Tuesday, May 29, 2012

she's my little hipster girl!

Wow... It's unofficially summer now!!! Memorial day weekend has come and gone! Mine kicked ass - yes I worked the whole time shooting photos but I loved it! Can get used to that being my for real job REAL QUICK! Thursday night officially kicked off my weekend - Jose, his brother & I went into Manhattan to check out our friend Kiirstin's show! Talk about hipster overload in this spot! There were some serious characters at this place - but we had a good time, being out until 2 in the morning making fun of hipsters, having a HUGE talk about top 5 best and worst LOST characters and figuring out who exactly could Christian Grey in a movie - though none of us have read fifty shades of grey yet - i only read 2 chapters and haven't had much time to read since but whatever! 

i didn't dress my hipster best - i dressed my NYC best with my favorite bauble bar necklace :) 

my brother in law has the dopest beard - and random people come up and compliment him on it. and thats what just happened in this pic above. 


 Kiirstin in action!

 Kiirstin in color! :) 

Kiirstin used to be the lead singer of the band Jose & his brother had... THAS how we know her! 

love this little lady :) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Outfit!

Yay to the Holiday Weekend!! I have off the whole weekend - but I'm working the entire time lol. However!! It's for Photography so yay!!!! I'm second shooting a wedding tomorrow & than Jose & I are shooting an Engagement Party Sunday [which is also my moms birthday!!]  Crazy weekend!! 

But Monday is MEMORIAL DAY!! I love any patriotic holidays. Besides the actual importance of the holidays, it's a time to hang out, BBQ & enjoy the day. This Perfect Outfit is seriously.. my perfect outfit, and pretty much an every day outfit. Jeans, t-shirt, flip flops - yup! Sounds right

memorial day outfit

necklace / pants / sunglasses / shoes


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, Bauble Bar!

It is no secret that I love Bauble Bar. I've talked about them countless times on their blog and I instagram the shit out of the jewelry I get from there. It's great stuff! I can not get enough! And they know it too! Cos if you look real closely on their pinterest boards you might see a couple pictures that look familiar :) like the ones below... 


My love for Bauble Bar is never over. They are CONSTANTLY adding new baubles to their bar and I am stocking up!! Here are a few pieces I'm currently loving... 

Yes I have that gorgeous mint necklace in coral ...  and it is THAT amazing that when I saw the second color, I DIED!!! This is nothing too - there is sooooooo much more I want from them! 

Who else is loving Bauble Bar?
Have I sold you yet? Cos you NEED to get with it! Promise, you will LOVE them :) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shit that makes me cry...

For those that don't know (and there aren't too many of you that do) - I am a BIG fucking baby when I watch movies. I cry at EVERYTHING!! For real though, it's sad. I almost cry in Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds end (the third one) when the Pirates decide to fight the East India Trading Company... please tell me you know what I'm talking about. It's not even a sad part lol but I get emotional!! I cry all the time! And I got no shame!! I enjoy crying lol it lets me know I have feelings and everything is touching :D so guess what this post is about?? SHIT THAT MAKES ME CRY!!

Now... yes I cry at everything but there are some movies that no matter WHAT, I 100% cry every single time I watch it. I can literally turn on the movie 10 seconds before that part and STILL cry!! And I know everyone has moments like this lol so I'm sharing mine!!

1. Sound of Music - Edelwiess
if you haven't seen the sound of music - you HAVE to. It's not what you think. It looks cheesy but it is a very serious musical. Jose made fun of it like crazy til he saw it...now he sings along with me when I play it in the car :) Edelweiss is by far the saddest song in the movie. And the second time it is sung KILLS me. Captain Von Trapp is about to be sent off to help the Nazi's in the war [which he doesn't want to do] and sings a song to his homeland, Austria - and when they sing along with him [almost like putting their foot down to the Nazi that they cant take away their pride] I just about die. So just forward the clip to 1:30 and grab some tissues. lol 

2. Field of Dreams - The Ending
This scene kills me... because you realize what the entire movie Field of Dreams is about. It's about Ray [Kevin Costner] connecting with his father, who has long been passed away. He sees his father again and speaks to him, plays catch with him. My father has been passed away for 7 years and it always makes me think... "What if I had the chance to see him again? Talk to him? I'd want him to meet Jose! I'd want to tell him I love him" It just makes me sad on so many levels. And I think anyone who wanted the chance to see and speak with a lost parent again would totally get this. 

3. Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows
I was a Harry Potter fan late in life... but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the books, the movies and these characters. I grew to LOVE them. And watching every movie. So when the final film came and showed the ending exactly like it was in the book - I bawled my EYES out. And still do!! Why? Cos I realized this would be the last time I'd see these beloved characters - ever. It's sad to think Harry Potter is no more. And everytime i watch this I'm reminded all over again. It's a bittersweet moment. Scratch that - this whole movies makes me cry! I mean Harry Potter fans - SNAPE!!?? 

4. UP opening scene
Oh COME ON!!!! The minute this scene started I knew it wasn't going to end good. Fucking Pixar - within the first 10 minutes of the movie they SLAP you with the saddest thing I've ever seen!!! I was dying in the theatre's!! Mostly because I literally fear the day Jose & I will part in life... so this didn't help that feeling at all!! We saw it in the theatre's and when it was over, I just laid my head on his shoulder and bawled my eyes out. The music is just unbelievable - i can't even listen to that without getting sad. 

5. Muppets Take Manhattan - Kermit & Miss Piggy get married
This scene has been making me cry since I was 4 years old!! I love the Muppets and the Muppet movies - but this one takes the cake. I can't explain why. The song is beautiful (I almost walked down the aisle to it at my wedding!) And how everyone in the church ends up singing in the end is just the sweetest thing. I don't know why but I guaranteed cry EVERY SINGLE TIME!! 

Honestly - I could go on all day long with this post lol cos like I said I cry at every thing! But I'd say for now, this is my top 5! 

Does anyone else cry in these moments??
Let me know your crying movie moments!! I'd seriously love to know! lol 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Being Real

I haven't blogged in a week... and honestly, it's felt nice. I had no want to blog, no inspiration & I wasn't gonna fake it. I simply need a break. And I may still be on a break this week - still contemplating. 

I've been blogging for over 3 years - and now I've realized what this blog has come to be. It's a creative outlet, a place where I can put my thoughts and likes and throw it out into the void. Three years of blogging and I feel like I'm just writing to myself half the time. I've just been wondering exactly what I'm blogging for now. Now that we are working on our website I've been busy blogging our pictures and posts over there before it launches and realized that blog may one day become my full-time blog & Sequins, Plaids & Paws may fall off the waist side. And then what will I do? Will I mind? I'm not too sure but running two blogs is all ready a lot and honestly, I feel more like myself over there.

I don't know what will happen but right now I'm not worrying about blogging constantly here. Just when I feel like it. And this post really feels good to write! Maybe I should do just that - be more honest with my readers & myself :) 

I've been crazy busy with the business, working on the website and figuring out a ton of empty holes. Than this weekend is jam packed. A wedding Saturday [my 2nd wedding of the year!!!] , an Engagement Party Sunday, Memorial Day & than our first baseball game of the season! Things have been really great! Just wanted to let ya know :) 

Jose & I from this weekend - overexposed and smiley 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Senorita Margarita!

Happy new week!! Hope you all had a great weekend - and Mothers Day. We spent Mothers Day very simply - at home, relaxing, enjoying the gorgeous day it was outside and mixing up some impromptu margaritas [my mom's favorite drink!] It was a nice casual day home - which is great considering how insanely busy I am the rest of this week! 

mama and her margarita and the sun blaring in her face lol

1 shot of silver tequila [we used avion], some minute maid cherry limeade and a lime to garnish - voila! 

me and my one fur baby - the others wouldn't pose for shit [oh and MY HAIR'S RED!!]

terrible picture of my mama, fabulous picture of Riddle! lol 

How was your weekend?? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Perfect Outfit - Mothers Day Brunch

Mothers Day is Sunday! Hope you've figured out what way you'll be treating your mama/aunt/grandma/whoever on that day & letting em know they are special. Personally, I think I spoil my mama. She got a brand new dining room makeover [courtesy of us!] for her birthday last year than an iPad for christmas [again, from us!]. She is SPOILED! But that's how it should be :) She took care of me A LOT growing up and now she deserves the best back! Though we don't know exactly what we are doing that day - I've always imagined taking her out to a nice brunch that day and what better excuse to dress up than mothers day brunch? 

Yes - that is a skirt with oxfords. Try it, you'll love it. I am all about looking cute but being comfortable. Nothing is more comfortable than a skirt, or a dress for that matter. No cinching at the waist, tight around your thighs. And oxfords are right up there. They are sharp looking but super comfy and I choose comfort over cute most days anyway. Which is why I have more loafers in my closet than heels.

Will any of you be spoiling any of your mama's out there this Mothers Day?
I will be! And though I'm saving the good gifts for her birthday later this month, I'll still share on Monday how we celebrated here :) 

Ooh you so retro!

Here's something most people don't know about me... because something like this has never really come up in conversation so it hasn't been discussed. I am into retro/vintage-looking goodies. Old-school 1950s era looking goodies. Mixed in with some 70s lunch boxes... all of it appeals to me. Even the clothes. I could buy everything off ModCloth if I had the money to. Anything that looks like it belongs in an earlier time is my taste and I have a ton of it on my radar right now, these being a few.

1. Star wars lunchbox - for real? I'd ROCK my lunch to work in this. This or batman. 
2. This bicycle. I've been DYING for a bike. but no sporty or mountain bikes. A cute, colorful bike I can maybe add a basket to in the front. Yup.. thats my kind of bike
3. One piece bathing suits. Super cute!
4. Cat eye sunglasses. Can we get any more retro?
5. THIS camera. OMG... this was made for me. I died when I saw it... and now i must have it. 

But the NUMBER ONE thing on my list right now...

My father used to have the dopest record player & I have always loved the way records sounded. I've been saying for years that I want my own, even when I was in high school I wished for one! Well now I've found the one I want! :D Though I'm not sure exactly where I'd put it while we are here living at my moms... I wouldn't mind putting it in storage and waiting to use it when we buy our first home :D

SOO! Who is into other Retro Goods? Ooh or, who has a record player?? C'mon! Isn't it the shit?? 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where's my striped plunger at!?

Right now Joss & Main is running a sale on Alice Supply Co. I have loved Alice Supply Co. for years now! Everything about them is appealing to me. I do not shy away from color in the slightest - so to bring it into my home?? Even better! Who wouldn't wanna pull out their colorful tool box and brightly striped hammer to do some work?? Or even a colorful BROOM?? Looking for some color in your life? Look no further than Alice Supply Co!

You can shop the sale at Joss & Main here for the next day! 

Have you heard of Alice Supply Co before? 
Glad to introduce you, if you haven't :) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos mi Amor!!

Happy Monday!! How was everyone's Kentucky Derby/ Cinco de Mayo weekend?? Everyone I know was busy working so I didn't do too much except watch the big boxing fight that night at my brother in laws for an hour than went home lol. Buuuuuttt I did get to enjoy some quality time with my [fur] boys at home cos it was our dog Riddle's 3rd birthday Saturday!! He got SPOILED this year! [Not just by me but his grandma too :)] And not only Riddle but Lando & Hitchcock [the cat] got gifts too! A great birthday enjoyed by all :) AND I took pics! Enjoy watching Riddle celebrate his birthday - with a party hat and all! 

riddle loves opening gifts.. so naturally, i wrapped them! 

 the birthday boy with his favorite gifts!!

 it's my birthday & i'll pout if i want to

this kid loves his toys

I highly suggesting making the most of your pets birthdays! They aren't here forever so let them enjoy it & enjoy it with them! :D 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Perfect Outfit: Cinco de Mayo! Ayayayaya!!!

This week's Perfect Outfit is themed around Cinco de Mayo!! What a fun holiday for no reason at all.. just a big old excuse for all of us to get dressed, go drinking and eat mexican food. Cinco de mayo could be any day lol. But regardless - let's get us dressed for it! 

When I think Cinco de Mayo I think BRIGHT colors, mexican decorations [like pinatas] & margarita's! I am all about bright colors and mixing bright colors so this outfit is screaming to be worn by me! Love the big flowers on the sandals and the contrast the necklace [which I actually have in coral!] and the nail polish bring to it. What a fun outfit for a night out! 

I'm super excited every year for Cindo De Mayo for one reason.... 

it's this boy's birthday!!! 

Thaaaaaaat's right! On saturday - Riddle is turning 3!! It's 21 in dog years!! So guess who's having his first corona on Saturday?? :D no seriously.. is beer ok for dogs cos I totally will give him one if it is! 

How are YOU "celebrating" Cinco de Mayo??
Anyone watching the fight?? :D

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You gotta stay bright to be the light of the world!

No joke.. Jose is the best gift giver ever. Gifts are not are what it's all about but this man LIVES for knocking me out of my feet when it comes to gifts. He's admitted it himself - it's his absolute favorite part of any holiday, birthday & now... anniversary. And he even prides himself on being good lol. Okay - think I blew up his head enough right now. 

Needless to say, our anniversary was no different. Yes he stepped it up with a fantastic dinner. Everything there was a gift enough! I loved it... but nope! He wasn't done! He suprised me with tickets to see GODSPELL on broadway!! [I LOVE godspell so I was souped - and it was amazing!!] But besides that, he also included another beauty... my very own Cambridge Satchel! I've blogged about them TWICE on this blog and NOW!?? I got one!! Souped!! He chose which color I would get and decided there was no other way to do it but BRIGHT ASS NEON YELLOW!!

 the wrapping paper was too pretty to rip open...

 but the beauty inside was amazing!!!! and this picture doesn't capture it's NEON-NESS at all!!

neither does this one... a snap of me in NYC wearing it on our anniversary 

I will attempt to capture it's true neon-ness ... and notice my neon pink nails and neon orange spiked bracelet in the above photo? I think I'm digging neon on top of neon on top of neon!