Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Temptations: Urban Outfitters Fall Sale!

Urban Outfitters is on it with their fall sale! This is the time to stock up on the cutest pieces they've got - cos they have so much great stuff on sale! I love shopping at Urban Outfitters especially when there is a sale going on. Here are some things I'd love to grab for myself right now:

Canvas Pump - $29!

And that's just a few things! Head over to Urban Outfitters now to stock up on some great stuff :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Streets of Philadelphia!

Since discussing a few months ago about us wanting to leave the nest [also known as New Jersey] and branch outwards - we've really warmed up to Philadelphia. Yes it's only a few hours from where we live but it's a great and nice change. The city is smaller, feels like New York but way less calmer & has such adorable and charming parts. So we decided to pay Philly a visit on our Staycation! And when we were just strolling around the city talking about where to eat and happened to walk on the EXACT street there was a SHAKE SHACK I saw it as a [really stupid] sign that we should be moving here! Besides Shake Shack being there, we really do love Philly and plan on making a few more trips there ... mmmmmaaaybe to speak with realtors and show us around :)

even Shake Shack loves Philly :) 

 the most delicious fries ever

 the cutest shake shack you'll ever see

 me trying my first ever pumpkin spice latte [and loving it!]

 home is wherever i'm with him :)

snapping polaroids like crazy

our #1 philly must do? franklin fountain! the most delicious ice cream EVER!

 ben franklin chilling in franklin fountain

he might get murdered in philly wearing that hat but it's all good!

Have any of you been to Philadelphia?
Share with me your must-dos! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The only tool fashion bloggers need!

I am back from my staycation and blog-cation and ready to go! Last week was insanely busy [but thats good!] and I can't wait to share what's been going on with me lately and what I'm loving lately. I even have a FUN new tool to share with you today!

I've shared my love for StyleSays many times before and it seems they keep getting bigger and better! Now they have introduced a brand new universal publishing tool built just for me and other fashion bloggers! Their tool helps by allowing you to write a full blog post, add photos, and distribute content to multiple sites all without leaving StyleSays.

 Check out this inforgraphic below that shows the time fashion bloggers spend distributing posts to an overwhelming number of sites and communities. 

Do you SEE how easy it would be to click PUBLISH and have it published to your twitter, tumblr, pinterest and blog all at once! This shaves off HOURS of tedious social media work each week! Pretty amazing if you ask me! In fact - I have a few outfits to share in the next couple days and will be using this exact new tool to do it! How to get the tool? Go to StyleSays now and join! And check out their blog while you're at it which is insanely addictive. Seriously? I can spend HOURS on this blog!

Oh and you can follow me on StyleSays HERE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Must Haves... for dogs!

Shamefully - I am one of THOSE moms. The dog mom that HAS to get sweaters and coats and halloween costumes for her dogs and torture them... though I know mine secretly love it. And it seems right now my dogs are in need of new EVERYTHING. New sweaters, new collars, new beds & why not throw in some new toys while I'm at it? Luckily - I can do all my one stop adorable fall shopping at Muttropolis. Muttropolis has the CUTEST dog goodies and anyone out there with a dog will love their stuff as much as I do, I'm sure :) 

all items via Muttropolis 

And just so you remember how adorable my boys are :) 

note: Muttropolis did not pay me for this post. I simply love their products :) 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Must Have: Dark Lips

One of my must haves for fall is dark lipsticks - something I've never truly embraced but am really into this year. I love how a bold lip color can completely transform your look and make you look so chic all at once. The great thing about dark lipsticks is they come in a variety from dark nudes & browns to dark pinks & reds so any color skin can rock them :)

Will you be rocking dark lips this fall? 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYFW: Favorite Street Style

I've been keeping a close eye on Fashion Week and am amazed by all the gorgeous looks outside the tents and shows. I've been dying to go into New York for a day just to admire the ladies & their outfits. It's incredible how stunning all these ladies look when it's blazing hot in NYC. Here are some of my favorite street style looks. 

my absolute favorite!


 red on red... on red!

love this menswear inspired look

all looks via pinterest / elle / wwd 

Which is your favorite look?
Have you been keeping up with Fashion Week?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Photography Blog!!

I am so glad to FINALLY share with you guys our Photography blog - Tina & Jose Photography!  As you know, Jose & I have been for the past couple of months really working hard to getting our business started and for just the first year - business has been good! We still have a lot to do, a lot to learn but we've gotten so much farther than I ever dreamed possible in our first year up! I'd LOVE you guys to check it out and leave some love! :) & bookmark us since we are always adding new things to the blog!

& to share a few, here's what we've been up to lately :) 

Come & visit our blog HERE!
You know I run the blog right? Don't be shy, say hi! [hey i rhymed! lol]

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day & Night Look: Blue Booties

On Friday I shared that I bought these hot ass Blue Booties & now I'm here to share how you can wear them day and night. They are insanely comfortable so whether you're running errands or bar hopping all night long, expect these shoes to make it with you.

How would you rock the blue boots?

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to turn 30 [homeboy edition!]

First off.. don't ask me where "homeboy" has come from [in the blog title] but lately I can't stop calling everybody homeboy! I don't know why but it is what it is! Jose turned 30 Saturday and it was a fun day  for me to go all out and make sure it was a 30th to remember as much as possible. The day before his birthday I randomly decided to buy him 30 balloons and surprise him when he came home at midnight from work :) and than randomly give him an oreo birthday cake "cake". He loved it! Than the next morning I woke up nice and early to decorate the room simply for him to open presents... and make his cake he specifically requested [funfetti with a big 30 on it!] Followed by MY present - sick ass seats to see his team, The Mets!  Now I'll let the pictures do the story telling :) 

did i mention i'm deathly afraid of balloons? its a terrible phobia and i was crying driving in the car with these things so he KNOWS how special he is to me! 

blow out the oreo birthday cake! 

 since his mexican birthday fiesta party plans fell through... i decided not to let the decorations i bought go to waste! 

 his cake... which was missing frosting in the middle but thats what happens when you bake a cake last minute :D

 pouring that champagne! toasting to another year of life :) 

 jose, with sleepy eyes, and his first DVDs of the day!

meet the mets, meet the mets!

step right up and greet the mets!

  mr. met is my homeboy! 

for real though.. SICK ass seats!

 and a shout out on the scoreboard!! lol last minute thinking coming through again! :) 

we sat up in the suites... and it was the SHIT!

The celebrating didn't stop! His brother and sister-in-law came over to eat his birthday cake with us ... but by then a nasty headache took over and the picture taking stopped for me :( But Jose said it was a great birthday and that's all I wanted for him. Thank god he's not turning 30 again so I don't have to go broke again :) 

& That was our Saturday in a nutshell! How was your weekend? 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

THE BIG 3-0!!

Today my amazing husband Jose turns 30! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSE!!!! :D

Jose i can't even EXPLAIN how much I love you! I have so much admiration and pride for the man I married. I watch you play with our dogs and care for them and can't wait to see that love take a step up when we have our own kids. You are always wanting to learn and test yourself and be the best person you can possibly be. I am so proud to call you my husband for so many more reasons... but just know as you turn 30, I am here with you every step of the way.

I'll be pushing you forward, encouraging you to keep learning and testing yourself, I'll keep washing your socks for you, keep learning [and sometimes failing] to cook for you, keep baking you that funfetti cake you love, I'll be telling you where you left your glasses cos you never remember, buying you your foot spray & nagging you to PLEASE wear something else but that plaid shirt! I do it all & more... only because I love you :D


Jose below [on the right] with his brother ... TELL ME JOSE NEVER CHANGES!!! lol

Friday, September 7, 2012

Little Goodies!

I am really souped today because not only is it friday but it is the OFFICIAL start of our Staycation! It seems work has been nonstop lately and it took forever to get to this point but finally - Jose & I are off for the next week from work and while we aren't going anywhere special, I'm so excited to just not be working. We have a few day trips planned during our week off and I'll still be posting here so stay tuned :) Not only that but tomorrow is JOSE'S 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!! A special post will be posted tomorrow for him :D In the meantime, HAPPY FRIDAY! 

 I asked, you answered... and blue booties it is :) fierce!

dying over my new baublebar necklace... and how much cat hair is all over my office rug :/

love the new quote I saw on Pinterest & wrote on our chalkboard :)

Jose gifted me this book for our anniversary & I've been circling all the things we've done and i wanna do - hope to check a couple off on our staycation :D

& stop by here tomorrow to wish Jose a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ooh baby baby!

On Sunday, Jose and I with his brother & wife attended their cousin's wedding and it was such a fun day. Everything was so beautiful, the food was AMAZING, the DJ was bumping all night... it was a great wedding & we all had a blast! And for some reason Pitbull has been stuck in my head SINCE sunday so that's why we got a Pitbull title for this post. Anyway, here are some iPhone & camera photos from our night :D

my handsome husband and me :)

seriously... how gorgeous is my sister in law? 

 lipstick on our champagne glasses!

rawr baby. rawr! 

 the gorgeous reception room lit up in purple! it was so pretty

 did I mention I have bangs again? yeah :)

 they took way better pictures that night together - but all i have is the goofy ones lol

i don't do the "serious" face... seriously, i look stupid when i even try!

How was your weekend? & who else LOVES wedding season? :)