and all the things we want to do. Most of all, I love when we talk about our dreams and than make them come true. There's nothing we can't do :D


And now to lighten up the rest of this post - my absolute favorite picture from our wedding!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is where I'm meant to be...

We have been really busy getting things started for our business over here! It is NOT easy! In fact - there's so much to do we don't know where to begin! But we do know we need a "portfolio" so we've been working hard scheduling photo shoots & building up that portfolio. We are also working real hard on our logo so that we can finally make a facebook page & website!! Eeeekk! It's crazy cos just these beginning stages of our business is fun... I can not wait until this becomes our full-time career.

While we continue to work real hard on everything - here are just some sneak peaks of what we've been up to! 

 a lovely engagement shoot

 yes I shoot birthday parties :) this one was fun!

another engagement shoot! 

Engagement shoots so far are my absolute favorite to shoot. I love love love them! and that's mostly what we have lined up for May. Once all our stuff is in place I'll be sharing it here so you all can help me spread the word!! Yes we are willing to travel!! [we are also talking about maybe doing a trip to the west coast next summer & would love to do some photo shoots out there! it's totally a year away... BUT if anyone is interested!! holla at me!!]Di

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things :D

Okay so here's something I never really talk about her on my blog... I am a super geek. I am super passionate about my interests & the things I love [and for real - EVERYONE should be!] And I'm also really into childish things lol. Example? These POP! dolls by Funko. You know you've seen them cos they are everywhere. They have a TON of dolls and they are all of things I LOVE and I want them all. Yesterday while out with Jose, I ran into some new ones and bluntly said "I'm going to start collecting these". They are the cutest little dolls and it's strange cos they have ALL my favorite things looking so adorable! So how can I not?

So here are some of my favorite things in POP! dolls... 

The Beatles!! LOVE the beatles

we all know how much I love Disney... so of course I need THE MAN!! 

and we all know how much I LOVE nightmare right?? i wanted my bridal shower themed after nightmare before christmas for god sakes! 

for real for real... I have been obsessed since the first time I saw Star Wars in theatres... "boba fett? boba fett? where??" [yes i can recite it]

i've loved batman since i was little :) batman is the first movie i saw in theatres [I was 4! sick right?] and i've loved it ever since! like you don't understand how much I LOVE batman!! 

i love all things disney... naturally i love even the villains. and by far, my favorite villain is maleficent from sleeping beauty. fucking scared the SHIT out of me when i was little. and now? i've grown to LOVE her! so i NEED maleficent!!

along with loving disney is loving all things pixar. my favorite pixar movie is THE INCREDIBLES! [though ratatouille is reallll close behind]. my absolute favorite character from incredibles is Edna Mode!! She is HYSTERICAL!! the best!! and look! she's a pop! doll! lol

So YAY! Now you know I'm legit a weirdo/geek/nerd. I am very much in love with what I love. And this isn't all! there are so many more POP! dolls of things I love... but I'm not gonna drag out this post anymore.

Are you in love with any of the same things as me??  
Star Wars? Batman? Disney??
I'd LOVE to know! :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Perfect Outfit: Anniversary Dinner

Guess what!?!?! On Sunday Jose & I are celebrating our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary!! My god.. I really can not believe it's been one year. Do any of you remember when this lovely blog of mine used to be called Brown Eyed Bride to Be & I blogged for a year & a half about my wedding planning! Damn that feels like a minute ago! 

So in honor of us celebrating & popping some bubbly this weekend, this week's perfect outfit is themed around an Anniversary Dinner. We have celebrated our "dating" anniversary's before but since this one is our very first wedding anniversary I was only thinking "fancy dress" in my head! I have NO CLUE what we are doing [since he is planning it! aww] but in my imagination - this is what I'm wearing

shop this look here

I chose red & black accessories because those were our wedding colors. Throw in a nude clutch, my signature fragrance [which I also wore on our wedding day] and some bubbly and tada! I am all dressed for a romantic night out with my husband! :D

Yay!! So I must know [as usual]... what is your perfect outfit for an Anniversary Dinner? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

BLOW & Blue...

A new week has begun! Wow the weekends just fly by now. Well I'm excited to share my fun bright ass look from the Friday night :) Jose & I were on our way out to dinner with our friends when he said "your outfit would be a great post for your blog". Good thinking kid!! So we ran outside & took some quick pictures :D Props to Jose for even thinking of it - maybe he should be running this blog? lol 

By the way... Friday, I got my hair blown out at BLOW in NYC & I LOVED it! I raved about going to Dry Bar a couple months ago but in all honesty - this was way better! The experience at the Dry Bar is great with the movies and drinks but Blow was a WAY BETTER hair job! He blow dried my thick ass hair & curled it all within an hour! It took the girl at Dry Bar TWO hours to do that - and honestly, my hair didn't look half as good as it did this time from Blow! So next time your in the city looking for a GOOD blow job [ha!] - go to Blow :D

 damn that hair is looking fresh!!

blazer - h&m
shirt - old navy
jeans - american eagle
shoes - shoemint
bracelets - h&m/bauble bar
bag - urban outfitters

Friday, April 20, 2012

Currently Craving: Flat Sandals

One of this season's popular styles is the flat sandals and I am totally on board with this one. Nothing screams comfort more than sandals & I am all about comfort! Though I am more of a flip flop girl, I'm totally love the look of sandals this season. With the bands across the top of the foot and the variety of colors you can find them in, they are super cute & so comfortable to walk in! 

Who can resist the Asos & Old Navy pair for less than $20? I know I cant! :)

On that note - Have a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Temptations: Chains, chains, chains!

It's no secret I love me some chained jewelry. I own a ton of jewelry with chains - what can i say? I'm gangsta like that! not really but anyways. So for this week's thursday temptations I'm sharing all the chained goods out there that are seriously tempting me. It's amazing how many different forms, sizes, and colors chain jewelry comes in and is it possible I want it all? The fun part about this post is ALL this jewelry is from Etsy! Way to support them girls out there making chains & making money!! 

Yes chains are insanely trendy right now but sue for me actually loving it, not cos it's "popular" and everyone else has it. I happen to LOVE it and really can't choose which one to get next! :D 

Tempted by any of these beauties??
Oh! And if you own any of the above, PLEASE let me know what you think :) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oooh it's magic!

I bet you thought I was done with our  Disney vacation posts!! Nope!! I still got a few more... including Harry Potter World!! [wizarding world of harry potter sounds too corny to me]

Our fourth day was spent at the Magic Kingdom! It truly was a magical day! It was the first time the whole trip Jose & I actually spent some alone time together [it was only 3 hours at the end of our day at magic kingdom, my mom & sister went to the hotel early - we stayed in the park longer to go on rides]. When we came back and shared what our favorite moment of the trip was, it was our alone time riding the people mover. By the way - the people mover is the BEST! You just sit there and tour fantasy land from above. Who knew THAT would be our most favorite moment of the entire trip?? 

It was a fun day!! We ate breakfast with Winnie the Pooh & Tigger too! [and eeyore! when eeyore came to our table we all went "Awwwwww!"] We got SOAKED on splash mountain, almost sick to our stomaches on the tea cups & FINALLY went on space mountain [it is the SHIT!] As we left the park, I looked back one last time at Cinderella's Castle and almost cried. I love being there & just wanted to soak it in until the next time we went. I miss it all ready :( 

what up walt!? what up mickey!? 

winnie the pooh and jose too!

tigger totally head butted me before this picture... and that shit HURT!! 

THE most amazing snack

on the tea cups... spinning... 

us on the people mover in pure bliss... and my hair ruined from splash mountain!

now it's time to say goodbye :( 

... until we meet again.

::sigh:: i miss disney world! i wanna go back!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Perfect Outfit: Girl at the Rock Show

This week's perfect outfit is for the girl at the rock show! This is a look that doesn't necessarily need to be only worn at a rock show but here's the thing... most girls are afraid of this look! So I'll instead make a simple scenario in which any girl can proudly rock it & not be afraid! This weeks look is inspired my by sister-in-law, who dresses like this on a daily basis, and said I should totally do a "bad ass rocker outfit" look for the blog! LOVED her thinking :) I asked for her help on this outfit & she recommended a bunch to me which inspired the pieces below! I LOVE this outfit! It's so BAD ASS! 

shop this look here

First off, ANY of these pieces can easily be worn alone. The leather jacket is a staple! The skirt can be worn with a more "girly" top if you'd like. And my sister in law swears the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes are THE most comfortable shoes ever! [she should know! she owns 3 different pairs of them!] But together, this outfit will make you fit right in at a rock show. Add some silver inspired jewelry, a fringy bag and you got yourself looking BAD ASS! Trust! 

who would ROCK this look to a rock show?
now, who would rock this look this weekend while you're out?? do it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I live & breathe this Philadelphia freedom!

How was everyone's weekend?? Mine was pretty great considering I had a 3 day weekend [something unheard of in retail!!] Saturday Jose & I spent our day off in Philadelphia! It was our first time really walking around and checking out the city and we love it! So slow paced compared to New York, so much cleaner, soooo walkable [not the Manhattan isn't]. It was a fun day & we can't wait to go back for another day trip. 

independence hall!

random board game pieces all around 

the city of brotherly love! 

where's the fresh prince statue?? 

my 1st cheesesteak EVER! it was good! 

But the foody highlight was the ice cream we had at Franklin Fountain! My #1 must do to anyone that travels to Philly! Get your hands on this delicious ice cream! Sooo good! 

Has anyone ever been to Philadelphia??
If you have visited or even live/lived there, what are YOUR philly foody highlights??