Friday, August 31, 2012

The time has come...

Well, this is it. The end of summer. Summer flies by every year and this year seemed to go way to fast. I didn't even make it to the beach this year! But I'm not too upset about it because here comes Fall & I do love fall so much. September is always an INSANE month with 6+ birthdays being seriously celebrated [including Jose's!!] - and this September we are taking a nice weeklong staycation from work :) can NOT wait for that! Plus I have the opportunity to shoot another wedding at the end of this month! 

September is shaping up to be an awesome month! 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodnight bitches :)

Not gonna lie - I am a BUM! & when it comes to going to sleep, nothing makes me happier. After a long day of working, going out, hell - doing nothing - I never fail to enjoy going to sleep. I'm a night owl for sure but there's nothing like going to sleep... can't explain it very well lol.  

But sleep is a process for me. I am a very particular sleeper & I annoy the HELL out of Jose because when it come's to going to sleep - we are polar opposites in what we need. He is always hot, I'm always freezing... he likes the TV off, I need it on until I go to sleep [thank god for sleep timers on TV's!] So naturally I've become attached to these "sleeping habits" I've developed over the years b/c it's the only way I go to sleep with him in bed with me... and it's what I'm used to :) 

Pajama Pants - I'm a pajama pants & t-shirt girl. Always wore sleep pants to bed instead of a nightie or just undies. These pants look nice and comfy :) 

Sleeping Mask - this has become a MUST for me. I started using a sleeping mask about 8 years ago and have never looked back. I am completely addicted to them as well. If it falls off my head in the middle of the night - I wake up in a panic and look for it! If we stay at a hotel and I forget my mask? boy am I fucked! I suggest to everyone to use a sleeping mask! It's made my nights so much better to sleep through :)

Pond's Facial Wipes - These are must-haves for me. Before washing my face at night, I ALWAYS make sure I get every last ounce of makeup off my face. And it just feels so nice afterwards!

Bliss Body Butter - my skin is incredibly dry all year long and since getting a sample of this a few weeks ago, I'm now obsessed. It's perfect for my dry skin & I always like to put lotion on before bed. 

Sara Happ lip scrub - Oh I love these lip scrubs. This is just a nightly obsession for some reason. I love the feeling of scrubbing my lips than putting a small layer of lip balm on before bed... so nice :) 

J. Crew Socks - socks are a MUST because, like I said, I'm always cold! And the worst thing EVER is going to bed with cold feet. It hurts me to do that, I hate that feeling. So I sleep in socks to avoid it completely and go to bed quicker :) 

Restoration Hardware Luxe Throw - this is not essential for my sleep - but for naps? it's the greatest!! Ok.. i'm gonna sound weird i know but I like to take naps on our bed when it's all ready made than sleep on top of our comforter with this throw. Trust me, it's the shit. My mom gifted us this throw last Christmas and I swear I'm gonna ask for another one this year cos it's the BEST!! I love this throw - its the WARMEST thing in the world! & when we watch TV & Jose puts the Air Conditioner on full blast I'm totally ok b/c this throw keeps me warm!!

FRIENDS!! - We do not go to sleep without watching the 2 hours Nick at Nite plays of FRIENDS. It's a MUST do for us, we just naturally press channel 752 and watch it until we sleep :) and for the past year - it's become apart of not just mine but Jose's nightly routine as well 

Isn't it interesting to hear how people sleep? It's amazing how different we all are when it comes to bedtime routines - so let me know how YOU go to sleep! :) 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Workin for the weekend!

It's been a while since I've blogged - mostly cos I just haven't had the time! The month has gone by so fast & it doesn't seem to be slowing down, especially with September right around the corner [aka the busiest month of the year for me! so many birthdays it's insane!] For now - I'm sharing my weekend via Instagram. I had off Saturday AND Sunday [a RARE for me!] though technically we worked the whole time - shooting an engagement party saturday, an "in love" session Sunday - it was still very much enjoyed! 

Friday night - spent with Jose & co-workers at Biergarten in Hoboken. The beer & food at Biergarten is the scheisse!

Saturday - before the engagement party, was spent heavily cleaning & sprucing up the office with a change of furniture, a new quote on the bulletin board & some fresh flowers to liven things up :) 

Sunday - we enjoyed shooting an AWESOME couple who found us thru facebook down the shore [that's by the beach, for you "non jersey" folks!] it was so much fun & once we were done [& they won us a stuffed animal :)] we enjoyed nighttime on the boardwalk. love this job :)

A busy, busy weekend very much enjoyed :) & as always - follow me on Instagram at TinaLovesSequins

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Must Have: Graphic Sweaters

I am absolutely in love with the new trend of graphic sweatshirts. I love sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies, all types of knitwear in fall - you name it, if it's cozy I'm wearing it. So wearing a cute sweatshirt sounds even better to me. 

If you know me - you KNOW I'd love to rock the Minnie Mouse & Owl Sweaters. Come on, those shirts were made for me!

Are you into this trend for Fall? Let me know :) 

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm ready to fall!

Is anybody else feeling it? August is winding down [which is nuts in itself] and September is upon us... 

I have always loved Fall... and I don't know one person that doesn't! What is their not to love? In New Jersey, we experience fall at full force! We have gorgeous foliage, cool days creep up fast, lots of pumpkin & apple farms - we experience fall in all it's glory. Every year fall gets better & better & this year will be no exception. Jose & I have been talking about all the things we want to do this fall & that alone is making me excited! Going pumpkin picking, throwing our annual Halloween Party, drinking some apple cider [um, my FAVORITE!], making apple pie [which Jose mastered last year!], cinnamon donuts, REALLY watching football this year, hopefully going to a football game... we are even planning a trip to Boston in October and the drive up to Boston in October is GORGEOUS!

 ahhh can't wait! Who else is excited for fall? 

me last october in Chicago - dressed in all the glory of fall. Boots, jeans, layers & scraves! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

May the odds be ever in my favor when I go to Best Buy!

I am ending this week with a BANG!! Tonight I have my VERY FIRST Boudoir Shoot!! I'm shooting a bunch of my girlfriends - who are the BEST and letting me practice on them :) And than tomorrow - HUNGER GAMES is out on DVD!! 

Yess! I am running to Best Buy, buying that shit and watching it over and over again - followed by a girls night of watching it for the millionth time on Monday :D I LOVE The Hunger Games. I can't stand people who aren't into these books or refuse to read them cos they think it's another "Twilight" or "harry potter". They are sadly mistaken & therefore are lame. I was SO into this movie and felt it too short, too brief, I felt jipped! I wanted MORE of everything. So that's why I'll be watching it over and over again. Than I'll read it for the 3rd time again... and than I'll start my Catching Fire countdown! :)

SO I wanted to talk about some of my absolute favorite parts in the movie. This movie was insanely well done and perfect to the books - so if you didn't read or see, just leave this blog now. Shoo. I don't want people that don't like The Hunger Games here anymore, thanks.

 the train ride back to District 12 is a brief one but says SO much. When Peeta breaks my heart and says "I don't wanna forget". AHHHH!! But this look right here. When they reach District 12 and Katniss smiles seeing Primrose and lame ass Gail - and Peeta looks at her realizing the "love" she has for him isn't there. Uggggggghhhhh Peeta. Poor Peeta!!!

THE CAVE!! Need I say more?? I'm pretty sure this is the scene all us Peeta girls were waiting for - and this is one scene I WISH was longer. I read the cave scene over and over again in the book cos I loved it so much. Peeta just melts my heart!

the chariots! I loved the chariot scene because it was PERFECT!! I was so nervous to see how they would pull this off in the movie and it was great. Even Jose loved it!! And he HATED on twilight so bad when I dragged him to see those movies but not this one :)

Not just those scenes - pretty much EVERY scene with Peeta. Oh Peeta, how I love you. Peeta is such an amazing character & is the shit. One of my favorite characters in a book ever... and Josh Hutchinson was great. Made me even think little man was attractive! 

I normally don't geek out like this on my blog but I just can't contain my excitement to just myself - and Jose, who will be forced to watch it again and again. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue Shoe, Red Shoe...

This fall I'm looking at ankle booties - I love them. I have one pair that I wore a ton last fall and plan on wearing more this year but I want to expand my collection. Since I never shy away from color, these boots had me at hello! And typical me... I'm stumped. I don't know why one I love more!! I encourage you to help me pick please :) 

Did I mention they are only $50? Yeah... knock yourself out and buy a pair! I wouldn't mind you buying me one either :)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yo quero shake shack!

Sunday night we ventured into Queens, NYC for a family wedding. We had a pretty good time but were DYING for more food after the wedding so while we drove thru Manhattan to get home we stopped at the only place we know to go to apparently - Shake Shack! I'm gonna have to start a whole label devoted just to Shake Shack cos this summer alone, we've gone like 5 times lol. We are truly addicted. Trust me, we eat other burgers [the shakes we aren't too crazy about] - we just LOVE shake shack. Don't hate.

 my brother-in-law & sister-in-law looking so "dapper"

 we used to joke that we'd be sisters - look at us now!

 me, jose and his sloppy looking beard

 shake shack with NO LINES!! if you ever visit NYC, i highly suggest visiting shake shack at 9:30 PM . any other time of day you'll be waiting 45 minutes for one of these burgers

 is it me or does jose and his brother look like twinsies?? 

 yes we were REAL excited!

me and them beautiful lights

I promise - the next time I go into the city, I'll show you a different burger place other than shake shack. They do exist, they are out there. 

Who HAS tried shake shack though?? Is it not so good!? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall Must Haves: Biker Jackets

I've decided over the next couple weeks to share a new series called Fall Must Haves - because let's face it, like it or not, August means fall clothes comes in and in 3 short weeks it'll start to feel a little bit more familiar. Boo it sucks but life goes on! I'm for one always souped about fall... this year? no different

Every fall a biker jacket is on the list for me and this year is no different.There are so many great styles and it's a great look that virtually anyone can rock it right. I always find it harder for me since I have real thick hips but I don't let it stop me! 

So who's loving the look of Biker Jackets?
Let me know which one you'd buy! I'm so in love with Number 5.. a biker jacket in a bold color? and it's neon? i'm so there

Monday, August 6, 2012

Turquoise & Leopard

Yesterday we went to a nice family wedding in the city and it was a fun night - followed by a late night Shake Shack run but more on that later this week. I decided to do something I've never ever done before - wear dress pants! I LOVED this look and on top of that, they were seriously so comfortable! I really am looking forward to wearing them again. And by the way - turquoise and leopard might be my new favorite combo. Hella cute. 

 neutral with a pop of leopard and turquoise 

 is that the hotness from bauble bar or what?

talking to our dogs who were being all nosey watching me in the backyard

blouse: h&m
clutch: asos [old]
heels: h&m [old] 
necklace: baublebar
bracelets: forever21

Friday, August 3, 2012

Little Goodies

Lately I've realized I've become a little too into "things" and I don't like that. Life isn't about "things" but more the people and memories you share... so I'm trying to cut myself off of things for a little bit, especially after going a bit crazy the last two weeks, and really appreciate the little goodies I have right now.  How about I try on all the 8 new bottles of nail polish I've got now instead of buying more new ones? sounds good to me! :) 

 in Asbury Park, NJ ... gotta love the shore

 one way to enjoy things i have -  take an old straw holder, use it as ribbon storage! voila!

all that new polish i was talking about i STILL need to try. 

this is what matters to me in a nutshell - as long as I got him, I'm good :) 

this is one small purchase well worth it. i know i'll refer to this book time & time again in the future

I'm off to just enjoy the weekend, relax and take it alllllll in! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

cb2 entertaining

One thing I really miss about having our own place is entertaining. I LOVE entertaining, hosting and having people over. Since we are planning to move out of Jersey, entertaining will become that much more special because it won't happen too often. I have seriously fallen in love with the quirkiness of cb2 and their products - especially their dining section. It's everything you need except with a modern twist. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a Throwback!

Friday night Jose & I went to the goodbye party of on our best friends, Christian, and his girlfriend, Raquel. They are moving to Florida [and are totally trying to convince us to move with them!] and I'm so sad! Christian has been such a great friend over the years, and they even let us take pics of them for our business! As much as it was about them - I also reunited with friends from high school and it was a blast! I haven't hung out with these girls in a minute but I seriously had SO much fun. It was great to hang out minus high school drama! What I loved is we all weren't talking like "so where do you work now?" "hows your parents?" it was all about having fun & enjoying each others company with obvious recollecting of memories from high school & college & me screaming and laughing like I haven't in a long time! The whole night was a throwback of how much fun I used to have with them... & hope to do again! lol

the goodbye boy

me and my best friend from high school & college! im not sure which is worse... that she's so tan or i'm so white lol

 i have so many pics from high school of jenn doing the exact same pose to people! that was a throwback pose lol

waaaaaaahh!! i'll miss them ... but hey, gives us an excuse to go to florida now [and go to disney :D]

 michele and amy. amy was always one of the funniest people i've EVER known and she's exactly the same! that made me so happy lol

me and christian! we have so many awesome memories i'll always cherish! i hope to never lose contact with him :)

Reflecting on the weekend on a Wednesday is weird lol but it was such a fun night!