Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I "loaf" you

It's about to be august which means - time to start shopping for FALL!! I always tell myself I won't get excited for fall in August but when the stores start pushing it in my face, how am I supposed to ignore it?? One store that sucked me in big time is Zara... ESPECIALLY their loafer collection. Holy hell. Those that really KNOW me know I became obsessed with loafers last year and that hasn't stopped. And now Zara has me under their spell ... must. have. zara. loafers. [haha. get it? i "loaf" you loafers!] 

Okay maybe they aren't a "must" but I'll for sure be buying one or two pairs from there. 

What shoes do you love to rock in the fall? 
Let me know! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

A new day has come!

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately and what it is, why I sometimes decide to keep it up, where it's going. And on friday I got my answer. One of my oldest friends from high school that I haven't seen in a long time asked me "so is there any new posts on your blog? the last one i saw was the one of you on the boat".... and that was real early in the week last week. After that post there was no motivation... and than we remembered I've had "blogs" since high school! On three different websites. And suddenly I remembered why I created THIS blog. For ME. It's just a place to put my thoughts, my pictures, my memories of the week, my likes, my dislikes. It all became clear again what this blog is all about. It's about my life & what I like. 

I haven't felt myself on this blog, or in life, in a while but I'm done with that. I'm writing what I want, when I want, about what I like and am back to really enjoy doing it. It also felt really great to know a lot of my best friends from high school have been reading this blog and getting to know me again. I love knowing that I'm actually speaking to a lot more people than I know. I don't get too many comments, and the ones I do are very much appreciated, but it's cool to know people are still reading along. :) 

So I promise I won't disappoint. I'll just be me and continue to do what I do. And if you don't like what I like and write about - you can stop following this blog right now. Cos I'm keeping it real. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm on a boat!!

Wednesday night my friend, Mekina [who I actually met when she asked me to second shoot a wedding with her in May!] invited me and Jose to go on a 3 hour cruise on the Hudson River in NYC on the yacht she works on Friday night. 2 days notice, love it :) Jose, sadly, couldn't go but I decided I was NOT missing out on this chance 1. see her! 2. be on a boat! I'm NEVER on a boat lol so I asked my girl Wendy if she'd be down to go. Of course she said yes [cos she doesn't turn an invitation to chill on a boat either] and we had a great time! Might have been better if we had gorgeous weather but we still had fun & hope to do it again! Oh and did I mention this was my 3rd weekend in New York City? It was a mini goal of mine to get into NYC as much as possible in 2012 and so far, I'm kicking ass! 

 the bar in the middle of the boat! GORGEOUS! 

 my date fort the night, the lovely wendy :) 
me, my trusty colored jeans I can't stop wearing and the freedom tower being built behind me!

windy & cold as hell but we were loving it!

 the group of girls we hung with all night!

 & lovely lady liberty. she was so much more beautiful than i remembered! i havent seen her since high school lol

me and the wonderful Mekina!! I love her i swear she's the sweetest! :) 

And that's how I spent my friday night! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Holl-er! The nordstrom anniversary sale is ON right now. It's crazy to be looking at all the fall pieces all ready... has that time really come?? But I love me some good bargains but than again who doesn't? Here are just a couple things that caught my eye in the sale going on right now!!

Get on over to Nordstrom and shop the anniversary sale!
Is this getting you excited for fall yet? Cos I'm trying to resist it and soak up summer a little bit more! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you really knew me...

(photo taken by Jose this past weekend in NYC)

I saw this on Explore.Dream.Discover [one of my favorite blogs!] and thought it was a cute idea! So I decided it would be today's post that way you can get to know me a little better. and if you do it or did it, let me know in the comments! 

If you really knew me...
- you'd know I actually had crazy wavy hair instead of straight hair like I only show on my blog.

- you'd know I really want another dog. there are too many homeless dogs in shelters and i don't think we should be selfish only thinking about our needs. we should help them too.

- you'd know im a pain in the ass when it comes to going to sleep, everything must be perfect.

- you'd know im not always interested in watching a movie. i really need to be in the mood.

- you'd know i used to bite my nails down to the cuticle. thats why i think i'm so obsessed with nail polish, i never really had nails to paint!

- you'd know my body hates the sun. i get hives when i set out in the sun too long and have to wear sunglasses constantly because my eyes are crazy sensitive to the sun.

-  you'd know i've been developing a crazy fear of heights over the past couples years. i was never afraid of heights EVER and now everything I do - if it's too high, i'm terrified! 

- you'd know im insanely in love with all things disney. i've said this before here on the blog but i don't think you get it. we just went to Disneyworld in march and i all ready want to go back! everything about disney I love.

- you'd know i suffered with very bad acne in high school & sadly, have the scars to prove it and i am insanely self conscious about it. i hate it.

- you'd know i know my music. i recognize voices easily and can figure out who sings a song, i know songs from YEARS ago. i will always win in the category of music trivia.

- you'd know i'm always down for a good time and trying something new. unless i financially cant at the moment or work is permitting me, I am always down to go somewhere and try things out. 

And that's all for now! :)
This was fun! Let me know if you do it. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Connect with me at our photography business!

We have been busy getting work and working on photography business, Tina & Jose Photography [yes our names! no better way to "brand" yourself than with yourself!] & I figured it was about time I share a few things here, since my followers have always been very sweet and supportive of the business :) 

We have been working on our website for a few months now - not that it's going to look fantastic or anything [we hope to make it look nice and pretty once we really become full time photographers] but we just want to make sure we have our pricing all set the way we would want before putting it out there. In the meantime, you can find us EVERYWHERE else! 

You can find us on pinterest HERE - and truth be told, I'm totally obsessed with our pinterest boards so far! 

Of COURSE we are on instagram! You can follow us at tinajosephoto or HERE

You can also follow us on twitter! So if you're on twitter - find us HERE

And if you follow us we'll follow back cos we are all about making friends and connecting with others :)

So THERE YA GO! I hope you come find us at one of those three hot spots :D
in the meantime - i cant WAIT to get that website out there! very soon!! ::crosses fingers:: 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Craving: Cross Body Bags

I absolutely love cross body bags and lately, even more so. It's just so much easier to walk around with your bag strapped around you and not swinging around - especially when I seem to always have a camera in my hand and I don't want my bag in the way. My cambridge has become my ultimate cross body bag, I love it! But it's neon yellow and I am terrified of getting it dirty so something a little bit more neutral is looking good to me in my future. Here are a few more "everyday" cross body bags I'm loving. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Currently Craving: Green

The other day while looking in my closet I realized I really lack the color green - and that needs to change. I have grown to really like green & almost see it better for "dressing up" than other colors. Here are some green pieces I'm currently craving. 

What color are you currently craving to add into your wardrobe? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mercier Beaucoup!

Have you heard of Mercier Beaucoup? Well now you have and your welcome. If you're into totally cute and fun cards for all occasions, here's a place to go crazy at! I'm in love with all the cards and they will come handy since we have a few weddings coming up... and the dreaded month of September with all the birthdays I have to celebrate. 

A few of my favorites :) cute right? 

Shop Mercier Beaucoup here

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot child in the City!

How was everyone's weekend? Hope it was a good one. Besides have a terrible stomach virus on Saturday, my weekend was nice. Friday night was spent with my mom in Manhattan to see the Philharmonic play at Lincoln Center. It was SO nice to do something so different and out of the box! Seeing a live orchestra perform in front of you is great and I HIGHLY recommend it if you travel to NYC and want to do something unique! I've never been to Lincoln Center and was in LOVE with it! I am now DYING to take engagement pictures there! Before going to see the Philharmonic, we took a few photos - sadly not with my DSLR. Another reason I hope to go back, get better pictures next time! 

you can't tell by this picture but it was DISGUSTINGLY hot out

 I was too overdressed for the Philharmonic but oh well! :)

my adorable mom - and the metropolitan opera house behind her!

inside Avery Fisher Hall. So pretty!

and a closer look - mostly cos of my new bauble bar necklace! It was my first time wearing it and I got 5 compliments from strangers that night! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Little Goodies!

This week has been fun. I always love the 4th of July and am always so sad it's over but now it's time to really soak in summer. Tonight my mom and I are heading into NYC to catch the Philharmonic play at Lincoln Center. I am SO excited cos this is my first time to Lincoln Center! Next time I hope to see a ballet or the opera! :) Will share more pictures on Monday but for now - these are the little goodies that made my week!

I tried Macarons (thanks Jacin!) for the first time this week - and loved all of them except the chocolate! bleh!

my vince camuto dress I'll be wearing to the philharmonic tonight -  maaaaybe with the pearls 

 planning a Boudoir party with my girlriends! Cant wait to take photos of them all! dont judge the handcuffs :) 

Hitchcock rolling around in my "sexy" lingerie lol 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparkle & Shine!

Well the 4th of July has come and gone... wow! This year is seriously is flying by! It makes me realize how much I want to soak in the summer and enjoy it before it's fall! Hope you all had a great holiday! Ours was fun with my family - every year my sister has a bbq cos she has a great view of nearby fireworks. But this time we added sparklers to the mix!! I found them the other day at the mall and it was the first time in YEARS we had sparklers so we had fun! :) 

 my two older sisters and me :)

 my sister, nephew & niece - what a cute family!

 remind me never to cock my head again in a picture

lots of fun with sparklers

they look strange - but they are fireworks!

And now back to work. 4th of July should never be celebrated during the week again! 

Have a awesome thursday! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a wonderful day!

I'll be working in the morning [hey! time & a half, can't really complain!] and than enjoying bbq, beer, fireworks & sparklers with my family! :) how are you celebrating? 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's see that red, white & blue!

It's 4th of July EVE! What are your plans for tomorrow? I, sadly, will be working in the morning - than heading over to my sister's house in the evening for her annual 4th of July party where we bbq, drink & watch fireworks! I can NOT wait for that! I always love patriotic holidays [memorial day included] and always wanted to dress the part... props to the bloggers below for doing so successfully!

all images via pinterest

This year I'll be attempting to do so :) why? cos it's the most I can do on this patriotic holiday to show I love my country. New Jersey? Not so much - but still proud to be an American regardless of how fucked up we can be as a nation. You thought it - I'm just saying it :) Though I sadly won't be rocking the necklace ... the outfit below is looking pretty dead on. 

and I am STILL hunting down that red, white & blue bottle of Chandon. Since champagne has become my latest obsession [no joke - we enjoy at least 2 bottles a week. No need for an occasion, just INDULGE!] I am all about the americana bottle of Chandon! And some sam adams :) 

How YOU spending 4th of July?? 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dog days of summer!

How was everyone's weekend? My weekend went real fast considering Sunday was the only day I had off! And yesterday was CRAZY hot in Jersey! We enjoyed it by having brunch with my mom & sister than taking the dogs for a hot, sweaty walk & than letting them enjoy the summer day in their new pool we got them. And oh my goodness did they enjoy it! They were the cutest & that pool is the best $7 I've spent yet. I was so glad to see them so happy :) 

 Lando is just all about playing!

 but of course he tires very quickly

 if we left Riddle alone, he would have figured out a way to swim in that tiny pool. He loved the pool! 

and for anyone who wonders why we named him Riddle - behold the question mark marking on his back! :)

Also - thank you SO MUCH for all the great comments on friday's post! I loved reading all of them and hearing your personal stories of venturing out and moving to where you desired, it got me fueled up even more! I appreciate it SO much! :) and Jose read them as well and it got him thinking too! So YAY!!!! :D 

How was your weekend?