Friday, June 29, 2012

There's gotta be more to life..

I warn you - this may be the longest post EVER on this blog. But I need to get this out and this is where it needs to go.

We have been living with my mom for a year now saving up to buy a house. And the longer we stay here - the more I get the feeling I do not want to live in New Jersey anymore. I'm finding more and more not so appealing about this state. The best thing about it? Besides the obvious fact that the majority of my family is here... it's close to New York City! It's not even a perk about Jersey itself. 

 chicago - our trip in October

My mom has always encouraged us to travel and see new cities and I've seen a lot of the major cities in the United States. And I can't help but feel every time I visit one that life could be good there. I've fallen in love with a lot of cities, some a lot more than others, and really don't want to let fear stop me from living a much nicer, less stressful life somewhere else. Less stressful because the cost of living isn't AS expensive as Jersey is. And what we want for our future is just not attainable here. It's just not. 

in Philly in April

Since deciding to start a photography business, I've been even more liberated by this idea. We wanted to start a business, we went, we did it, we are still making moves to get us to become full-time photographers. And it's nice to know you want to do something and than you go and do it. And to leave Jersey and start life completely fresh and new somewhere else - the thought alone is liberating. 

 Coronado [southern california] - June 2005

It's strange because a year ago Jose said "let's just leave Jersey!" and I was the one saying "i dont know..." and now our roles have changed. I know it'll be scary and challenging and totally new... but there's something great about that. Our family can visit us, we can visit them. But stopping my life from moving forward because of not being close to to the things I know should not stop me from living my life the way I think I should.

me in San Francisco - 2006

The places I have seriously thought about moving to are Philly, which isn't even that far from us, Chicago, DC & Boston. These are places that have constantly kept popping up in my head. Each of them has pros and cons, the cons being how far they are ... and the fact that we have to pay extra to watch a Mets game on tv :) When I am in the cities (I've visited DC, Chicago & Boston several times) I find myself there. And the beauty of having this fresh new business is as of right now, we can go anywhere we want and start it up. I just feel like we are letting our fears get in the way of a life changing experience that in the end will most likely be best for us, just like the photography business!

Washington D.C. - 2009

I HAVE to get this off my chest because it's just something that's been building up inside, something Jose & I are constantly discussing & it's a big part of our life right now and needs to be here, where I'm documenting my life in a way. 

Have any of you ever taken a chance and moved where you wanted to be?
Can anyone relate? 

On this crazy note ...


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's go to the beach each let's go get away!

Lately all that has been on my mind is getting on a beach and getting some much needed relaxation in. Though it doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon since July is shaping up to be another busy month, I'm hoping by August I get my chance. Nothing says "lets go to the beach!" like a cute beach bag. I've all ready bought a new one [this one here] but with so many cute choices out there, who's to say I won't buy another one? :) 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Have a great thursday!! :) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

And now I'm booking a trip to London!

If you haven't heard the news, you've been living under a rock and it's just that simple! The spice girls have announced they are making a musical in London called "Viva Forever"! So yeah - I'll be booking a trip to England as soon as that opens! :) well... i'd like to at least! 

You guys - I was a HUGE spice girls fan when they came out! I even shelled out $200 to see them when they reunited 4 years ago with my girlfriend and it was AMAZING!! I watch Spice World anytime I see it on, pretty much listen to them weekly - the love for them hasn't died. Oh and did I mention their song "stop" was a MUST PLAY at my wedding? Yeah, like that. So I obviously loved this news :) 

Who else was ALL ABOUT the spice girls???
If not - what were you into in the 90s? 
Cos I was a backstreet boys girl, not nsync! [bleh] 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In a camera bag pickle...

So last year I bought myself my first camera bag from Jo Totes, the adorable Rosie in Yellow! I love that bag [and see - even more than a year ago my obsession with yellow had started.] and even blogged about it when I got it! 

But sadly... my bag has broken. The zipper is officially fucked and the straps began to tear a little so now I'm on the hunt for a new bag. I went back to looking at Jo Totes because they are affordable! And for now they are doing the job :) I was all prepared to buy another yellow bag but this time a tiny bit smaller, since the other one was a tiny bit too big. I immediately liked the Betsy bag [in mustard of course!]

BUT!! Then last night while browsing Jo Totes I literally gasped at the sight of a new bag! The Georgia Nautical! You guys... now I am officially stumped. I don't know which to get!!! 

See? even with a yellow dress - the nautical is awesome! It's just a tiny bit bigger than the Betsy but still smaller than my old one - and is so cute that I feel like I could use it as an everyday bag and wouldn't feel like I'm carrying around a camera bag! I dont know!!! 

Which would you choose? The Betsy or the Georgia? 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Instagram my weekend!

Contrary to what some people think about instagram users - I'm not it. As someone who seriously loves taking pictures and always has loved to capture life's little moments - i LOVE instagram b/c it's my way to save all my "instant" pics to one place & not crowd up my camera! I don't see it as a way to be "popular" or get "likes" unlike some people... and I don't do it for that either! I take pictures I like to take. By the way, I really appreciate every single one of my likes & followers over there! Seriously, I have more followers on my instagram that I've had for a year than on my blog that I've had for 3!! Whats up with that? But I do appreciate people follow me interesting enough to even follow! Just goes to show - instant life is my interesting! So enough of me and my bitching - my weekend on instagram!

seriously can't stop wearing my new colored jeans from the gap.

we found some yummy ass expensive pizza - and some not so yummy wine but it did the job :) 

walked past the Milani display for 5 months at work & never noticed these HOT ass colors!?!? what is WRONG with me?? 

last year I blogged about how I love going to the fair and getting me some zeppoles. some of my followers didn't know what they are!?!?! so - me and my beloved zeppole! a big ball of fried dough covered in powdered sugar is heaven people :) 

see - it's them gap jeans again, this time in mint! and my new bauble bar necklace I'm obsessed with. 

and yay to my baby boy, Hitchcock, who turned 5 on saturday!!! it took me 10 minutes to get a good picture of him but he's a cutie & i love him anyway :) 

Oh! and by the way - if ya wanna follow me on Instagram, you can find me at tinalovessequins! :)

Today & tomorrow Jose & I are at a photographer's convention! I'll probably be intsagramming it lol not gonna lie. 
Hope your Monday starts your week off on a good start!! :) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Little Goodies!

It is officially the summer & I'm trying to soak up every moment, despite the INSANE heat we've been having! I'm enjoying every night with a glass of wine, sitting out on the patio with my mom, enjoying nights out with friends - so far, summer is looking good! Here are some little goodies as of lately

 while we don't have our packaging set up just yet - it's fun to play around with it for now :) especially with free ribbon from my mom [who works for a ribbon company!]

 nights on the patio are great when its dark and tiny twinkle lights surround us :)

 my favorite beauty products as of lately. the maybelline lipstick [left] is called "nude nuances" & is my fave new nude! along with my bold MAC colors :) 

ordered a print of our vows from our wedding from Jenna Sue Design on etsy - & love reminiscing every once in a while :) 

found this picture of me from 2008 when we traveled to Dominican Republic for my brothers wedding & my dream came true when I swam with dolphins!! [and they posed with me :) ]

Have a GREAT weekend!!! :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Get Tinted!

Today Jersey is dealing with hot, hot heat [97 degrees today! whoa baby!] and this is not the time to be thinking of all the makeup to pile on top of your face. In the summer, it's all about putting as little makeup on and still feeling sexy. Thank god for tinted makeup. It's a great way to cover up and feel put together without feeling like it's weighing you down. I own three of these products and use a different Stila bronzer I just got in my Birchbox [which I LOVE! check it out HERE] so I swear by all these products :) 

It's HUMP day!! We are out tonight enjoying this hot ass day with our friends! What are you doing? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back in the new york groove!

As I said friday, I was on a mission to get my ass into New York City for the day and I'm proud to report = mission accomplished! We spent most of the day in the city enjoying shake shack [though we had to wait on line for an hour, its worth it!], shopping, walking on the highline & watching "Rock of Ages." It's not the best movie musical but i LOVED it! Best part? HEY MAN!! Please tell me one of you saw Rock of Ages this weekend and you know what I'm talking about. I literally LOST IT every time Hey Man was on screen :) So here are a few snaps from our day in Manhattan :) 

 I picked out the pants - Jose did the rest. I was a bright neon explosion walking down the street in my mint jeans, pink flip flops, bright neon cambridge, "mojito madness" nails & "bikini so teeny" toes :) 

 the empire state building peaking to say "hello!" while we waited for shake shack

 it is always worth the wait!

jose is a slushie fanatic and was souped to find a food truck with all natural slushies! 

 on top of the highline - a MUST see when in new york city

my man looking fly in all black [as usual] 

me and my fresh new red hair [again!] :D

hello new jersey! :) 

There is always so much to do in New York - I always have a constant list of things I want to see! The Highline was one of them & I'm so glad I got to cross that off my list :) I've got a LOT more fun planned for my summer in New York City & can't wait to share em! 

Whats one thing you're dying to do in New York? Whether you live 20 minutes or 20 states away - everyone's got something they wanna see in NYC! What's yours?? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Perfect Outfit... for NYC!

Happy Friday!!! Yay - another week down! Finally Jersey is done with all the rainy days over here and we are supposed to have a gorgeous weekend to enjoy. Today I plan on convincing Jose to take me into the city (as in New York City, Manhattan!) Why? Cos I feel like it! Thats the beauty of living so close to New York. And it got me thinking... when it comes to summer in the city, there really could be a perfect outfit for it! Tons of walking around, lots of dehydrated moments from the heat (nothing my favorite summer drink can't fix - the starbucks passion iced tea lemonade!) & tons of sun! So here's MY perfect outfit for walking around Manhattan in the summer :)

Have any of you been to NYC in the summer?
It can be BRUTAL! What is your perfect NYC outfit? :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Outfit: Black & Yellow

On Sunday Jose & I enjoyed a gorgeous day in Hoboken and took pictures for our website. We had a blast and the pictures came out amazing! We are doing final tweaks on the website and I really can't wait to share it with you... but I also couldn't wait to share a pic of what I was wearing on Sunday. We wanted to take photos in outfits that really represented us. 

We weren't gonna fake it - when you book us, this is what you get. And I loved my outfit. The button down shirt has become my absolute favorite thing to wear... of course with my signature loafers! And I just bought my first [three] pairs of colored jeans/pants this past week and now - I'm obsessed! I wore yellow pants because [as you know from the post 3 days ago] I'm obsessed with the color AND it's apart of our brand! So why not wear it? 

shirt - old navy (similar) 
pants - the gap 
shoes - steve madden

Cant wait to share our website with you!! :) Promise me you'll go and visit and say hi! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Stalk Me"!

Have you noticed anything on the sidebar over there lately??

I'm on currently obsessed! If you haven't heard of Currently Obsessed, you have to check it out. You can go on and "stalk" all of your favorite bloggers and what they are currently obsessed with in the fashion and beauty. It's pretty addictive. & now you can "Stalk me" & all the good shit I'm into lately! Go HERE and stalk me :) my page is a pretty good sum up of me & my tastes - nice and colorful! 

Are you on currently obsessed? isn't it addictive? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Currently Craving: Yellow!

I have grown, over the years, a deep love for the color yellow. I LOVE yellow, all shades of yellow, and I love it everywhere in my life! It's even going to be one of our colors for our business!! :D Everything I want - if it comes it yellow, I want THAT one! So here are a couple yellow things I'm craving :)

1. / 2. / 3. /4. /5. /6.

Yellow is such a HAPPY color and I love the brightness it brings to a day :) 

What's your happy color?? :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesome way to start this week!

Have you seen this video? 
Rebecca Minkoff is the coolest in my book - and this just made her 10X cooler! Makes me wish I knew her cos she seems like a cool chick. If you haven't seen this video - ENJOY!! :) 

Here's to this week flying by and being awesome!! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

I miss Disney!

Yes I am a 26 year old saying this - but I miss Disney. It's been 3 months since we visited Disneyworld and I'm not even gonna lie when I say - I'm dying to go back all ready. I swear we should just move to Florida or California so I can get a season pass and be able to visit whenever I want - cos it will never get old for me. It's my happy place :) & frankly, you're never too old for thrill rides! I've been following a Disney Tumblr called "simple disney things" & this site totally gets me!! lol so from the site, here are some of my "simple disney things" that just make me happy - about the parks :D

& my absolute favorite :D 

Ok I will stop bitching now... 

Have a magical weekend! :D

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The easiest DIY ever!

Jose is turning 30 in September [yup! holy shit...] so I have decided to throw him a un-birthday birthday since he isn't too keen on the idea. I decided to make it Mexican themed basically b/c the guy loves Mexican food & it's a fun theme to work around lol. So far - this is my theme! Unless I have a stroke of genius with another one. Anyways, I've decided to start preparing for it! And the other day I did the simplest DIY for the party - literally 10 minutes and I was done. I saw this idea in Food Network magazine & it came out looking awesome! 

You literally only need a round styrofoam wreath and about 70 drink umbrellas. 

& just stick them all along the wreath, mixing up the colors 

10 minutes later - voila! You got yourself a festive wreath! It can really be used for any summer party, like a tiki party, but because of it's fun colors - it's gonna be great for the Mexican party! :D

Have a fun Thursday!! :D one more day & it's the weekend!!