Friday, March 8, 2013

Pop of Color: Neon Belts!

It's officially been March for a week now and I am absolutely loving it. Spring just around the corner and I'm so ready for it to be Spring again! I love to embrace color year around but I feel like you can get away with it more during this time of year than any other. If you're afraid to be too bold with color, here's a simple solution: a bright belt! Easy and oh so fun!

Gap is on point with these adorable bright neon belts for under $30! A steal! My problem is I LOVE color so much - I don't know which to choose to buy! Yellow is my absolute favorite - but this year I am seriously loving pink and green! And orange is so fresh for summer! Ahh!

Help a girl decide... which color belt would YOU buy?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

High VS Low - Bow

I love Kate Spade. You know I love Kate Spade. But most of the time I can not justify spending $500 on a bag that I could outgrow, can be too small or big eventually, could tear or rip or get stained in some way! You just never know. When I found this bag at ASOS I couldn't believe the similarity. Not the exact same bag but still... bow in front, handle on top and the ASOS bag seems a little bit more versatile with that long strap. 

Which would you go? Low or High? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Leather, Suede & Printed Loafers!

When I recieved the newest J.Crew catalogue in the mail, it was like any other day. Until I turned to page 56 and literally gasped out loud of the sight of two fun and perfect looking loafers... than quickly shared it on Instagram :) 

And now I am obsessed. I need these shoes. At least one pair. My long time followers know my absolute love of loafers. They are incredibly comfortable, flattering and so cute! And they don't seem to be going away anytime soon. This is my "investment pair"... thats what I keep telling myself to justify the purchase :) 

Buy Your Own Below!:

Which color would you buy?
I'm completely in love with the stripes! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The night my dreams came true...

I pretty much almost fainted when Jose and I were randomly walking through HomeGoods [a store we haven't been to in over a year! We haven't had a home to fill with goods :( ]. There it was. All alone and gorgeous, like it was planted there for me.

A beautiful white pouf. In the exact color I've wanted it in for years. At only $128 dollars! WHAT!? I threw it in my cart and literally started jumping up and down. If you know me - you know the little things in life make me happy and I was ecstatic over this pouf! 

Jose is trying to get me to put it in our storage facility until we get our house in a few months. But hell no. I waited this long for a pouf, I'm not going to tuck it away now! 

Just a few images I've pinned through the years with a pouf in them... dreaming one day!

They might seem like a "trendy" piece to some people but this baby is mine forever and ever and right now, I'm a happy camper :) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Outfit: Red Riding Cape

I love this cape. I blogged about it not too long ago... and not too long after that, I purchased it. It feels so nice and almost luxurious that I only pull it out on special occasions. And now it's my lucky cape. I wore this cape when we went house hunting and... we think we found it! Keeping mum on the details so we don't jinx ourselves but just keep your fingers crossed! This cape is magic I swear!

And these shoes are the absolute most comfortable shoes EVER. 

cape - anthropologie
jeans - the gap
shoes - sole society [hurry! on sale and almost sold out!]
sunglasses - anthropologie [similar
bracelet - oia jules